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Slavegear - Part 4

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376 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Mon 8 May - 11:19

Picking up a chunk of the hanger in order to use it like a makeshift crowbar, Tarmikos sprinted over to help Kaylee. The cockpit of his own robot sparkling with magic as he jammed the metal piece into the Slavegears chest. Pressing his weight down and using it to help Kaylee pry open the burning robot in front of them.

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377 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Mon 8 May - 12:47

Moon screamed in pain as she touched the red hot surface and leapt out of the robot, plummeting towards the ocean before disappearing under the waves. She tried to swim, having issues avoiding the surrounding debris.

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378 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Mon 8 May - 19:21

Twilight looked how Kaylee and Tarmikos were working to save him. However, she just let out a sigh. She shook her head, causing her mech to to follow. She then let out her thought in a solemn tone.

"Don't misunderstand me, please... But if we want Johan to be free of suffering, then don't pull him out of there. I'm not saying I want him dead, but... He has confessed to the murder of a high-ranking official, commited treason to his own leader, and tried to commit an act of mass-murder not unlike ours. Today is enough to warrant him a lifetime of maximum security prison or death."

She lets out a sigh, clearly not happy with her own words.

"Even if he goes free eventually, the damage he sustains there is severe enough to cripple him for a very long time, if not forever. How can he enjoy freedom if he's chained to a wheelchair or even artificial breathing. That is not living in freedom like he wants."

"If you want to save him from there, go ahead. But, as a last gift to him..." She remembers her note to repay both Johan and Drasko. "... Don't prolong the suffering he's going through. It's cruel, but trying to save him may inflict even more pain, even if it wasn't your intention..."

She tries to get free from her mech, hoping to get some time alone.

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379 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Mon 8 May - 20:28

As Tarmikos and Kaylee pressed hard on the armor plate, it gave off a long screech and finally came off.

Kaylee reached out and grabbed a small cylindrical pod - the pilots cockpit. It was completely sealed off from the outside environment and it was impossible to tell what was happening within.

Just as Kaylee had pulled it out, a series of massive explosions had rocked the burning carcass of Slavegear and the giant machine exploded.

It was 6 minutes later, when the first speed boat had arrived at the scene.

A team of medics, methodically searching for survivors, picking them out of the ocean and helping them on board the boat.
A team of mechanics helped the pilots climb out of their robots.

And a small team of engineers, gathering around the cylindrical pilots pod, that was pulled out of Slavegear.
Blow torches and heavy instruments in tow, they began slowly prying the pods door open. When they finally did, they found Johan.
Burned, injured and horribly bruised. But alive.

He laid unconscious in the pod, his eyes closed, a small peaceful smile over his lips.
The little stuffed toy was still attached to his shirt, a little burnt, but still there.

Kaylee leaned over the pod and watched in silence, as the medics tried to apply first aid and worked on Johan's injuries.

After a long moment, Kaylee reached out to her radio and quietly called:

"'re wrong... Twilight..

Johan is sick. He has a mental illness. On top of severe post traumatic stress.
With doctor Zarovee's testimony as a psychiatrist, I believe Johan will be found as unable to stand trial, in a court of law. Unable to be held accountable for his actions.

Instead of a prison sentence, he will likely be assigned for treatment, at a psychiatric hospital, where doctors and nurses who specialize in this field, can help him heal.

He may say he wishes to die, but I believe, in truth, he is calling for help, reaching out to us.
Thoughts of suicide are not uncommon during a mental breakdown. And when it happens, I believe we should reach out and help him.

The mental wounds may not heal quickly, they may not heal entirely, but, I believe we should do our best, to help him through it.
For tomorrow.. perhaps it will be me, going through a nervous breakdown.. and if I tried to commit suicide, I'd want someone to stop me"

The medics had slowly picked up Johan's unconscious body and gently placed his on a stretcher, inside of the boat.

Kaylee sat next to him, watching him silently for a moment, then she slowly looked at everyone around her and smiled. A trace of tears stood in her eyes.

