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Slavegear - Part 2

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951 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Fri 7 Oct - 21:10

Moon looked down the tunnel and frowned, something about them unsettling her.

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952 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Fri 7 Oct - 21:11

Kaylee Brown wrote:(Radiance, Moon, Wyvern, Twilight, Rain)

"I only know about the four train station entrances" Elisabeth said, somewhat guiltily: "The other entrances are located very far away, in the adjacent countries. There may be additional emergency entrances along the railway, but I just don't know where they are.

We thought the best choice was to enter through this station, where the Slavegear was last seen. Start our search for clues at its last sighted scene"

"Fair enough" Lord Wyvern nods "So are we going for an invisibility spell or a want it need it spell to get past them?"

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953 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Fri 7 Oct - 21:21

Tarmikos' express turns to that of understanding and he drops his arms. He lets the guard continue to speak each name feeling like a slap on the face.

"The entire 28 pony crew for the C maintenance station hasn't shown up for work since the incident, the workers also believe the tunnel is haunted, blaming the attacks of Slavegear on some other-worldly spirit of vengence, urging us to stay away from that particular station." he shifts his stance then lowers his voice

"We're also going to need someone to bring some professional photography equipment, Rain told the workers we're historic photographers. So now unless we have someone show up late with it, we may have a problem with our cover."

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954 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Fri 7 Oct - 21:42

Tarmikos/Radiance wrote:(Tarmikos)
Tarmikos' express turns to that of understanding and he drops his arms. He lets the guard continue to speak each name feeling like a slap on the face.

"The entire 28 pony crew for the C maintenance station hasn't shown up for work since the incident, the workers also believe the tunnel is haunted, blaming the attacks of Slavegear on some other-worldly spirit of vengence, urging us to stay away from that particular station." he shifts his stance then lowers his voice

"We're also going to need someone to bring some professional photography equipment, Rain told the workers we're historic photographers. So now unless we have someone show up late with it, we may have a problem with our cover."

"Could we pass off the LIDAR as photography equipment?" Lord Wyvern asks.

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955 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Fri 7 Oct - 22:07

Twilight begins to think a bit. "Our cover is as photographers, right... But inside the tunnels... We would need a massive source of light to even see things. That might be our buffer. Call for backup, at least for some light. If we want to keep the cover going."

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956 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Fri 7 Oct - 22:13

"I can create light with my magic" Moon offered, staring into the tunnel

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957 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Sat 8 Oct - 3:50

Rain smiles and nods "thank you thank you but im good" she gives them all a warm smile "i should really get back to work, It was great meeting y'all~" she chuckles before jogging off to kaylee, "jesus christ i hated every second of that." she growls under her breath.

"Anyway we need to find a train car or train labeled, X-021."

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958 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Sat 8 Oct - 20:07

// Hey guys, the cards website is up, join in if ya can =)

Password is: idkcats123

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959 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Sat 8 Oct - 20:30

//Btw your colour choice is terrible XD

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960 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Tue 11 Oct - 13:31

(Radiance, Moon, Wyvern, Twilight, Rain)

Elisabeth thought for a moment: ".. the cargo container number X-021. Yes, its the one that carried Slavegear into the tunnels. Judging by the reports, when the train emerged on the other side of the tunnel, the container had nothing but coal in it.

I wouldn't mind looking at it, there must be some clues there. Thought finding it may be difficult. The container labeled X-021 was tugged to one of the maintenance stations, so Artemis could run an investigation on it.

Sadly there's more maintenance stations than I can count, and I've no idea where exactly they took it" She looked at the ground, thinking:

"..oh um, we won't have to worry about lighting in the tunnels. The entire HGTS has a limited lightning network set up throughout the tunnels. It doesn't fully illuminate the area but its enough to see where you're going.

