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Digital Waltz

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126Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 11 Jun - 22:24

Twilight made her way over to the two.
"Good to see you again. It's been a while. So, let's go somewhere quiet."

Oboro followed her boss, with a glance outside.
"Ugh, my clothes! I made those by hand. Damn Artemis bots."

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127Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 11 Jun - 23:01

"I'm fine Kaylee. Calm down." She said quietly, still hugging her "I don't even know what's happening. I hate technology."

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128Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Mon 12 Jun - 2:00

Naomi and Serena had both found each other again within the building. A brief conversation occurred but was suddenly cut off by Moon shouting and embracing a random navy officer. It took her a moment, but after realizing who it was, Naomi motioned for Serena to follower her. The two made their way to where Twilight, Moon, and their small party had gathered.

"Are, uh. Are you guys ok? Seem's like some people just can't let the past go" Naomi stepped up to the group.

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129Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Mon 12 Jun - 5:00

(Im at school for 3 weeks... Responses might be... Scarce... Eheh...)

Violet looks around nervously, "I just wanted to go to an agroculture event..." she huffs sadly beside her newfound companion, "I came all the way from Nyx to show fruit..." she huffs looking into her duffle bag, letting out a soft somewhat upset sigh.

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130Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Mon 12 Jun - 18:45

// No worries, we'll fill you in if you miss anything =)

"Its been like this for a while" Kaylee said, looking at Naomi:

"A lot of people weren't happy with how the trial turned out. A lot of people wished to see us prosecuted for the Slavegear Incident.
And when we were set free, some began wiping themselves into a frenzy, taking it to the internet and spamming the forums with hatred.

Hatred against the Vampire Unit, against the batponies, against us.
The more radical elements in the public, started noticing that batponies serve in the Union police force, in the military.

Convinced that the government has failed them, these radical madmen decided to take the law into their own hands, lashing out against the police.

Today was just another example of that.
Some moron thought he would unleash his own version of justice, by sending Rumbas to kill the Heroes of Adelheid."

As if on queue, a small group of cops passed through the lobby, pushing a squirming pegasus along with them. The pegasus was cuffed, pulled along by two hulking cops, but that didn't stop him from wildly jerking around and shrieking at the top of his lungs:

The shrieking slowly faded, as he was led out of sight.

Alex Noel quietly drifted closer to you, still watching the pegasus as he was dragged away:

"That was the Rumba Operator, was it?" Noel asked: "Remind me what a Rumba is?"

Kaylee nodded: "A 'Rumba' is a slang word, used to describe any type of robot.

Do you remember, back in the day, we used to have these automated vacuum cleaners? Those little round things that would crawl on your carpet? Collecting dust and whatnot? They were called 'Rumbas'.

Today, robots can do more complicated tasks, they come in all shapes and sizes, but really, they're still as dumb as that little Rumba. So people started calling them that, and it kinda stuck.

Today, Soren is one of the leading countries in robotics technology. Manufacturing robots for a very wide array of tasks.
Heavy construction robots, factory robots, police robots, all kinds.

Until recently, Soren was also making robots that vaguely resembled people in appearance, but that model got banned.

This August, there was a massive theft of technology in one of the robotics factories in Soren and over 100 robots were stolen by an unknown group. All of those 100 robots were models that resembled people.

And a few weeks later, these robots began resurfacing, just like they did today.

Some bastard started dressing them up in average clothing, putting wigs on them, making them pass for real people, then using them to unleash attacks against the Union forces, just like today"

"Rise of the machines?" Noel asked skeptically, raising an eyebrow.

Kaylee chuckled: "The Rise of The Vacuum Cleaners. No, the Rumba's are as dumb as your average alarm clock. Just because its programmed to audibly tell you the time, doesn't mean its sentient.
The Rumba's really are just glorified vacuum cleaners. Only, they come with a remote control now, and with military grade weapons installed.

So if some clown gets his hands on a remote like that, we'll have a situation like today.

Noel crossed her arms, and looked outside through the nearest window:
"You said this wasn't the first Rumba attack?"

"No. Just one of many" Kaylee became a bit grim: "Someone is using Rumba's to carry out attacks against the Union. The attacks seem a little too coordinated, too planned out, for it to be just some clowns, seeking street justice.

The robot operators were never caught, until today. And that makes me think, that the guy the police nabbed today, was an unrelated incident"

Kaylee said with sigh and looked around.

A few meters away, a woman in a formal suit, stood next to Violet Night, looking at the batpony with sadness:
"Oh my god, you must be one of the exchange students from Nyx" the woman said to Violet, her expression pained:

"I'm so sorry you had to see Adelheid in such a way. Usually its very different.." she looked down, a small frown appearing over her face:
"..those damned idiots.. causing a riot on the same street they live in... this used to be nice part of town.."

