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Digital Waltz

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1 Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 18:45

The 5th of June, of the year 2035, marked the end of the 'Slavegear Incident'.

And a great number of world changing events, quickly followed.

The massive war machines known as Slavegears, were dismantled and destroyed.
The use of Neurochips has been banned. And while the courts still struggled with the issue, of whether to order a forceful removal of the Neurochips, from all those who had one installed, the manufacturing of this device has been halted indefinitely. Its schematics destroyed.

The Neurochip was now a banned product. And anyone found selling it, or holding stockpiles of it, was now labeled a criminal.

Those who still had one installed, quickly became a source of fear, to the general public.

But the Slavegear Incident was over.
Marek was arrested at Mother Base, and taken to one of the highest security prisons, in the country of Soren. The Vampire Unit, officially disbanded.

When the authorities came for Johan, Councilor Mercer ordered a full recovery and analysis of the video tapes, that recorded the last battle at Mother Base.

The tapes showed Johan gradually loosing his senses, and turning to into someone, who later came to be known as Drasko.
Judging by the footage, Drasko avoided the Union forces, as well as the Mother Base staff. He seemed to have made a bee line, towards the position where the Councilor of Gerra was holding her ground.

Marek was following Drasko, walking a step behind him and nagging him on. And Drasko eventually snapped, killing the Gerran honor guard.
When he finally reached the Gerran Councilor, there was no battle. Marek simply fired a taser at her, then slowly inserted a knife into her neck.

After that, Drasko had collapsed to the ground and seemingly turned to Johan again. The rest was history.

Following Doctor Zarovee's testimony, as well as the examination of several outside psychiatrists, Johan was found unable to stand trial, and was transferred to one of the largest mental care facilities in the country of Soren.

As for the rest of the Heroes of Adelheid, matters became somewhat more complicated.

Councilor Mercer kept her word. For almost a month, you were left completely alone, no police officer or lawyer ever showed up in your sight.

It was early July, when seemingly out of nowhere, a long convoy of government cars rolled down the street and men in dark suits politely asked you to follow them.
Without much delay or ceremony, you were flown into Adelheid and then, the unbearably long process of the justice system began.

Hearing after hearing. Trial after trial. Every single thing that anyone could have done, even by accident, was examined under a looking glass, by the highest courts of the Union.

A prosecutor named Alex Noel, led every case, against every hero of Adelheid.
A stern, seemingly cold woman, with blue piercing eyes. Mrs. Noel pushed firmly and gradually, aiming to reach the truth of the matter and prosecute those who were believed to be guilty, to the fullest extent of the law.
Throughout her career, Mrs. Noel developed a reputation as one of the most harshest of prosecutors, in the country of Soren. And rumors went, she haven't lost a case in five years.

Opposing her, was a lawyer named Jorge Magnuson. A seasoned veteran of the court. Seemingly laid back, always calm and relaxed. A man in his late fifties, with graying hair and a laughing look in his eyes. Almost a complete opposite to Noel.
When Councilor Mercer asked for the best lawyer, Magnuson volunteered and now represented every member of the party, confidently assuring them of their inevitable success, at every meeting.

The trials stretched on and on, however. August, September, October.
As the months flew by, you were asked to stay in one of the relatively hospitable hotels, inside the city of Adelheid. Under constant guard, under vigilant eye of the police force.

Once in a few days, you were asked to attend another long court meeting, then sent back to your hotel room. Always under guard.
Councilor Mercer covered the rooms expenses at least.

You knew that all heroes of Adelheid were on trial, but you barely saw one another. Each trial, for each person, was held on a different day.
You all stayed in the same hotel, but the police guard ensured that you had minimal contact with one another, if any at all.

It was one of those rainy autumn days, when Mr. Magnuson had arrived at your hotel room and released his typical, calm smile.
He said that the final hearing will be held today and the final verdict will be reached. For better or worse.

Just like always, you are scooped up the police. Just like always, you are led inside the now familiar court room.

Alex Noel, the prosecutor, is already at her usual spot, quietly drilling you with her piercing blue eyes.
The judge took his seat and the court session has started.