Your tactical vests are also equipped with a small flashlight. Its not very strong but its something.
With that and Moons magic, it should be enough to explore any dark corners"

Elisabeth awkwardly shuffled her feet for a while, then looked at everyone:

"..guys... I'm afraid there won't be any backup. Our helicopter left to one of our staging areas nearby. We can't have our aircraft mingling inside the Artemis airspace, we can only avoid their radar for so long.

We flew here illegally, without permission from Artemis. This is a black operation. It means no one must know we were here. If Artemis catches wind, it may become.. extremely unpleasant.
That's why we need to keep our presence here to a minimum.

Our helicopter will only return to us in case of severe emergency. If we find Slavegear or Marek, for example, or if we'll need extraction from this country. To fly back to mother base, or some other location.

Apart from that, we can't have our aircraft take off and risk popping up on Artemis radar. Bringing us equipment to keep up the ruse, is not worth the risk. We'll just have to deal with the maintenance workers ourselves"

She looked around, concern reflecting in her expression: "...we can only radio for backup, if we find hard evidence of the Slavegear being here. Or if we find Marek, or the Vampire Unit. In that scenario, we have several helicopters standing ready at mother base, with several squads of trained soldiers aboard.

They will fly to us and provide heavy backup. But we can only radio them, once we know for certain that the enemy's here. We shouldn't risk taking our helicopters into the air without dire need.

I'm sorry, but we're on our own for now.

We only need to gather intelligence. Once we found something concrete, we can call for backup, depending on what we'll find"

Kaylee thought for a moment, looking toward the maintenance workers in the distance:

"... I think we can actually pass LIDAR as a giant camera" she looked at Wyvern and nodded: "It has a big lens. Its used to fire lasers for the scan, but if you look at it from a distance, I think it may pass for a camera.

..perhaps its best if we just, seemingly unintentionally show it off, while we're talking, and then just enter the tunnels... the maintenance workers are far enough from us, not to hear what we're saying but they may notice the LIDAR.

They already know we want to enter the tunnels, so... lets just.. subtly enter... and be on our way..
They're kinda far from us, I doubt they'll go out of their way to run after us. They have no reason to"

She looked at the tunnel: "...I think we should find that.. Maintenance Station C.. its entire crew not showing up for work is setting off all kinds of red flags"


Peter released a bitter smirk:

" don't even know these names do you.
We're.. not people to you.. we're just.. obstacles.. to be broken and cast aside, if we get in the way"

He sent a trembling hand through his face, as he looked at you, overflowing with emotion and hidden anger:

" know I've heard stories about you.. the Great Tarmikos, the Hero of Adelheid. One of the brave souls to stare death in the face, that day. But it doesn't mean much, when its your only hope of survival.
If you didn't go on the suicide mission, you'd die. And if you'd go on the suicide mission, you'd probably die, but with a small chance of the world surviving, together with you"

Peter stared at you, frowning: " were backed into a corner. You had no other option. Maybe you were a hero at Adelheid, maybe not.

But you know.. they say a person only shows his true colors, when he's under stress..

And what did you do, when you were under stress?" Peter scowled:

"... you just.. casually tried to kill two guards the mansion. Why? Because they got in your way!" Peter spat the words at you:

"You think just because General Dakova committed atrocities inside Nyx, that every Artemis soldier is like him?! Don't bullshit me!!!

My father, is an honorable man! He served with honor and distinction for years, and on his last assignment, he had the noble task of safeguarding civilians at the mansion, from psychopaths like you!

And what was his heinous crime? He just got in your way, so you blasted him with lightning! Why? I DON'T KNOW, BECAUSE YOU HAD A BAD DAY I GUESS!!!

Peter was scowling, baring his teeth as his palms collected into fists:

"..newsflash.. no one gives a SHIT, what kind of day you're having. It doesn't give you the right, to let it out on others! The people you hurt and murder, they have friends, families! Wives and children and you just don't give a shit!

You don't value life.