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131Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Mon 12 Jun - 19:11

There was a frown on the face of the former princess.

"So a bunch of radicalized racists with dubious views on the heroes of Adelheid want to lash out to kill us. Hmmm... Now, I get that you don't want to make this public... But why haven't we been informed? Were you afraid you might be hacked during that? I mean, it's pretty important to know about this as either targets or figures of power."

Oboro looked at the group, and had a look of mistrust on her brow.

"Hmmm... What's your relationship to the boss?"

Twilight dropped her head for a second, then got up and stood next to her.

"Okay, let's do this introduction quickly. Everyone, I'm Twilight, and this is Oboro, my bodyguard."

She pointed to Kaylee. "That's Kaylee Brown, Union official and close friend of mine."
Then pointed at Moon. "Moon Dusts, hero of Adelheid with technophobia."
Followed by Noel. "Alex Noel, the prosecutor for our court cases."

She then pointed to Naomi and Serena, and she then faltered. "And these are... Um... I don't think we've met before. Name and occupation, please."

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132Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Mon 12 Jun - 19:34

"I'm Naomi Shizaku, mechanic for the Union Military" the mare nodded to the group. She waited for Serena to speak and after about ten seconds of silence nudged the mare in the side.

Serena looked up from her phone, her expression worried "Serena Lockhart. Unfortunately, the younger sister to Tarmikos. As for occupation, I'm a part time barista and full-time whitehat hacker." Her eyes went back to her phone.

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133Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Mon 12 Jun - 20:12

"Oh..." Kaylee turned slightly pale for some reason.

Noel squinted at her: "Miss Brown... Princess Sparkle rose an important question. What was so hard about picking up a phone and telling us everything over the line? Why all the cloak and dagger?"

"Uuhhmm... cloak and dagger?" Kaylee slowly asked, releasing a shy smile.

"The letter?" Noel frowned: "The letter you slipped into my purse?"

"Wwwwhat letter?" Kaylee released a wide smile: "I... didn't send you any letters.. ahahaaaa..."

Noel squinted: "You wonna.. you wonna try that again? That didn't sound very convincing"

"I didn't send anyone any letters though!" Kaylee said in confusion: "..I actually wanted to ask how you all ended up here.."

Noel scowled: "So you did not, in fact, send a letter to me, Miss Moon and Miss Sparkle, asking us to come here at bloody six o'clock in the morning"

"Miss Noel, please" Kaylee shyly smiled: " don't have to act as a prosecutor outside officer hours too.."

"I had to leave my kids at my friends house!" Noel hissed: "They looked at me with sad eyes and cried!"

"Oh my god I'm sorry.." Kaylee visibly shrunk in size.

Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed Councilor Mercer pass through the lobby.
The Councilor looked at you, then gave Kaylee a death stare, before walking off.

"..oh boy.." Kaylee said, looking down.

"You wonna tell us what's really going on?" Noel pressed, frowning.

"Everything's under control, don't worry about" Kaylee said, uneasily scratching the back of her head.

"Hardly" Noel scowled: "So, to summarize:
Someone stole one hundred robots. Dressed them as people and used them to attack the Union.

"Well, according to the media, there's only one suspect" Kaylee became serious again:
"The 'Disciples of Marek'. Apparently what was left of the Vampire Unit, regrouped and launched a campaign of revenge against the Union.
Stole the robots, used them for the attack.
According to Union Intelligence, these Disciples are hiding inside the massive sewer system, just under Adelheid.
Councilor Mercer is planning a massive police raid to flush them all out. End the problem once and for all. There's really nothing for us to do or worry about. Its under control" Kaylee said, releasing a small smile.

"What about the racist nutcases that lashed out this morning?" Noel asked: "They clearly were not batponies. And they also have reason to lash out against the Union"

"I doubt its them, though I guess anything's possible" Kaylee said, thinking: "Either way, the Union Intelligence believes our suspects are hiding in the sewers here. The police will flush them out in a massive raid, soon. Like I said, nothing to worry about, its already being dealt with."

"...there's also a third option" Noel continued: "A completely new, unknown faction. With unknown goals and agenda"

"Yeah.." Kaylee said, scratching the back of her head. She seems very uneasy.
She subconsciously adjusted her hair and you noticed something different about her. After a few moments, you noticed that her eye patch was missing.
Two perfectly normal, yellow eyes were now looking at you:

"......what" Kaylee asked in confusion.

