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Slavegear - Part 3

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976 Re: Slavegear - Part 3 on Fri 3 Mar - 22:17

"Can I dump his head in the barrel yet?" She asked quietly "If Canterlot is one of the cities......"

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977 Re: Slavegear - Part 3 on Fri 3 Mar - 23:46

Rain slowly makes her way into the room with a chuckle, "well well well... Look what we have here..." she traces somthing along the prisoners back, you notice... A maddening look in her eyes as she quickly assessed the situation, "i heard torture and I had to come running..." as she raises her right hand you see a rather large revolver in her hands, "7 hours huh?" she laughs, "that gives me plenty of time with you... You don't have a family... Nobody will miss you." she lets out a soft laugh pressing the revolver against his skull a moment before pullinh the trigger... It lets out a loud "Click" she flips it about in her fingers, if you look into her eyes you see that her pupils are tiny... There was something very wrong, "can i have some pliers..." she asks the group, "mabye... Some fingernail clippers, Hydrochloric acid, oooo do we have any liquid nitrogen?" she leans down close to the being before her, "I'll make you scream if they let me..." she pulls away and lets out a sickening laugh.

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978 Re: Slavegear - Part 3 on Sat 4 Mar - 2:36

A flash of surprise and disgust and then anger washed over Radiance's face at what Rain was saying.
"I see we're already jumping to the torture, glad to see you guys are taking the moral high ground on this."

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979 Re: Slavegear - Part 3 on Sat 4 Mar - 7:28

"BE QUITE" she shreaks at him, her hands were clearly shaking now, those behind the window could clearly hear her.

Radiance could clearly hear her breath shaking, her heart beat was incredibly fast, you could clearly tell there was somthing very wrong with her, a low, pained groan escapes her, "w-we need to j-j-just end this..." she slams the revolver against the wall, "...JUST. END. IT!" her knuckles were white against the handle of her gun. She steps back stumbling a little.

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980 Re: Slavegear - Part 3 on Sat 4 Mar - 9:34

"R-Rain?" Harlequin called in alarm.

"GET THIS PSYCHOPATH AWAY FROM ME!!!" Tony barked, scowling at you:

"You will not kill me... I am your only source of information. Your only hope of stopping Marek.
If I die, so does the world. You might as well release the virus yourselves. As for the torture.."

Tony released a menacing grin: "I know you can't do anything too serious, lest you endanger my life. And you're not allowed to let me die from my injuries.
That doesn't leave you many options.

And unfortunately for you, I was trained to resist torture. You can't intimidate me. You can't talk me down!"

Tony angrily leaned back on his chair: "Still think you can break me? Maybe so. Maybe so. But I guarantee its gonna take you longer than eight hours, and by then, my information will become useless, and the world will perish.

So why don't you stop with this act, and GET ME MY PARDON!!!
YOU HAVE 7 HOURS, 38 MINUTES, 44 SECONDS, 43, 42, 41, 40!!!

Kaylee slowly turned on her heels and left the room. Tony released a grin and looked at you:

"The clock's just gonna keep on ticking"

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981 Re: Slavegear - Part 3 on Sat 4 Mar - 9:45

Rain quickly smashes the weight of the revolver against tonys mouth... Right where his teeth were, tears roll down her cheeks, "Please help me..." she gets close to tony, right next to his face, "HELP ME!" she shreeks in his ear her nails digging into the back of his neck causing blood to drip down, "T-t-they w-w-want me to do it..." she presses the revolver to his skull and pulls the trigger a few more times, "click click click." she crys out in anger and throws the gun across the room, the cylinder opening slightly and showing that a bullet was in the next chamber, "HOW DO I GET THEM TO BE QUITE!" she grabs tony by the hair and yanks his head back, "T-t-they tell me you know..." she says with an extremely shaky voice."

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982 Re: Slavegear - Part 3 on Sat 4 Mar - 9:48

"R-Rain! We need him!" Harlequin called in alarm.

The two guards by the door slightly jerked towards Rain, unsure if they should intervene.

"RESTRAIN HER!!!" Tony shrieked in anger, the words coming out muffled as blood fell down from his mouth.

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983 Re: Slavegear - Part 3 on Sat 4 Mar - 9:57

She grabs him by the throat, "D-DONT TOUCH HIM" she sobs, she pulls out her stellet... She places it right above his arm in the handcuffs threatening to drive it through, "I-i-i'll do it..." her hands are clearly shaking.

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984 Re: Slavegear - Part 3 on Sat 4 Mar - 10:01

Twilight rubs her temples. "I know I'm not one to judge, but losing your head like this isn't going to help."
After a minute, she has finally located the thing to talk to them. She turns it on and speaks.

"I have a few question for you then. In my opinion, you don't just stumble across an enemy base without prior knowledge. Especially one in the middle of the ocean. You have sought out the exact coordinates for this place. Now, how did you find out the coordinates to this place?"

"My second question is not as hard. Amongst those that work at Raiden, there must be a few who are perhaps less nonchalant with their lifespan. Perhaps a higher-up? One that asked you to contact us with this information as a bargaining chip? Or is this your own operation?"

"And my last question is this: Are you really so careless with your life as you claim to be? I mean, you did come here, despite the risks. You made a solid position for yourself with this promise for information, but if you really didn't care, then you should've taken a different route. Heading straight towards your secluded haven. But instead, you came here. Taking a gamble to get complete freedom, from both the Union and the virus. So I ask again: Do you really not care about this situation?"

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985 Re: Slavegear - Part 3 on Sat 4 Mar - 10:23

Tony scowled at Rain, then deliberately turned away from her, ignoring her completely:

"I didn't find this base in the ocean! I found your forces on the mainland. They brought me here!" he scowled at Twilight:

"I came here alone. And my colleges from Rained are probably dead by now.
We outlived our usefulness to Marek and we knew too much about his plan.

By sheer accident, I learned that Marek planned to expose Raiden to the virus, thus eliminating a loose end. So I bolted.
I think its safe to assume that all Raiden personnel are dead by now. So I really am your last hope.

I hope Marek doesn't notice that he's missing a body, because if he does, he'll likely send assassins to kill me. Really, you should be protecting me.

As for you last question. You're right, I came here to do this gamble. Because we both know, that you won't risk the lives of every man, woman and child, on this planet.

Sooner or later, your act will run short. Time is working against you. There's only so far you can go with this farce, before you are forced to accept my conditions.
You will get me my pardon. And the money. Then, you will get the information you need, and like the good fellows that you are, you'll run along saving the world, while I disappear from your memory.

We both know, this is the only outcome.

You won't let the world die. You need my information, so I might as well get something out of it"

Tony spit blood on the table and looked at you:

"You have 7 hours and 34 minutes. Get me my pardon. And a fucking medic." he touched the wound on his mouth.

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986 Re: Slavegear - Part 3 on Sat 4 Mar - 10:34

// Hey guys, moving the rp to a new thread again.

This one got too big, I'm afraid the forums are gonna glitch out again.
Rp continu in this link ^^

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