I don't care what the hell you're going through, its not an excuse!" Peter slightly straightened up, glaring at you:

"...oh but... everyone calls you hero, right? The great Tarmikos, the Hero of Adelheid.
And what does our selfless hero do, when he finally arrives at the base? What does he do in the final moments, before an operation that might kill him?

Does he try to find out the names, of the people he almost murdered? Does he try to find out if they even live? How bad are their injuries, will they survive the night?

Does he try to find the phone number, to contact their families, even begin to try and apologize..

No. No of course not

..he runs off, to flirt with my commanding officer.

Peter spoke quietly, coldly staring at Tarmikos:
"Because its all about you. You, you, you.
No one else matters. We're just obstacles that get in the way and should be discarded"

Peter frowned:
" don't value life. You don't care about the consequences of your actions.
You're not a hero. You're a monster.

..I hate you" Peter said in a trembling voice. A scowl across his face, clenching his fists.

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961 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Tue 11 Oct - 14:02

// Hey guys, I am extremely sorry for disappearing for so long. The past three days were extremely hectic and left me completely spent >.<

I think the worst of it has passed and I'll be able to update the rp like usual. Again, I am extremely sorry about this, I should have wrote a message about this earlier.

Hopefully I'll be able to update the rp as usual now.

Hope everyone's having a good week =)   And plz leave a message about the new tagging color and font etc. Sometimes my posts end up a bit long and I want to highlight the character tags somehow, to make them easier to find.

Please let me know what you think, and have a good day today =D

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962 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Tue 11 Oct - 19:08

She sighed and approached the tunnel. Her horn lit up and a small ball of light appeared in front of her. "So, let's go inside"

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963 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Tue 11 Oct - 19:13

Twilight looks at the maintenance group.

"So, how do we make sure they won't talk? Since they have seen us already, that rule is busted."

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964 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Tue 11 Oct - 19:51

"Then kill me," Tarmikos flatly states "If you think your loss is above everypony else's then, by all means, finish the job. You, me, the operation, execution by the court. I'm going to die no matter what.

So either hit me, kill me, or start the elevator again."

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965 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Tue 11 Oct - 20:53

(Radiance, Moon, Wyvern, Twilight, Rain)

"They didn't recognize us so far" Kaylee said, thinking: "They think we're photographers so lets just keep up the ruse, finish the investigation and leave quickly.
If anyone asks them, they'll just say they saw a bunch of photographers here. Whether anyone believes them or not, we'll be long gone by the time the local authorities realize something was up.

All we can do now is finish here quickly"

Kaylee waved everyone to follow and headed inside the tunnel, with some level of hesitation.

The darkness of the tunnel slowly engulfed you, as you stepped deeper into the rail system. The dim orange lights, built into the walls, sent bizarre looking shadows dancing across the walls.
A deafening silence slowly descended upon you, as you walked deeper and deeper inside. Only the faint, metallic sound of your footsteps, echoing from the rails, was heard over the area.

The entrance to the tunnel was left far behind, now only a tiny dot of white light on the horizon, before it too, faded into darkness.
It was uncomfortably quiet.

Johan was looking around with dread. The shadows visibly scared him and he began walking next to Moon, afraid to stray away from the group.

The two sisters, Elisabeth and Kaylee were walking closely together, carefully scanning the surroundings and trying to look through the darkness ahead. You began to notice a subtle unspoken dialogue between the two.

They seemed to be using subtle hand gestures, to point something out in the darkness to each other, or dismiss it and signal that everything was ok. They barely said two words to each other, yet it seemed like they were actively exchanging dialogue and information.

It seemed like they practiced this before, understanding each others body language without words.

Kaylee was using a small flashlight to light up the ground, directly ahead, hoping to avoid tripping on a rail track. After several minutes of walking, she quietly called, her voice slightly echoed across the tunnel:

"...twenty eight people from station C didn't show up for work... why do you think it happened? Something spooked them, or?.."

She froze, holding her hand up and signaling everyone to stop. The circle of light from her flashlight, moved to one of the walls, illuminating massive yellow letters.

