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How To Cancer

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1How To Cancer Empty How To Cancer on Thu 9 Jun - 8:11

Clearly I'm the master at being really fuckin' edgy... So I'm going to teach y'all how to be almost as cancerous as me...

First take your oc... Make them do some stupid stuff

Second be sick... If your sick you can't think and when you can't think you think of better stupid stuff to do!

Third don't sleep.... Exhaustion is key to edge, it makes you want to power trip and have some sort of random power out of no where!

Forth get stressed m8... Being stressed will make you want to relieve stress... Best way to relieve stress? Godmodding.

Follow those 4 rules and by the end you'll reach something like this

Firdd blade riseses and she's suround ing golden light. Suddenly within a massive blast of energy everything explodes except her.

Now your almost as cancer as me! Remember to have your daily dose of bleach and a puff of the marajuwana, you'll have memes 4 days and some bullshit idk anymore I'm tired.

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2How To Cancer Empty Re: How To Cancer on Thu 9 Jun - 22:53

How To Cancer Hqdefault

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3How To Cancer Empty Re: How To Cancer on Sat 8 Apr - 10:47

I remember that scene, it was freaky as hell

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