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2 Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 18:45

(July 23rd, 2035)
(Rain Runner)

The prosecutor, Alex Noel, released a small tired sigh and looked at the document in front of her:
"...would the defendant please rise and state her name for the record" she called and looked at you.

Mr. Magnuson, your lawyer, slightly nodded to you with a relaxed smile and whispered:
"Go on...its in the bag"

(August 1st, 2035)
(Twilight Sparkle)

Noel rose from her seat and began slowly pacing across the courtroom:

"..Miss Sparkle... no, I apologize, Princess Twilight Sparkle.. you still hold that title, don't you?" Noel asked in a quiet, casual voice, as she turned her head and her piercing eyes looked right at you.

Magnuson quietly sat next to you. He was wearing a poker face. You began noticing each time he put it on. When he did, he seemed relaxed and laid back. In truth, he was rapidly thinking.

(August 7th, 2035)
(Moon Dusts)

The last trial was about to begin and your lawyer, Mr. Magnuson quietly sat down next to you and quietly whispered:
"...Miss Moon, I know your thoughts about the justice system, but if I may, I wanted to ask you to trust me, all the same. I know what they will charge you with and I know I can prove your innocence in the matter.
I'm on your side. I want you to know that" Magnuson released his usual, easy going smile and nodded to you:

", listen, no matter what they ask you during the trial, claim you were confused and scared and you can't recall things very clearly.
If it starts going bad, I'll step in and help you out. But you have to trust me, okay? We can make this work. Miss Moon. I'm confident"

He stretched out his hand and released a confident smile: "We'll do this together, deal?"

(August 24th, 2035)

"..Mister.. Radiance?" Noel asked, raising her eyes from a document: "Forgive me, I don't have your full name on record.
Mister Radiance, it says here you were working as a detective for some time. Is this correct? Do you work as a detective?"

Magnuson was sitting next to you, seemingly laid back. He was watching Noel and Noel was occasionally throwing a glare in his direction.

(September 3rd, 2035)

"Mr Omega" Noel began, confidently marching across the courtroom: "...the police intelligence division has gathered some level of information, regarding a group known as 'Steam'?
Are you a part of that group, Mr. Omega?"

Magnuson was half sitting, half laying in his chair, completely laid back and half smiling.
He suddenly whispered, quietly, just under his breath. His voice was surprisingly firm:
"...don't lie. It will go badly. Noel will savage us if she catches on.
Trust me. Say everything as it is. I got this in the bag

(October 22rd, 2035)

Noel was standing next to the judge's booth. Her look was cold, stern, uncomfortable.
Magnuson was watching her with a neutral expression, as if trying to understand her true intentions.

Noel finally lowered her hands and collected them behind her back:

"...Mister Tarmikos... Forgive me, I don't know your full name. You are the CEO of a company named Dark Tech, is this correct?"

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3 Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 19:04

Moon sighed, shifting in her outfit "Equestria had me declared legally insane. If they won't charge me for mass murder, I am already wanted for treason. There's a reason I have issues with the justice system." She frowned and took a small bottle of alcohol from her bag, taking a sip from it. This was not uncommon.

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4 Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 19:12

She rises with a soft grunt, she was dressed nicely yet one might think of her as a man. She wore a nice suit and tie around the same color as her coat, her hair done up in a bun as she smiled at her prosicuter, "I am Rain Runner... And I have to say Madam... Noel? Sorry im not good with names~ I must say I like you... You remind me of myself~" and what she ment by that was before she met Harle... Cold and uncaring. She held her tongue, wishing to ask if she had a lover of some sort and then going on to say she should find one or how he must feel about her bad attitude. Instead she looks at her with her stormcloud eyes with a polite smile, "you look fantastic by the way~"

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5 Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 19:19

Radiance nodded, "I worked as one for about 3 years officially before I resigned my position. What I do now is more akin to being a PI."

While Noel he respected as actually taking her job seriously, Radiance had never felt entirely comfortable around or confident in Magnus. The difference between never losing a case in 5 years and assurance of victory was something to note.

