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126 Re: Slavegear on Wed 25 May - 21:12

Lord Wyvern wrote:
Lord Wyvern grabs a loose brick from the wall and chucks it at his assailant's nether regions.

The opponent emitted a high pitched shriek and fell to his knees.

Two more rushed around him and without stopping, drop kicked you half way across the corridor. The feeling was akin to being hit by a brick wall. For a moment, you thought you heard one of your ribs crack.

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127 Re: Slavegear on Wed 25 May - 21:14

Kaylee Brown wrote:

As your attack unleashes, several of the opponents flew slightly backwards, crashing into the wall.

You notice Marek, a few feet away. He's barely standing, slightly hunched over. He looked at you and fiercely waved toward the window
"GO! GO GOD DAMN IT! YOU DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TO DIE HERE!!!" He barked at the top of his lungs

While she's gasping for breath, she nods, getting up and jumping out the window. She uses her wings to slow her descend, hoping she won't get hurt more. When she lands, she winces in pain, though she doesn't break or sprain anything.

"Second floor... Walk it..."

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128 Re: Slavegear on Wed 25 May - 21:20

Kaylee Brown wrote:
Lord Wyvern wrote:
Lord Wyvern grabs a loose brick from the wall and chucks it at his assailant's nether regions.

The opponent emitted a high pitched shriek and fell to his knees.

Two more rushed around him and without stopping, drop kicked you half way across the corridor. The feeling was akin to being hit by a brick wall. For a moment, you thought you heard one of your ribs crack.

Lord Wyvern winces "Ouch, that's going to hurt in the morning... i still have 36 others though". He unsteadily climbs to his feet and chucks another loose brick at one of the assailants after Merek.

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129 Re: Slavegear on Wed 25 May - 21:31

As the the attackers pummel Red Eyes, Radiance turned his attention from defending himself and charged the the three. He jumps at them driving a knee into the neck of one snapping it back as well as using his wings to propel himself and the other two through the window.

Tarmikos having now charged his magic sends out an electrical shock at the two who kicked Wvyern. The electricity aimed directly at their hearts causing them to turn to ash inside of the attackers chests.

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130 Re: Slavegear on Wed 25 May - 21:44


The fatigue from the coma caused your attack to fire at half strength. The soldiers grunted and only fell to their knees, glaring at you, in pain.


As the two landed hard on the ground, they emitted a muffled moan of pain. One of them suddenly hurled a rock into your forehead, and the two suddenly sprinted out of sigh.

(Wyvern, Red Eyes)

Wyvern's brick hits one of the opponents, making him slowly crumble to the ground.

Marek looked at you and waved toward the window: "LEAVE! NOW!!!" he shrieked.


You notice Kaylee crouched on the street, a few feet away. She looks dizzy and her prosthetic refuses to work properly:
"Twilight!" Kaylee faintly called.

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131 Re: Slavegear on Wed 25 May - 21:50

"Kaylee! Good to see you. Get close, I have an idea."

She looks around the neighbourhood, especially where she stands.

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132 Re: Slavegear on Wed 25 May - 21:56

Red finishes draining the pony and throws him away, picking up both of the comatose ponies and jumping with them out the window, using his small changeling wings to lessen the fall.

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133 Re: Slavegear on Wed 25 May - 23:45

A yell escapes the window as fire had grabbed one of them and jumps from the window, she doesn't open her wings falling a full story with her weight over The top of another pony geared up for combat "WATCH IT!" She crashes into the ground in front of everypony all her weight smashing into the attacker below her and cushioning her fall.

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134 Re: Slavegear on Thu 26 May - 0:22

Moon panicked and attempted to lift a shield spell, her horn glowing a faint grey color. She looked down, wondering how safe it was to leave out the window. Moon growled and looked at the attackers.

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135 Re: Slavegear on Thu 26 May - 18:14

(Twilight, Red Eyes, Firewing, Radiance)

As you look around the area, you notice that you've landed right in the middle of a road. You don't see any cars, in any direction thought. The entire neighborhood is completely devoid of light. Even the windows in other buildings and the street lights were dark or broken.

Not a single living sole is out on the street. Only a full moon looms overhead.
Far off in the distance, you faintly hear the ambient sounds of the city. Looks like most of the cities activity is happening elsewhere.

Kaylee slowly limped towards Twilight, then looked at the building where the fight was still going:
"What's the plan?" she asked, looking at the windows with worry, then waved Red Eyes, Firewing and Radiance to come close.

The opponent who Firewing smashed into the ground, doesn't seem to be moving.

(Moon Dusts)

Because of the fatigue after the coma, the shield came out weak. One of the attackers literally smashed his way through it and drop kicked you out of a window.
You feel his boot firmly hitting your chest, before you flew through a closed window, sending small pieces of glass flying in every direction.

Still in mid air, you notice you're about to fall on the road, from a second floor's height.

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136 Re: Slavegear on Thu 26 May - 18:31

Fire began takeing gear off the seemingly dead attacker. To make sure she put one foot on his chest and reared her leg back, crashing the boot she took from her attacker against their chin, breaking the neck with a loud pop... A chill rolls through her body and she smiles a little. She goes back to taking everything this terrorist had... And throwing it all on until she got to the face mask.

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137 Re: Slavegear on Thu 26 May - 18:35

Twilight keeps looking around a bit more. After a minute, she stops.

"Okay, let's see if I'm fit enough for this. Get close, everyone."

She tries to cast an illusion spell, to mimic her surroundings, hiding the ponies. It's clear she struggles.