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380 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Mon 8 May - 20:38

Moon simply watched silently. She was trying to piece her mind back together and calm down, looking at Kaylee. She coughed a little water, brushing her soaked hair from her face. "People do irrational things when at their lowest point."

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381 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Mon 8 May - 20:47

"Yeah" Kaylee released a sad smile and looked down. After a moment, she nodded to herself and smiled to Moon again:

"...its.. going to be okay" she said, reaching out and placing a hand on Moons shoulder:
"Forging new bonds and sticking together.. helping each other along.. I believe its what helps us survive...

You'll stick around, won't you? Even after today?" Kaylee asked Moon with a smile, wiping the tears from her eyes, and looking at everyone around her:

"...even though these past days were.. hard.. I think we forged a few new bonds of friendship..
If I could see you all again, some time, after today... I would be very happy"

Kaylee brightly smiled, as fresh tears appeared in her eyes.

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382 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Mon 8 May - 20:51

"I think these past few hours have proven that I'm not safe to be around. I can't live in society, I'm dangerous. I'll move to the Everfree Forest, such a beautiful place. I'll give you my address." She said quietly "It would be nice to see you all in the future. But maybe you lot should be the only people I can see."

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383 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Mon 8 May - 21:07

Twilight looks at Johan being driven away, her sight heavy. Her mood is south, as she doesn't seem to stand there with any hope or joy.

".... I'm afraid I'm not as optimistic as you guys are on this subject. Yes, he can be helped, but I doubt there's a future for him out there anymore. He killed Dorothy Chambers, councilor of Gerra. Even if she was a racist, genocidal bitch, she was still the head of the nation. That is a lot to dodge with a testimony on his mental state. The people will Gerra want his head for this. And she's probably not the only one."

She covers her eyes with her hand. "I suppose if you want to help him, be my guest. But think long and hard about the consequenses of what his actions lead to before you do. I know I'm pessimistic, but someone needs to be the downer here..."

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384 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Mon 8 May - 21:20

Kaylee released a small, carefree giggle, as she looked at the horizon:

"..don't you think Artemis wants our heads as well, after we burned down their city and killed General Dakova? He was their de facto leader.

I don't think we're in any better position than Johan is.

But there is a justice system and we should use it to our advantage for a change. Councilor Mercer will help. She owes us this much"

She looked down, then smiled to Moon: "Everfree sounds peaceful. I would love to come visit"

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385 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Mon 8 May - 21:36

"You do know I have zero faith in the law or justice system." She sighed "Anyway, I kinda have nothing to lose by moving to a forest. I've kinda lost my job by default."

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386 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Mon 8 May - 21:49

"Hmmm... I need to ponder about what to use, and what to leave out. Hmmmm..."

She rubs her chin in thought.

"I guess it's true that no matter what, people want our heads as well. But what about his head?"

She looks for Marek.

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387 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Mon 8 May - 22:29

During the six-minute period and the following conversation, Tarmikos' regenerated limb had fallen apart turning to dust in the wind leaving him in his original mono armed state.

"I honestly don't care what happens now" Tarmikos added, "I'm happy to be done with all of this, but the next person aside from any of you to ask me to come help their country or ideals can fuck right off."

Satisfied with the outcome Omega strolled over to join the group as the conversation took place. Listening but keeping his thoughts to himself. He left Marek were he sat, happy that he didn't have to stain his blade with the man's blood.

Radiance had wandered off to a spot by himself, sitting cross-legged and letting the scent of the water fill his senses. He had pulled out the radio placing the device inside his pocket. Radiance's mind slowly went into a trancelike state as he began to internally reflect on everything that had happened since waking up in the hospital. The outside conversations becoming muffled and soon overpowered by the ambient sounds of the ocean and his own heart beat.

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388 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Mon 8 May - 23:43

"I just want to find my position back in nyx..." she yawns leaning against Harle, "go back to whatever i was doing before..." she stretches

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389 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Tue 9 May - 12:39

//RP Credits Theme:

// Everyone, thanx for a great game ^^
I hope everyone enjoyed this rp as much as I did ^^

I'm currently in the process of writing a sequel for this rp. The script for it is almost finished, I just need to put a few finishing touches.