"That is true," Omega said. "I am a part of STEAM"

Tarmikos' own eyes were focused on Noel, "If you want to call that wreck of a building a company, then yes I still am technically the CEO. But I'm curious, are you more interested in the company or the private lab I had underneath?"

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6 Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 20:29

(Moon Dusts)

Magnuson turned pale at the sight of the bottle, then began quickly whispering: "W-what are you doing? You can't have the judge see you drinking in the court room! Hide it, quickly!!-"
Something clicked inside his mind all of a sudden and he froze:

"..h-hold on... did you say... you were declared legally insane in Equestria?..." A small grin began spreading across Magnusons face and he half laid back in his chair:

"...Miss Moon, I do believe we just won the case, before it even began.
Miss Noel seems so bored, the poor dear. Please do play along with her pointless questions for a few minutes, while I obtain the legal documents.. "

Neol noticed him whispering and scowled at him. Then looked at you and quietly said:

"Miss Moon, I'll make this quick. During the events of the Slavegear Incident, you attacked an Artemis soldier, on the outskirts of a city named Sanja, in the country of Nyx. You snapped the soldiers neck, which led to his death.

Can you explain to the court exactly what happened that night?"

"My client was attacked first" Magnuson called from his chair, not even looking at Noel: "She was forced to act in self defense"

"Your client will be answering the questions" Noel said through gritted teeth, drilling Magnuson with a deadly stare.
Magnuson wasn't looking at her. He seems to be texting someone on his cellphone and having a good time. It upset Noel to no end.

She looked at you again and quietly asked: "Miss Moon, can you recall what happened that night? Why did you attack that Artemis soldier?"

(Rain Runner)

Noel visibly resisted the urge to cover her eyes and sigh: "...the defendant will refrain from unnecessary comments." she said and looked at her documents again. For a moment she didn't say anything. The pause dragged.

Magnuson audibly coughed and politely called out: "...Miss Noel, I believe this is the time where the prosecution reads out, what my client is being accused of?"

Noel shot him an angry look. Magnuson was silently laughing in her face.

Noel waited another moment, then rose from her seat and began reading from her document:

"In light of the evidence presented to this court, the prosecution finds no grounds to charge Miss Rain Runner with the Slavegear Incident, or the theft of the Tilerium Tiara, from the mansion of Sanja. Furthermore, the country of Artemis has withdrawn its earlier charge, claiming Miss Runner committed treason against her own country of Artemis.

The Prosecution no longer wishes to pursue any charges against the defendant. That is all" Noel said and went silent.

Magnuson grinned.

The judge, an elderly woman in her sixties, slowly rose from her seat and called out:

"Its settled then. In light of the evidence presented to this court, Miss Rain Runner is found innocent and cleared of all charges.
She is to be released from custody in the court of law.
Case closed.
The court is adjourned."

The judge heavily smashed her gavel and people began getting up and dispersing.
The police escort that arrived with you, slowly drifted away.

Noel was coldly drilling Magnuson with her eyes.

Magnuson only released a carefree smile: "...she tried sooo hard to pin something on you. But in the end, she found nothing.
You are an exemplary soldier, Miss Rain. The Union is lucky to have you"


"An honorable job" Noel nodded, slowly beginning to pace across the courtroom: "Both the detective and the PI, hold a special position in the hearts of men.
They are... civil servants... with certain.. the people. As such, certain things are expected of you... wouldn't you agree.. Mister Radiance?"

Noel quietly asked, her cold eyes drilling into you.


"Is an individual named Radiance, also a member of STEAM?" Noel calmly asked, continuing to pace across the room.

Magnuson is watching her with a raised eyebrow.


"Ah, so you even have a lab" Noel released a small smile: "Thank you for confirming that"

Magnusons expression remained artificially neutral.

Noel continued: "The position of CEO is not easy to reach, especially in a company like Dark Tech. Not just anyone can get that far. I have no choice but to assume that you are a very well educated man, Mr. Tarmikos.
Can you please explain to the court, the long term effects of radiation on a persons body?"

