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1B-401-Bodewig Empty B-401-Bodewig on Wed 16 Mar - 18:52

B-401-Bodewig Bodewi10

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2B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 16 Mar - 19:16

(Testing, testing, 123 banana)

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3B-401-Bodewig Empty Test on Sat 19 Mar - 14:19

It's okay everypony, i'm in the building!

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4B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sat 19 Mar - 21:17

Okay, let's see if this line works...

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5B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 20 Mar - 23:03

(Hey guys, we'll continue the rp on this website now, hopefully it will work ok =D

The munitions officer continued to distribute tactical vests and some sort of baton to everyone who entered:
"We will be entering the atmosphere in the next 5 minutes" the officer loudly called over the racket in the hanger: "The ship will descend over the city of Adelheid and hover over the government skyscraper. At which point, we will rappel down to its roof and enter the building. You will be equipped with an armored vest, a tactical radio and an electric stun baton. On the larger end of the baton, you will find a blue button. Pressing that button will activate the baton, and you will see blue sparks coming out of its other side.
Two or three hits with that thing, is enough to knock out a grown stallion. Remember, this is a search and grab operation. The objective is to apprehend the Union Director. He will be protected by an elite guard. These ponies are our colleague and friends. They're ponies like us, just doing their job, so avoid casualties on both sides. The moment somebody dies, the entire operation may turn very ugly.
Good luck, and stay safe"

You notice Kaylee and Hope enter the hangar. Penny is still sitting alone at the far end of the room.

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6B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 21 Mar - 17:30

Twilight wakes up from the call to arms, but heads to the hangar in her sleep-drunk state with a groggy face. She listens to the instructions half-heartedly, preferring to return to bed.

~Ugh, we know, no killing, but why does it need to be reminded? Sometimes lethal force just happens, we aren't here to make friends, but to do a mission. And getting that done is more important then saving lives.~

After the instructions were spoken, she looks around.

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7B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 21 Mar - 22:06

You suddenly spot Penny, standing nearby and looking right at you. She waited another moment and nodded:
".....I've decided to take your advice.." she said with a firm nod: "..what you've said back on Bodewig.. about what I should do, go back to being a singer, or become a soldier..
You said, sometimes, one has to be both. A singer in peacetime, a soldier in war.
I've decided to take your advice. I'm going with you guys, until the very end. And once this mess is over, I'm gonna head back to Lumina.. back to my home. I'm going to sing again, and hopefully, give people enough hope, so they won't have to hurt each other"

She looked down. There was some kind of pendant, hanging over her neck. You don't recall her ever having it. Penny's subconsciously placed her hand over it:
"..I'm gonna go emotional on you for a sec... I've been thinking a lot about who I am. Who I want to be. Who I was"

She lifted the pendant and showed it to you:
"That's... all I have left from my parents..." she released a small smile: "...when I was about four... there was some kind of accident... both of my parents died and I got a bit hurt...
The doctors had to, give me some kind of plastic surgery. If you look at me now, you won't even see any scars" Penny smiled to herself: "... I don't really remember my parents' faces or where we lived before I ended up in the orphanage... but, I do have this pendant... my mom used to wear one, just like this... Its a family heirloom of sorts.

You know, for all the concerts I gave world wide, I never once put it on... always kept it in a small, little box, back in my home... I guess I just... wanted to keep a little part of me for myself, and not show it to the rest of the world...
I think... I'm going to wear it now... everywhere... my name is Penny Weiss... I am a singer and.. also a soldier.. sort of... I... will be choosing the path I walk now. No matter what happens. No regrets." she smiled to you:

"Thank you, for everything"

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8B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 22 Mar - 19:56

*enters the hangar*
"they don't give us much warning, do they? only twenty minutes, seriously?!"