I wanted to take a 2 week break between the rp's, so I could focus on finishing the script for the next rp and drawing a cool wallpaper for it.

In the mean time, we can still continue with this rp for a little bit, if someone still wanted to do something in the current setting.

I will be posting regular updates here, about the next rp and its setting, so check back often ^^

Hopefully, I can finish the script and the wallpaper for the next rp, during these 2 weeks of break time. And if I'll finish it sooner, I'll make a post here, so we can start right away ^^

Also, please let me know what you thought about the rp we just had, stuff that you liked or disliked, stuff that you want improved or removed entirely.
Plz let me know, so I can make the next rp better ^^

Thanx for an awesome game guys ^^
Have a cool week ^^

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390 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Tue 9 May - 12:44

hello all of you wonderful people, I'm dallas courtright. Long time friends with kaylee brown (from high school if i remember correctly) and I'll be playing the character named Dallas courtright who looks like my profile picture.

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391 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Tue 9 May - 21:34

Welcome to the party, Dallas!

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392 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Wed 10 May - 3:13

Ahoy welcome aboard... The roleplay thing lul

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393 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Wed 10 May - 9:55

Hey Dallas, welcome aboard mate =D

Good morning everyone, I have another update for the next rp ^^

The next rp will feature Cybernetics. Robot arms, robot legs, artificial eyes and so on.
Some of these come with military grade upgrades and concealed weapons installed.

These cybernetics are very powerful, so to keep things balanced, we'll be using a special grading system that limits how much cybernetics we can install.
The grading system works like this:

At the beginning, you have 6 points in something called 'Essence'
Everyone has 6 Essence at the beginning.

Each cybernetic upgrade costs Essence points. The more cybernetics you install, the lower your Essence will become.
The Essence can never fall below zero. So the maximum number of points you can use is 6.

Below, i'll be posting a full list of all the cool cybernetics available and below each cybernetic, you'll see an Essence cost.
These are all the main cybernetics that will be featured in the next rp. Both your allies and your enemies may have them.

At the beginning of the rp, you can pick any upgrade from the list below and use a total of up to 2 Essence points.
You'll be able to use the remaining 4 Essence points, during the rp, as the story progresses.

This list is purely optional, you don't have to pick any upgrades if you don't want to. But if you do want to, or you have a cool new character and you want him to have cybernetics at the beginning of the rp, you can choose anything from the list, and use up to 2 Essence points.

You'll be able to use the remaining 4 Essence points as the story progresses.

This is the complete list of cybernetics. Rain and Tarmikos already seen parts of it on skype, I added a few new things since then, please check em out ^^

Cybernetic Eyes:

BrightLight System - High energy flashbulbs hidden in the cybereye. When triggered, blinds an enemy. Just like a flashbang, without the bang.
In addition, protects the user from sudden bright flashes of light, by automatically tinting the incoming image.
Essence cost: 1, for each eye.

Vision Magnification Eyes - Significantly enhances the users vision, allows to see much further and with significant accuracy. A favorite of long range combatants and surveillance units.
Essence: 1, for each eye

Thermal Vision - When Thermal mode is enabled, the user can see objects by detecting their heat signatures. The world appears in black and white.
Hot objects appear as dark. Cold objects appear as white. Thermal mode can be inabled and disabled at will.
Essence: 1, for each eye

Night Vision - When enabled, allows the user to see in the dark. Can be inabled and disabled at will.
Essence: 1, for each eye

Motion sensors - When enabled, allows the user to see only the objects that are currently in motion. Innert objects become invisible.
This mode can be enabled and disabled at will.
Essence: 1, for each eye

Broad Spectrum Enhancement - Allows the user to see infra-red and ultra violet light. A favorite of infiltration units. Allows the detection
of laser based trip mines and similar laser based technology. Can be enabled and disabled at will.
Essence: 1, for each eye

Cybernetic Arms:

Lavender Hand Razors - A cybernetic arm that has 5 long and deadly sharp razors, hidden in its 5 fingers. When triggered, the razors extend from the fingers.  A deadly, cold weapon. May cut through weak metal.
Essense cost: 1, for each hand.