They read - STATION C

Kaylee moved her flashlight forward, illuminating something that looked like an underground train station ahead. Only much more taller and massive in size.

"....we're here.." she quietly whispered: "...stay on your guard... if Slavegear's really hidden inside, there may be guards watching the area.."
She promptly turned off her flashlight. The area ahead was still faintly lit up by the orange lights, built into the walls. And a faint glint of light was visible from the station ahead.

Apart from that, the entire tunnel was engulfed in heavy shadow. You don't see anyone or hear anyone so far.


Peter smirked in disdain: " still refuse to take responsibility.. even now..
You'd rather face death and get it over with, than own up to what you did"

Peter pointed a finger at you: "Well you ain't get to do that! You don't get to go off so easy!
You think I'm gonna let up go up there and start flirting with my commanding officer again? Say goodbye?

My father didn't get to say goodbye, to me or my mother, before you put him in a hospital! When I saw him laying there.. I didn't even recognize him, there was so much blood and tubes sticking out of him!"

Peters hands trembled, as angry tears began to form in his eyes: "...I don't even know if he's gonna make it through the night. So you don't get to hang around here, pretending it didn't happen! I won't let you forget, what you did to us! To my family!!!"

Tears began to slowly stream down his cheeks, yet his gaze became even more harsh, angry:
" you have any idea... what the medical bill looked like?... do you know.. how many loans we had to take... how much debt.. we ran ourselves in... to pay for my fathers treatment? To have even the faintest hope, of saving his life?! ...I'm not even sure we mustered enough.."

Come tomorrow, we may not have a house to live in.. we have nothing left... our life is in shambles... because of you!"

He pointed his finger at you. Angry, bitter tears, stood in his eyes:

"Now you look me in the eye... you look me in the eye and you tell, to my face, why you did this to us!"

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966 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Tue 11 Oct - 21:30

She dropped the spell, the magic orb dissapearing "There's something strangely ominous about this place. I have a bad feeling about this" she whispered.

(Sorry about the thing being doubled, my phone screwed up massively)

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967 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Tue 11 Oct - 21:46

Before Peter could react, Tarmikos' arm flashed and he threw a punch into the elevator wall. A fist sized dent embedded in the metal.

"Because I was forced to by a mad man you fuck! You're so wrapped up in your own life you forgot that I was forced to kill hundred of thousands. Their screams haunt my every waking moment. They're all I see when I close my eyes."

Tarmikos closed his eyes and looked down for a moment, then back up locking eyes with the soldier

"I know that nothing I say will be good enough. Nothing will change what is done, but standing here and yelling at me won't get you anywhere. I can never condone for what I've done to you and the thousands of others.

Do want me to trade places with your father? Because I can."

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968 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Tue 11 Oct - 22:12


"You miserable worm!" Peter roared: "You really gonna pretend you were mind controlled, when you assaulted my father!?"

His horn slightly lit up. His hands lowered, his fingers began forming one sign after another. He's weaving a spell. You can't tell which one.

"I don't give a shit, what you see when you close your eyes. Its no excuse. And it gives you no right, to hurt people and send their lives into shambles.

And what I want..." Peter's face became distorted by an ugly scowl. His fingers stopped moving. His spell was ready:

"I want my father back!! I want him alive!!! And what I want most, is for you to stop walking around with this self pitying frown, pretending like nothing's happened! Pretending like you have nothing to answer for!

And if you think I'm gonna let you anywhere near my commanding officer, after what you just pulled-" he briefly pointed his head toward the dent in the wall:

"'re completely out of your god damn mind"

He was staring at you, scowling. His palms slightly pulsing with magic.

" father... is dying... in a god damn hospital bed..." Peter quietly muttered: "And I don't even have enough money to cover his treatment...

What the fuck are you going to do now?.."

(Radiance, Moon, Wyvern, Twilight, Rain)

" too.." Johan quietly whispered. His ears fell down, pressed hard against his head.