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9B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 22 Mar - 20:54

"..sorry" Kaylee sheepishly smiled: "I thought I'd give you guys more time to rest, before the mission starts" she picked up one of the stun batons from the storage box and handed it to you:
"Here you go, the button on this end will activate the electric charge. Two or three hits with this thing and you can knock out a grown stallion"
She looked around the hangar, just as the ship began to loudly hum and vibrate:
"We're reentering the atmosphere, get ready"

She thought for a moment then looked at you: " know, since this ship is technically a new, freshly renovated model, maybe we should give it a new name. I was thinking: '01-Bodewig'.
What do you think?" She cracked a smile

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10B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 23 Mar - 20:30

"it could work, though personally i think Bodewig Junior has a certain ring to it"

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11B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Fri 25 Mar - 20:31

Twilight places a hoof on the pendant. "Don't lose sight of it. This, could draw out the power hiiden inside you. Wear this for times of great peril, or need. I'm sure it will give strength."

She turns to the other crewmembers. "Bodewig junior? Come again?"

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12B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sat 26 Mar - 13:58

"we were discussing what to name the ship; so far we have 01-bodewig and bodewig junior"

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13B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 28 Mar - 19:49

An uncomfortably loud alarm rang across the ship and a series of red lights illuminated the hangar. Dozens upon dozens of red circles lit up on the floor, indicating the hatches that led outside of the ship.
"Three minutes to drop" Ashley's voice rang over the ship speakers: "All hands, please take positions over the red marked hatches and prepare to rappel down to the target"

Kaylee nodded to you and pulled down a long cable from the ceiling, then hooked it to your vest:
"Grab on to the cable" she said to Twilight and Wyvern: "Once the hatch opens, just rappel down. The cable will slow your descent, its perfectly safe"
She moved to another marked hatch on the floor and hooked her own vest to one of the cables:
"Good luck!" she said as the ship began to loudly hum and vibrate.

The radios on everyone's vests came alive and you began to hear everyone who was connected to this radio channel. You could hear Ashley working on the bridge, quietly giving commands and making flight checks.
After a moment, an unfamiliar voice broke through the radio and echoed inside your ears:
"...Unidentified aircraft, this is Adelheid Flight Control, you do not have permission to enter our airspace, please identify yourselves and change course immediately or you will be fired upon, over"

Kaylee took off her radio and spoke into the mic: "Adelheid, this is..... Union Flight B-401-Bodewig, we are uhh.. scheduled for a maintenance landing. Authorization code - Bravo, three, seven, sierra, one, over"
"Bodewig... Bodewig, you're not scheduled for landing" the voice responded again: "...Bodewig, please repeat authorization, the system has you logged as a naval ship, over.. Bodewig respond!..."

"They're getting nervous" Kaylee nodded to everyone in the room: "Alright, lets hit it!!"
The lights on the floor turned green and the hatches opened. Savage wind rushed into the ship, threatening to pull you down, only the cables hooked to your vest, held you in place.

Through the hatches you could see an enormous city, open before you. Massive sky scrapers, beautiful parks and a giant lake briefly flashed by, under you, before the ship pulled to a sharp stop, just over a massive sized skyscraper.
Its roof was made from pure glass and you could see the top floor, even from here.

"Bodewig, what the hell are you doing!?!" Adelheid's Flight Control screamed through the radios.
"GO GO GO!!!" Kaylee yelled over the raging wind and soldiers began rappelling down, toward the glass roof below.

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14B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 29 Mar - 16:40

*begins rapelling down*
"you'd think the architects would have fitted stealth tech to this thing..."

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15B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 29 Mar - 20:47

"Couldn't be helped.." Kaylee said with regret: "Our ship is mountain sized, even if we didn't show up on radar, they'd just have to look out the window to notice us"

The freezing wind washed over you for several seconds as you rappelled down. Another moment, and you broke through the glass ceiling, sending miniature crystals of glass clattering across the floor. All around you, Bodewig's soldiers were jumping down and pulling out their stun batons.