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7 Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 20:35

Moon paused and leant on the table, thinking. She was wearing an old suit and her hair tied back. "Wait a sec, I'm thinking..." she sighed, tapping her head in thought "Oh, that one! Was walking into the city, he attacked first. I retaliated in self defence. I don't like being attacked."

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8 Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 20:43

(Moon Dusts)

"Miss Moon, he was a civil servant!" Noel called out in shock: "He attacked you for no reason, so you just ended his life?!"

"Objection" Magnuson faintly called from his seat, still fully engrossed with his cellphone: "The Artemis soldier in question, was beating up a helpless, young batpony woman in the street. A civilian and a former slave.
And the Artemis soldier wasn't alone. He had nearly half a dozen mates with him.

My client intervened. The Artemis soldiers attacked her. She defended herself. Any more questions, miss Noel?" Magnuson briefly looked up from his cellphone and smirked.

Noel scowled at him, then looked at you again: "Miss Moon, you are clearly a skilled combatant. You didn't have to murder the soldier. You could have just knocked him out. Why didn't you?"

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9 Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 20:44

// Hey guys, some characters may complete their trials earlier than others. When it happens, I have several scripted scenes prepared for each one so stay tuned for those ^^

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10 Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 20:47

"Because this may sound odd, but I spent years of training learning how to kill. I actually have no skill in knocking anyone out. I have the quick movements required, but none of the strength needed to hit someone in the head hard enough. It was a desperate situation, I acted out of instinct." She replied, frowning.

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11 Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 20:48


Twilight had dressed for the occasion. Wearing a rather formal suit with a skirt. But there were several details added to it, definitely not on the original piece. Though it helped showing her status, she didn't have to like them much.

"Yes, I still hold that title. Unlike the other Equestrian princesses, I have not relinquished it. It was rather difficult to do, since I was in a coma at the time, in a different location. But please continue, Miss Noel. Trivia like that is not too important right now."


As close to the trial as possible, were two ponies. A blue pegasus in stylish, but practical clothing that showed she was rather nervous of the situation. Close to her was a yellow stallion that held his composure better. He held himself well, but it was clear the serious look was not usual to him. He wore a suit, with hint of something else underneath it.

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12 Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 20:50

"I would agree, regardless of whether the person holding such a title was investigation a homicide or demonic possession."

"One of the original members in fact" Omega nodded

"Regular radiation will result in nausea, vomiting, hair loss, and eventually death if the exposure becomes too great. However, mix those effects with scientific curiosity and a spell found in an old tome and the mind and body both start attacking each other, and this eventually leads to emotional instability in the host.

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13 Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 21:30

(Moon Dusts)

"Miss Moon, this is unnaccepta-" Noel began loudly speaking but Magnuson cut her off, raising his hand:

"...Miss Noel?.. the court has already established during the past months that my client acted in self defense and was left no choice but to fight for her life. All that aside, I believe my client will not be answering any more questions, during the remainder of this trial"

"...excuse me?" Noel quietly hissed through her teeth.

Magnuson energetically got up and began casually approaching the judges stand, holding up his cellphone:
"I have here, a copy of the legal document, which proves my client to be legally unable to stand trial in the court of law, due to her mental condition. The document was produced in Equestria, and since Equestria is a part of the Union, all of its legal documents are recognized here.

My client's life was in danger. She acted in self defense. Those are facts, proven and verified by several sources and eye witness accounts. Furthermore, she has no obligation to answer any more of your questions.. Miss Noel.."

Noel gritted her teeth, pissed. It was clear she didn't see this coming.

The judge slowly called to you: "Miss Moon, would you like to add anything, before the verdict is read?"

(Twilight Sparkle)

"On the contrary, Princess Twilight.. it is very important" Noel gravely replied. Her voice quiet.

She slowly stopped and quietly said:
"You have not relinquished your title, as the Princess of Equestria. Furthermore, you briefly served as the Councilor of Equestria, during your time on the warship, known as the B-401-Bodewig"

Noel's eyes were hard, unforgiving:

"...As a Councilor... as a Princess... as a leader of a nation... certain things are expected of you. There are certain responsibilities you have to carry.