" very careful" Kaylee quietly whispered: "... watch your surroundings.. I hope they didn't boobytrap the place.."

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969 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Tue 11 Oct - 22:17

Moon moved very slowly "If they have boobytrapped the place then I suggest we enter in a single file and slowly so that the one in front can spot traps and avoid setting them off. I also suggest the most experienced in this kind of matter goes first."

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970 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Tue 11 Oct - 22:29

"Hmm," Radiance placed a hand against the wall and began to intently listen. Letting every small sound flow through his mind.

"Then take me back to the medical room if you don't want me near you officer. Do something! Give into your anger and strike at me! KILL ME!!!"

The last words, amplified by magic blasted through the compound like thunder.

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971 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Tue 11 Oct - 22:45


Peters cold eyes were staring at you for a long moment, before he began speaking in a low, dangerous voice:

"...I get it now... you are a worm and you know it. You just don't have the balls to face the consequences of your actions, so you want the easy way out. Just to die, quickly. No paint. No suffering.

Guess what" Peter snarled: "Ain't gonna happen.

I'm gonna do to you, what you fear most. I will guard your miserable life. I will drag you to court and I will see you stand trial, for every single thing you did.

You will answer for everything and I will push for maximum penalty. And it will be done by the book. Like a civilized world should behave"

The magic around his palms vanished and he pointed at the small insignia pin on his chest:

"Because I, am a Union soldier. And that means something. I took an oath, to protect those who cannot protect themselves. I promised to do my best, and do no harm.
And that's why, when the time is right, I will drag you to court, and I will see you face justice. Because that's we civilized people do. And that's what the Union stands for"

He clicked the stop button again, then pressed on the first floor button and the elevator went into motion, beginning its descent back to the ground level.

(Radiance, Moon, Wyvern, Twilight, Rain)

"Good idea" Kaylee nodded. She Johan and Elisabeth stood in a straight line, wearily looking ahead.

"I.. had an extremely limited course in bomb defusal.. "Kaylee quietly said: "...its better if someone else does it.. I wouldn't trust myself with disarming a mine"

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972 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Tue 11 Oct - 22:52

// Hey guys, the website seems to be acting up today, the double post glitch seems to be happening to several people,

I cleaned up the double posts, so should be fine. Also plz let me know if the color tagging is more comfortable for character tags. I can start making character tags like this if its more comfortable, plz let me know =)

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973 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Tue 11 Oct - 23:05

She bent down and sniffed the ground, seeing if she could catch scent of any traps "I can't disarm things, but I can find things"

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974 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Tue 11 Oct - 23:56

Twilight rubs her chin, pondering what can be done. She looks around in the dim lights, an act in futility with her eyes trained for books. She then looks at the LIDAR system.

"Hmmmm.... How obvious was this device again when used? Loud, bright visuals? Because it may be able to check for traps from here."

(It may help to give a slightly bigger distinction between targets with the bold font, but it might get a bit obvious when there's five different targets. And others would have to learn it too. I say yes, if those small troubles are worth it.)

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975 Re: Slavegear - Part 2 on Wed 12 Oct - 4:55

(peter) Fire looks over peter "you really think thats going to do anything?" she rolls her cold, dead fingers past the guards cheek practicly breathing in his ear, "he feels nothing... He isnt afraid of anything... Nothing but a hollow shell..." she walks around the guard, "your father is going to die... The man that harmed your father... No... Killed... Your father, Is standing right... In front of you..." she walks around tarmikos "what are you going to do about it? You just... Stopped this elevator to tell him that you harmed you father?" she laughs quitely, "pathetic..."

Fire slips through the group, shadows dance on the walls, Rain notices this "Huh?!..." she shakes her head, "i must be seeng things..." she sweeps her flashlight around...

Rain huffsband continues to sweep her flashlight, her fist hitting the wall now and again as if she were testing it.

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