Concealed Cyberblade - A cybernetic arm with a concealed katana blade. When trigerred, the blade extends out of the arm. May cut through weak metal.
Essence cost: 1, for each arm.

Ballistic Cyberblade - A cybernetic arm with a concealed katana blade. When trigerred, the blade shoots out of the arm like a projectile,
capable of piercing armor. Ammo count: 2 blades in each arm. Effective range 5 meters. A deadly military grade weapon.
Essence cost: 2, for each arm.

Monofilament Whip - An extremely sharp, thin, metal whip, concealed in the cyber arm. Capable of cutting through metal. A deadly military grade weapon.
Essence cost: 2, for each arm.

Ballistic Fist - A cybernetic fist that can be fired as a projectile. Effective range 7 meters. The fist is attached to the cyberarm with a long metal chain.
Once fired, the fist can be retracted, when the chain pulls it back.
Can be used to swing across long gaps in terrain.
Essence cost: 1, for each arm.

Shock Hand - A cybernetic hand with a taser built into its fist. When triggered, will stun organic targets. Recharge time 2 minutes.
Essence cost: 2, for each arm.

Induction DataJack - Cybernetic arm with a concealed computer built into it, capable of wired and wireless communication. Military grade. A favorite of infiltration agents and hackers.
Essence cost: 1, for each arm.

Verria Tech Cyberarm - Basic replacement limb, mimics the form and function of a biological arm. Civilian grade model.
Essence cost: 1, for each arm.

Sarashiki Cyberarm - These cybernetic arms are augmented beyond the capabilities of their organic counterparts. Significantly increases arm strength.
Essence cost: 1, for each arm.

Cybernetic Legs:

Hydraulic Jack - Two cybernetic legs that boost the users sprinting speed to an incredible degree. Lasts for 30 seconds. Must cool down after use. Comes in pairs, two legs only.
Essence cost: 2

NereusTechnology Cyberlegs - Two cybernetic legs. This model boosts the agility of the user and is popular among performance acrobats and athletes. Comes in pairs, two legs only.
Essence cost: 2

Verria Tech Cyberleg - Basic replacement limb, mimics the form and function of a biological leg. Civilian grade model.
Essence cost: 1, for each leg.

Cybernetic Body Enhancements:

Lavender Dermal Plating - A military grade layer of armor, woven under the skin. Provides significant protection against cold weapons.
Essense cost: 2

Kevlar Bone Lacing - The bones are coated in Kevlar armor, providing significant protection. Allows bones to sustain more pressure before breaking
Essense cost: 2

Pain Editor - A cluster of specialized nervous tissue that filters out pain responses, temporarily reducing pain.
Essence cost: 1

Lei-Tech Skillwires - A skillwire system designed to give the user more control over thrown weapons and projectile weapons.
Increases precision and accuracy.
Essence cost: 1

Reflex Trigger - Woven over the spine. Significantly boosts the users reflexes.
Essence cost: 2

Platelet Factory - Lessens the trauma from recently inflicted wounds by increasing the thrombocyte production. Heals the users most recent wound.
Essence cost: 2

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394 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Fri 12 May - 14:48

Hey guys ^^ Another update,

Before the next rp starts, I wanted to get your opinion on a few things, that will shape the rp later. Please post an answer to teh questions below ^^ as its rly rly important for teh rp later:

(1) - The Slavegear rp ended with the party being released for a vacation, as they await their upcoming trail, in the high courts of Adelheid. The trial will be held to establish wether they were responsible or not, for the Slavegear's initial incident, when an Artemis city got burned.

I wanted to ask you guys, if you want to have a trial scene in the next rp, where the characters will have to prove their innocence? Or do you prefer to skip the trial, and have the rp happen, after the trial has already concluded?