A leader, is not only someone who rules. She is also someone who protects.

The people place their faith in you and follow your leadership. In turn, you are obligated to watch over them. And when the people suffer, it is because their leader has failed them.
Do you not agree... Princess Twilight?.."

Noel collected her hands behind her back and firmly looked at you. Her piercing blue eyes seem to be staring into your very soul.


"A fair point" Noel nodded: "But that is not the subject of this trial.

Mister Radiance, during the past months, it was proven beyond any shadow of doubt, that you were mind controlled during the Slavegear incident.
And while under influence of mind control, you murdered over twenty five Union soldiers, hijacked a Slavegear prototype, and used it to burn down a city, causing the deaths of over 100,000 innocent souls.

That is not the subject of this trial.

Your inability... your failure... to notice Marek's ruse... is what ultimately led to all of those deaths.
If you had noticed what Marek was doing, in time, you could have avoided the mind control to begin with"

Noel slowly straightened up and scowled:

"Mister Radiance, as a former detective and currently private investigator, you are charged with professional negligence, which led to the deaths of countless innocent lives"


"I understand he is your colleague. Do you know each other?" Noel asked quietly, still calmly pacing the room.


"Regular radiation?" Noel repeated: "I hope you can later enlighten us, what wavelength exactly you classify as 'Regular'.

That aside, are you aware that radiation levels powerful enough to cause hair loss, are known to increase the chances of terminal diseases, later down the line? Terminal diseases that may appear years or decades after exposure?"

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14 Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 21:49

She gave a softer gaze back, trying to create a contrast between the two.

"Yes, bearing the title does mean I have responsibilities. That there are people I have to protect. But about the idea that there was suffering under my "leadership"..."

She leans in closer.

"What exactly do you refer to?"

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15 Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 21:55

"So I was just supposed to assume the first person I heard speak was going to mind control me? Was I also to assume that such technology existed even with it being previously considered impossible?" Radiance turned to Noel "There is a difference between negligence and being caught off guard."

"I don't know him personally" Omega answered

"Beta wavelengths mostly. Most of my interaction was with the substance Cesium-137 And I am aware of those side effects." Tarmikos nodded "I've already lost my hair and if it wasn't for the union doctors I would be walking fallout with roughly three months left to live. But what of it?"

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16 Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 21:55

"I don't really have much to say." Moon said, tapping the table with her fingers, a nervous habit of hers. "I just wanna get out of here."

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17 Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 22:30

(Twilight Sparkle)

Under Twilight's gaze, Noel's gaze unintentionally softened as well. She turned away and continued to march across the court room:

"During the Slavegear incident, you were mind controlled by Marek. Under the influence of mind control, you murdered over 25 Union soldiers, hijacked a Slavegear prototype and used it to burn down a city, causing the deaths of 100,000 innocent lives.
Those events are not in question. It was proven beyond any shadow of doubt, that you committed those acts, while under the influence of mind control.

Your inability.. your... failure... to notice Marek's ruse... is what ultimately led to those deaths.
If you had noticed what Marek was doing, in time, you could have avoided the mind control to begin with"

Noel slowly stopped and looked at you, straightening up.

"For better or worse, Equestria is part of the Union now. And that means, as a Princess of Equestria, your duty is not only to your own people, but to the people of the entire world.
100,000 citizens of Artemis were killed. You were in a position to prevent that. Its what was expected of you, as a leader of a nation.

Princess Twilight, you are charged with professional negligence, which led to the deaths of countless innocent lives"


"I am not interested in your excuses!" Noel scowled: "And neither are the thousands of injured and orphaned people, who suffered because you Failed To Do Your Job.

It is your Job to notice things, mister Radiance. It is your job to be vigilant and pay attention to detail. Because when you make a mistake, people pay with their lives.

You chose this profession by your own free will, and therefore you are expected to carry it out admirably. Mistakes of this magnitude are simply put, unacceptable"

"Objection" Magnuson raised his hand: "Mr. Radiance has a point. We are neglecting the factor of human error.