You seemed to have landed in a very large and wide hallway, beautifully decorated and filled with a red carpet. At the far end of the hall was a steel elevator. About a dozen guards stood by it.
They were dressed in one of the most finest and formal suits you've seen. A heavy armored vest was secured on their chest.
Their eyes darted towards you immediately and they unsheathed their swords with a well practiced move: "DROP YOUR WEAPONS!! DO IT!! DO IT NOW!!!" They bark at you, at the top of their lungs.

"The Directors Honor Guard.." Kaylee quietly said: "..The elevator behind them, leads straight to the Directors office.."

"DROP YOUR WEAPONS!!" The guards roared again: "DO IT NOW!!!"

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16B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sat 2 Apr - 13:19

*rolls his eyes*
"oh brilliant, they're the shouty type"
*casts the want it-need it spell on a bouncy ball and throws it at them*
"why are these ponies always the shouty type?"

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17B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sat 2 Apr - 13:38

"Standard rules of engagement" Kaylee quietly said: "Attempt to potentially intimidate the opponent with aggression and threat of violence, loudly repeating simple commands. The opponent isn't left with time to think, he will be potentially inclined to follow commands on auto pilot, to avoid a sudden loud and unrecognized threat... its pretty standard"

As the ball bounced across the floor, the guards' expression became twisted with fear.
"GRENADE!!" One of them shouted, looking at the bouncy ball as it jumped towards them, and the guards hurled themselves behind a set of shelves or into a doorframe to the adjacent rooms. Two of them weren't quick enough and now stood over the ball, looking at it with mesmerized curiosity.

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18B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sat 2 Apr - 17:58

"and the way is now clear"

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19B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 4 Apr - 7:32

"You sure about that? Because I'm pretty sure we are now sealed off as well." She sighs. "Quick question, does this elevator go up? Or down?" She cleans off any glass off her.

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20B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 4 Apr - 13:36

"I was just saying that the guards were no longer a problem, and besides, we could always blast that door if it really came to it..."

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21B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 6 Apr - 21:24

"So... How will we protect ourselves from the madness effect? Because might be a problem now." She looks out of the window, to see if the chief office is up or down.

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22B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 7 Apr - 12:06

well, we just don't look at it

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23B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sat 9 Apr - 20:26

"Your insight astounds me. I bow for your brilliant deduction." She aims in that direction, her horn glowing. "Remove the ball, I'll do this"

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24B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 10 Apr - 14:12

*throws a cloth over the ball and places it in a pocket*
"if that makes me sherlock pones, does that make you doctor clopson?"

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25B-401-Bodewig Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 10 Apr - 19:27

(ooc: Hey guys, I'm really really sorry it took me so long to reply. The past week has been really rough. I study nursing and recently began to work at a hospital, the work there is really hard and it leaves me emotionally spent most days of the week >.<
I had a really nasty exam and a project I had to submit, one right after another and it burned me out, that's why I vanished for a whole week.
Thankfully, both those things have passed now, so I have some free time again.

Again, I'm really sorry about vanishing for a week. I will try to post as soon and as frequently as I can, hopefully at least once a day)

"The Directors office is located three floors below us, we'll have to take the elevator down" Kaylee said, uneasily shuffling in place: "I'm afraid blowing a hole in the floor won't help, the Directors level is reinforced with several layers of armor. The elevator is the only way we can reach it from here...

We still need to get passed the remaining guards.. we can't see them but their hiding behind cover. Once we get close to the elevator, they will jump out and try to disarm us.. probably.."
She lifted her stun baton: "...we may have to use these after all"

As you look out the window, the seemingly endless city of Adelheid opens before you. Massive skyscrapers and beautiful parks stood out from the streets. A very large lake could be seen from the side. And across the mornings sky, you could already see several police helicopters, making their way toward Bodewig, who remained hovering over the building.

"We should hurry.." Kaylee swallowed: ".. our ship is making the law enforcement nervous.."

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