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138 Re: Slavegear on Thu 26 May - 18:38

Tarmikos fired off a burst of irradiated fire balls at the attackers glaring at him. He just needed to keep them from advancing.

"People! Stop fucking around and lets get out of here!" he yells at the remainder of his companions.

It's when Moon is kicked through the window that he swears under his breath. He watches unable to reach her with any kind of levitation spell fast enough.

Radiance makes his way over to Kaylee. His head slightly throbbing from the rock thrown at it. His hearing sounds all muffled and he shakes his head trying to clear it.

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139 Re: Slavegear on Thu 26 May - 18:54


The fireballs miss their targets, as the attackers scrambled behind cover.

Marek suddenly crashes into you and you both drop out of an open window. Marek's huge wings unfolded, breaking the fall. As you hit the ground, you hear your teeth audibly clatter from the impact.

(Tarmikos, Twilight, Firewing, Radiance, Red Eyes)

Going through the attackers stuff, Fire comes across a flashbang grenade, a smoke grenade, a tactical vest with many empty pockets and two long combat knives.
As she removes the mask from the attacker, a face of an earth pony comes into view.
Mid thirties, rough edges of the face. You see several old scars. He's no stranger to combat.
As far as you can tell, he doesn't look familiar.

As Twilights spell begins to take effect, the group around her seems to become slightly distorted and slowly fades from view.

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140 Re: Slavegear on Thu 26 May - 19:06

(Here's a question... Could fire be mistaked as one of the terrorists if she put the mask on) she flips the knives in her fingers and smiles "beautiful~" she holsters the grenades and sheaths one of the knives, "anypony need a weapon?" She says to the group.

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141 Re: Slavegear on Thu 26 May - 19:08

// I can't answer that question ^^ You'll have to try and see if it works

Kaylee shook her head and looked at the others.
Marek quietly whispered: "We have to leave this place! Quickly"

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142 Re: Slavegear on Thu 26 May - 19:12

"I know that." She whispers.

"But right now, we need to make sure we can move safely. I don't know what or who tipped us off, but due to it, we need to end the suspicion that we're here. Hiding is the best chance."

She looks up. "Everyone, get here soon."

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143 Re: Slavegear on Thu 26 May - 19:32

Fire thinks a moment... Gently tapping her hoof "I got it... As soon as they all get here... Run..." She throws the mask on sheathing the other knife and bolts out of protection and through the front doors "SIE SIND NACH INNEN ! Im Keller, sie planen, zu teleportieren" she shouts.

(Here's the plan... Split up from the group, hide out with the terrorists, find out the plan, and when the time comes infaltrate the place where the weapon is stored around the same time the rest of the group arrive there.

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144 Re: Slavegear on Thu 26 May - 19:35

Kaylee took a few small steps forward, watching the building with worry.

As your sight falls on her, you suddenly notice something bizarre -
A small microchip, surgically implanted into the back of her head. The small chip was clearly imbedded into the base of her skull, its metallic surface visible to the naked eye.
This was clearly not there before.

Kaylee doesn't seem to feel or notice it at all.

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145 Re: Slavegear on Thu 26 May - 19:40

"Wait" Tarmikos spoke "Kaylee, what's with the microchip in your neck? Something you want to tell us?"

Radiance face palms at Fire "That girl is going to get herself killed."

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146 Re: Slavegear on Thu 26 May - 19:43


Several of the opponents reflexively darted toward the basement. A few of them didn't move however, carefully watching Firewings clothes.
You don't seem to have the same tactical vest, or the dark shirt and trousers that all of the opponents are wearing.
They look at your clothes for a moment, seem to recognize them and the next second, over a dozen ice spikes flew in your direction

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147 Re: Slavegear on Thu 26 May - 19:48


"The hell are you on about-" Kaylee raised an eye brow and went to feel the back of her neck with both hands. Her expression froze and turned pale very quickly:
"WHAT THE FUCK!" She shrieked, jumping back and clawing at the chip with both hands:
"GET IT OUT!!! GET IT OUT OF ME GOD DAMN IT!!!" She shrieked in panic, her voice loudly echoing across the entire street as she began wildly thrashing about, trying to claw the thing out of her skin


As he screams, you suddenly notice an identical chip, on the back of Red Eye's head.

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148 Re: Slavegear on Thu 26 May - 19:51

Red flexed his now-renewed muscles, wincing as they groaned.  They were there, but he needed to warm the up some more.  He saw what Fire was doing and face hoof ed,  before looking over the body again.  Thinking for a second, he took off the ponies clothes and put them on, changing into him afterwards.  He then took the body, dumping it out of view.  He turned back to the group.  "What do you think, Tarmikos?"  He asked, back to his old, grizzled voice.

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149 Re: Slavegear on Thu 26 May - 20:01

Marek looked at Red Eyes, with grim worry in his eyes:
"...if you go in there alone and they somehow discover your identity, you will be surrounded by the enemy, alone. They will kill you.
The risk is too great Master Red Eyes, we know nothing of the enemy. We have no idea what security protocols they have prepared. Extensive information gathering is required before any infiltration attempt can be made.
Without that, any infiltration at this point will be suicide"

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150 Re: Slavegear on Thu 26 May - 20:02

Twilight looks dejected, as her head slumps down. With it, the illusion drops as well.

"And another plan bites the dust..."

She rubs her temples, trying to focus her thoughts despite the noise, stress and frustration born from from the more bold actions of her companions and the enemy.

"I'm out of ideas for now, anyone else one?"

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