"...there is human error.." Noel gravely replied: "And then there is a gross, negligent dereliction from duty, which led to the deaths of not one, two, but thousands of people. This is a colossal failure of unimaginable proportions, from a man who specializes in detailed investigation.
His job, was to identify Marek as a possible threat, the moment he started ranting about Tilerium mining in Nyx.

This level of mistake, is simply put, unacceptable" Noel coldly replied. Her piercing blue eyes shifted back to Radiance.


"But you do work for the same organization" Noel nodded.

Magnuson pretended to yawn: "Are we going somewhere with this? I'll have to object. Irrelevant to the case"

"I'm getting there" Noel frowned, then looked at you again:
"Mister Omega, you were spotted at the mansion of Sanja, during the grand ball. The ball where the famous Tilerium Tiara was stolen, from the mansion owner.
We know for a fact, that a black marker fixer named Wrecker, made a contract with Radiance to steal this Tiara, on that night.
The night when you were spotted at the mansion as well.

Why did you come to the mansion, mister Omega? Where you helping Radiance steal the Tiara? You are colleagues, after all"


"What you do to your own body, is none of my concern, mister Tarmikos" Noel dryly replied: "Its what you do to others, that concerns me.

The Adelheid Conventions of Warefare state, that any use of Biological, Chemical or Radioactive based weapons, is strictly banned by the Union. The use of any of those materials is considered a war crime-"

"Objection!" Magnuson angrily rose from his seat: "The Conventions of Adelheid were passed After the Slavegear Incident. My client had no way of knowing-"

"It makes no difference" Noel cut him off, her voice cold: "Having no knowledge of the law, does not excuse one from following it. The Conventions of Warefare were specifically written, so that people who broke them in the past, will be prosecuted for it, because such behavior was no longer tolerated by our society!"

Noel looked at Tarmikos and scowled: "...Mister Tarmikos, can you justify to this court, why you felt the need to use spells of this magnitude, during your combat engagements?

Can you justify the use of a weapon, that may causes severe terminal diseases in your victims, years down the line?"

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18 Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 22:33

(Moon Dusts)

"Very well" The judge nodded and rose up:

"In light of the evidence presented to this court, miss Moon Dusts is found not guilty and cleared of all charges.
She is to be released from custody in the court of law.
Case closed.
The court is adjourned."

The judge heavily smashed her gavel and people began getting up and dispersing.
The police escort that arrived with you, slowly drifted away.

Noel threw her documents on her table and poured herself a glass of water.

Magnuson smiled and nodded to you: "I guess that's that. Went much better than expected.
I'll speak again with Councilor Mercer, I believe she wanted to arrange a transport back to your home"

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19 Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 22:35

"That would be nice." She smiled "Thank you for helping me. You've been great. It means a lot." Moon looked in her bag for something before stopping "Dang, I'm out of whiskey. You got any?"

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20 Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 22:46


"Oh that is just a load of bull! How could she even be aware of that in the first place?!" The blue mare exclaims.
The yellow stallion held her. "Oboro, calm down, don't make this worse, or justice may not be dealt today."
"That's true, sorry Arnold." She takes her seat again.


She sat there, quickly thinking what to say. She looked over to Magnuson, trying to get a read. She then started to answer.

"I suppose that, given my position, I should've prevented that occurence. However, there may be some few facts that are missing from your claim. I'm afraid that it's not properly explainable in a couple of sentences."

She turns to the judge. "Your honor, may I be so uncouth as to take some of our time to give some context to this situation?"

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21 Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 23:00

Radiance paused for a moment "Are you blaming this entire tragedy on me alone, Miss Noel?"

"What Radiance was doing was not part of my involvement there, I was there at the request of the STEAM director to confirm that Radiance was alive and it was not someone posing as him."

"What I chose to do with my spells I entirely admit was wrong, but it was the choice between maybe increasing someone's chance of cancer down the line or having my body detonating with the force of a 20 kiloton bomb. So my reasoning behind this was weighing possible murder of a few against the definite murder of thousands. But murder is murder however you look at it"

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22 Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 28 May - 23:22

"I can tell you two have a fantastic relationship~" she snickers and looks to Mag and smiles, "thank you~ It was a pleasure meeting you sir~"

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23 Re: Digital Waltz on Mon 29 May - 19:51


"I'll get you a bottle" Magnuson released a small laugh and got up with some effort.

