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Slavegear - Part 4

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426Slavegear - Part 4 - Page 18 Empty Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Thu 25 May - 5:41

For the characters who will NOT not be in the next RP...

Radiance will seek out a  trainer in order to heighten his own combat abilities. Realizing that his own personal training and the small amount given when he worked as part of the police would not be enough. During the time up to the trial, Radiance will be enrolled in a Kickboxing Martial arts class only taking the time off from it to attend.  The class is being taught out of a city in Artemis

Omega having moved back to Verria will be enjoying time with his wife and two young children. Working at his forge during the day and helping with a dispute between the town he lives and another wolf tribe.

For the characters both returning and new for the next RP...

Tarmikos will have moved to Adelheid  and will have reconnected with his younger sister Serena. Happening to run into her while she worked at her day job. During this time Tarmikos will work on re-teaching his body to use magic properly and diving into learning more about Dark and Regular Magic. Tarmikos has also decided to have the Slavegear chip removed.

Serena, Tarmikos' formerly mentioned younger sister, will be working as part of an unlisted black ops intelligence agency. Her talents mostly used in hacking into larger corporations keeping an eye on them to ensure that they are staying within reasonable limits of the law. To the public however, Serena is simply a barista who works a few times a week at a cafe.

Naomi spends her days working at a mechanic shop out of a military base close to Adelheid. Roughly two weeks before the trial is set to start Naomi will be enjoying a vacation in the city. The majority of those weeks will be spent enjoying the city's parks, tourist attractions, and visiting the various clubs during the night.

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427Slavegear - Part 4 - Page 18 Empty Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Fri 26 May - 16:58

Hey everyone, I'm happy to inform you that the script is finally complete and we'll be launching on time, finally ^^

The rp will launch this Sunday evening, europe time. I'll be making a new thread on the forums here and I'll post a link to it here.

Unfortunately due to the pressure from college, I couldn't complete the wallpaper on time.
We'll be breaking tradition a little bit and launching the rp without a wallpaper, but I will still be working on it in the background.

The wallpaper is well underway and I'll keep working on it whenever I have time. And once its complete, I'll post it in the rp as well.
In addition, I'll be adding a new map of the region, a bit later down the line.

Anyways, the rp will launch this Sunday evening. Hope to see everyone there ^^

Have a good weekend everyone! =)

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428Slavegear - Part 4 - Page 18 Empty Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Sun 28 May - 18:46

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