(2) - To add another level of challenge to the rp, we can try to add an option where, each characters actions are very important and if a mistake is made during combat, there may be a possibility of the character becoming seriously injured or even killed.
For example, if a character separates himself from the party and wanders into a room alone, he may be ambushed by a large group of people. And if he's alone and the party are too far away, they won't be able to help him in time, or won't even know that he is in danger.
And in that event, the given character may die.

So I wanted to ask, do you want to try this rp with this new level of risk? A possibility that if a heavy mistake is made, the character may become injured or die.

Its entirely up to you. Your characters fate is in your hands. I will only let a character die, if you agreed first.

So I wanted to ask, do you want to play with the possibility of your character dying?
I will shape the rp according to each answer. So if someone wants his character to be at risk, then that character may become injured or killed, depending on his actions.
And if someone doesn't want their character dying throughout the rp, then he won't die.

Please let me know what you'd prefer.

(3) - Please post the cybernetics that you want your characters to have, at the start of the rp. Both for new characters and old ones.
You can choose anything from the cybernetics list above, and select anything up to 2 Essence points.

Please let me know which cybernetic you'd like, or if you don't want any cybernetics installed.

Have a good weekend everyone ^^

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395 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Fri 12 May - 19:07

A) I'd like to skip the trial

B) In terms of the character death. I am open to having my characters able to die.

C) For the cybernetics, I am installing them on two new characters
- Character 1: Tarmikos; will not have any cybernetics installed
- Character 2: Namoi; will have a Sarashiki Cyberarm installed on each of her arms
- Character 3: Serena; will have the Concealed Cyberblade installed in her right arm and the Induction DataJack installed in her left

Last edited by Naomi/Serena on Mon 15 May - 6:44; edited 2 times in total

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396 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Fri 12 May - 21:48

A) Let's skip the trial

B) I'm open to my character dying.

C) My  new character , Silent Mist, will have two cybernetics
-Lavender hand razors on right arm
-Sarashiki cyberarm on left arm

Moon won't have cybernetics.

Last edited by Silent Mist on Sun 14 May - 18:01; edited 1 time in total

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397 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Sat 13 May - 16:00

A)I'm open for the idea of the trial

B) and I'm a go for character death

C) Concealed Cyberblade - A cybernetic arm with a concealed katana blade. When trigerred, the blade extends out of the arm. May cut through weak metal.

Induction DataJack - Cybernetic arm with a concealed computer built into it, capable of wired and wireless communication. Military grade. A favorite of infiltration agents and hackers.

P.S : im bad at art, so think of my character as a pony. sorry about that.

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398 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Sun 14 May - 12:17

1) Just putting out a verdict of innocence or guilty removes weight from the fight for it, let's have the trial.

2) Let's put permadeath on.

3) For enhancements, I have the following setup in mind for mine:
Twilight: Existing character, none.
Arnold: New character, Lavender dermal plating. A jolly yellow/blonde male Earth pony that fights for justice.
Oboro: New character, none. Generally friendly and helpful blue pegasus mare. But has issues.

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399 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Sun 14 May - 17:18

1) im open for the trial~
2) I'm alright with character death

And for the enhancements.
Rain: for her right eye which is already missing she gets heat vision, also the lei-tech skill wires An already existing character.

Violet_Night: A simple batpony farmer a thoughtful and shy mare who enjoys various amounts of fruit, doesnt eat meats because she doesnt like the idea of hurting animals, instead eats fruit! She lives on her own at her orchard/farm and works with ponies she's hired. She owns a fruit farm btw >w>

Fruit bat screeeeeeeeee~

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400 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Mon 15 May - 20:58

Cheers guys ^^

We'll be turning permadeath on for teh rp,

About the trials, if you want, we can have a trial scene for the guys who want it, and I can try scripting something different for those who don't want teh trial, so there will be something fun to do while the trial scene is happening.

So, what would you guys prefer? Moon, Tarmikos, do you want me to script a different scene for you, so your characters will have something fun to do during the trials? Or would you like to participate in the trials as well?


I went for a jog the other day, came by this playground in the park. Saw this:

This is supposed to be a children's playground,

I only know that, if I was a child and I'd saw this nightmare, I'd probably get scarred for life >.<

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