As you both left the court room, you briefly noticed Noel looking at you, from her corner. The expression over her face was odd. Pained, somehow.
Magnuson quickly shooed you out of the courtroom and Noel faded from view.

The flight back was relatively uneventful. Mercer managed to book a straight flight from Adelheid to Canterlot's central airport. And twelve hours later, you were already home.

Your shop didn't change much, since your last visit. Only a noticeable layer of dust and some cobwebs had settled over the interior.

For a few days, you don't see or hear anything from the police or the Union. Things seemed to be slowly falling back into the old daily routine, until somewhere in mid August, you heard a polite knock, to the door of your shop.

It was day time, during your shops usual opening hours. The person waiting outside however, seemed to be hesitant to simply walk in.
After a moment, you heard the polite knock again.


After Oboro's outburst, the judge hammered her gavel on the desk a few times:

"Order, Order!" she called in a firm voice, looking slightly annoyed. Then waited a moment for things to calm down and looked at Twilight:

"Of course Miss Sparkle. Please continue" the judge nodded to you.

Magnuson slightly shifted in place and quietly whispered to Twilight: "...good call Twilight. You're moving in the right direction. Keep at it and you'll win over the courtroom, before the day is done.
Keep doing what you're doing. Looks like you barely need my help
" he nodded to you with a confident, encouraging smile.


"I am not at liberty to discuss other ongoing investigations, mister Radiance" Noel coldly replied:

"Rest assured however. Anyone who failed to do his job, due to negligence on their part, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law" Her eyes narrowed:

"...You may try to paint yourself a victim, but you're not.

You are a civil servant.
You chose to do a job and you failed to do it. Which is why we are gathered here today. To determine if your.. failure.. resulted from negligence on your part.

And when questioned... so far, you have given us feeble excuses. You have tried shifting the blame.

I'm simply curious when you will start taking responsibility for your actions, mister Radiance"

Noel marched across the courtroom and slowly waved her hand toward the audience seated at the back of the room:
"...Among the present today, in this courtroom, are the families and victims, who suffered during the Slavegear attack.

Can you please explain to them again, why the Slavegear Incident was allowed to happen?" Noel coldly asked, her piercing blue eyes staring into your soul:

"Can you explain to them again, why you failed to do your job?"


"So we are meant to believe you simply watched from the side" Noel crossed her arms: "And in no way did you help create a diversion, which contributed to Mr. Radiance's escape?"

"Mrs. Noel, let me stop you there" Magnuson slowly rose from his seat and sighed: "You and I both know you have no evidence linking mister Omega, to the theft of the priceless Tiara.
Was mister Omega present at the mansion? Yes. Why was he there? Without evidence, honestly, who can tell?
Maybe we wanted to enjoy the ball. Maybe he liked to dance" Magnuson smiled and shrugged: "Maybe he came for the booze.
In the end, there is nothing linking my client, to the crime committed at the ball. His presence there, seems to be nothing but a coincidence. Can you prove otherwise? Mrs. Noel?" Magnuson released a carefree, smug smile.

Noel gritted her teeth and remained silent, drilling Magnuson with a hatred filled stare.

"Your honor" Magnuson smiled and nodded to the judge.

The judge got up from her seat with visible effort and read aloud from her document:
"In light of the evidence presented to this court, Mister Omega is found innocent and cleared of all charges.
He is to be released from custody in the court of law. Case closed.

The court is adjourned."

The judge heavily smashed her gavel and people began getting up and dispersing.
The police escort that arrived with you, slowly drifted away.

Mister Magnuson took a seat in his chair and leaned back, releasing a faintly hidden smug smile.

Noel wiped the sweat from her forehead and headed to her corner of the room.


Noels jaw slowly dropped. Then turned into a wide grin. She reminded you of a shark, that just smelled blood in the water.

Magnuson's expression turned grim for a brief moment and he quickly leaned toward you and whispered: "What the hell are you doing, boy. Don't give her more ammunition!"

"A. Twenty. Kiloton. Bomb." Noel slowly and loudly repeated, marching across the room with a bewildered smile: "We have this on record right?"

She turned to you and tried to stop smiling. But failed:

"Mister Tarmikos, you gave us a very precise digit. How do you know the explosion would be exactly 20 kilotons? Why not 50 kilotons? Or a 100 kilotons?
Did you.. measure it empirically, with some sort of device? Is that what you were doing in that lab of yours?

Turning people into bombs, powerful enough to take out a small city?

Did any government have any oversight of what you were doing down there? Did they even know that you were making weapons of mass destruction, out of people?

Did they approve human trials, and you started testing out this spell on other people, and some of them exploded, and you took measurements of those explosions and calculated that they were in fact 20 kilotons.

Mister Tarmikos?"


"Likewise, miss Rain" Magnuson nodded with a smile.
He then looked to the side, where Noel was standing, sorting through her documents and looking like a dark rain cloud.

Magnuson sighed and quietly whispered: "You know..." he looked at you: "...Alex Noel never lost a case in 5 years. A large part of it, was because she is an exceptional prosecutor. But another part is that, she knows what battles to fight..."

He looked at Noel again and quietly whispered: "...I am... honestly very surprised that she chose to pick your case. She had to know she couldn't win. And this loss will leave a mark on her record. Yet she did it anyway.

She couldn't pin the Slavegear Incident on you. Because you were never mind controlled and you never burned any cities.
She couldn't pin the Tiara theft on you, because you never made a deal with Wrecker.

There was no way she could win this case. And yet.. she chose to prosecute you anyway...
No, she volunteered, to prosecute, every member of the Heroes of Adelheid..

If I didn't know any better, I'd think... no. No, probably not" Magnuson shook his head and smiled to himself:

"Oh, I'm sorry for holding you here for this long, miss Rain. You are completely free and may leave whenever you choose to.
Oh, and I believe your... friend.. is eagerly waiting for you outside" Magnuson smiled and nodded toward the courtrooms exit.

In the moving crowd, you spotted Harlequins white mask. She was wearing it in the crowd again for some reason, standing in the doorway and looking in your direction from a distance.
The passersby gave her odd looks, but otherwise ignored her.

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24 Re: Digital Waltz on Mon 29 May - 20:07

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who had a birthday on the 18th of May!!!
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy rendeer santa jocolor jocolor

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25 Re: Digital Waltz on Mon 29 May - 20:34

Radiance spoke, his tone turned grim.

"You seemed to have glossed over the point where a mind altering drug and the forced implantation of a neural chip played into what had occurred. And unlike the movies, not every detective is going to be able to pull the two connecting puzzle pieces from thin air and connect an elderly and understandably pissed off former slave to a terrorist organization; that up until that point I had no idea existed."

"I have felt nothing but regret and remorse for what was done to those families and to everyone was killed either directly or indirectly by my own hands. But that cannot change that I am not a god and not a mind reader."

"So, was there a reason that couldn't have been dealt with in the first week?" Omega muttered under his breath to Magnuson. Clearly annoyed at the waste of time.

"I'm referring to my own body and only my own body in all of these numbers. I was the idiot who decided to play with dangerous materials and now I'm standing in front of everyone here today missing my arm and with half my body covered in scarring.

Every single one of those experiments was done on myself and me alone. And that number is just an estimate, a worst case scenario. I could be wrong and that explosion could go off with the force of a party popper."

Tarmikos had locked eyes with the Noel

"When I walked in here today the goal was not to try and bullshit my way out what I had done or was doing. To which I'd like to ask you. Aren't you curious as to what I was actually researching? You keep on assuming the creation of weapons but you haven't asked once what the actual research was?"

From the row, she was sitting in watching her brother Serna face palmed at what he had just said
"Oh good lord," she muttered under her breath. "Way to put your dick in the bee hive"

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