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134Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Mon 12 Jun - 20:54

Twilight looked confused, as the sight of two eyes on that face was new to her. She subconsiously scrathed besides her right eye, as if it's trying to process it.
"Um, since when do you have..."

Her bodyguard nudged her. "Please stay focussed boss. Maybe later."

The royal recollected herself, and spoke up firmer.
"Right, anyway...
It's entirely possible these 'disciples of Marek' are behind all this. The thefts, assaults, and even today. The man who let the assault could even be a mercenary hired by them. They have a motive, no alibi, and the time frame matches up perfectly."

She folds her arms behind her back. "But, I don't think I can put that idea to ease if you don't feel at ease with these ideas Kaylee. And your slightly hesitant tone does imply you don't fully believe it either."

She looks around, seeing how much people there are. Thinking there might be a little too much, she suddenly shifts in tone. "Let's go somewhere private, so we can hear the truth. In the open we may lie, but in a closed circle we should be truthful."

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135Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Mon 12 Jun - 21:02

"Yeah, lets go. I'm hungry, and it's not like I could pack any 'food' to go on the plane. Have you any idea how hard it was to get my sword through security?" She frowned. "Anyway, we all need to talk. Without everyone staring."

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136Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Mon 12 Jun - 23:04

Violet frowns at the woman in front of her, "im not a forgine exchange student I am.actually a farmer~" she says before her frown turns into a smile, "Its quite alright though... Wrong place wrong time am i right?" she shrugs

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137Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Tue 13 Jun - 4:09

Naomi nodded in agreement then raised an eyebrow at Moon's mention of food, but didn't press the subject.

While the brief conversation was occurring Serena had sent several messages to different people. The first few were to friends and her boss at work. Letting them know that she was alive. The last one was sent to her agency

[-I'm sending off the encryption data I retrieved while attempting to hack into one of the Rumbas. See if the eggheads down there can't break the code and make me a key-]
Attached to the message was a file with the recent hack information.

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138Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 14 Jun - 21:39

(Serena's cellphone text log)

-Agent, unfortunately all models of 'Remote Controlled Drones' are encrypted with a 'Black Quartz' security level.
-In other words, Rumbas cannot be hacked.

-Breaking through their encryption would roughly take 20 years, with the best minds in play.
-Obtaining the 'remote' for a specific 'Rumba', remains the best way of taking full control of any robot model.


"You got a sword through airport security??" Kaylee asked in surprise: "Good thing they didn't confiscate it all together."

She looked around and waved in the direction of a nearby hallway: "...this way. Follow me" she said and began drifting in that direction.

You note that her limp was gone. She seems to be walking normally on both legs.

As you began making your way through the hallway, a series of faint rhythmic tremors, slowly spread throughout the building.

As you look outside through one of the wide windows, you notice something that could only be described as a giant robot spider, slowly marching through the square, just outside of the Council Building.
Each step of its eight legs, sent a small tremor across the area.

It was about the size of a two floored building. Painted blue and white.
Massive capital letters on its side read 'POLICE'.

The massive spider was slowly marching toward the center of the square, making very unsettling mechanical noises and sending the rioters outside, running in terror.

"Damn" Kaylee said, briefly stopping and looking outside: "...That's a Spider Tank. A police robot, made specifically for riot control. Guess the riot won't be lasting for much longer.."

Outside, you saw a small group of violent rioters, shrieking at the spider and waving baseball bats in the air.
The 'Spider' slowly turned its head towards them and a booming voice echoed out of its speakers:


"-Burn in hell Rumba!" one of the rioters barked and threw a molotov cocktail at the spider. The cocktail exploded over the robots surface in a small wave of fire.
The fire died after a few seconds, with no visible damage showing up on the spider.

"I SEE YOU JACKASS!" a voice barked out of the robot. A massive cannon extended out of its head and sprayed the rioters with a strong wave of water. The rioters began a retreat.

"Jeez" Kaylee said, looking away and unlocking a door to one of the rooms nearby.

As you entered, you noticed the ambient sounds fading. Looks like this room is sound proof. No sound enters or leaves.

Kaylee waited for everyone to enter before closing the door.

There was a relatively large table standing in the middle of the room, with a series of chairs next to it.
A large TV on the wall, was turned on and played some kind of news broadcast:

"-..A new series of ARGUS Class Satellites, have been launched into orbit this week, ensuring a much faster internet connection across the world!
A total of 5 ARGUS Satellites have been launched so far, and more are scheduled to launch later this year!
Argus! Bringing people together!-

Kaylee turned off the TV and slowly took a seat at the table. Her expression became slightly grim again.
The pause dragged on and Noel finally called:

"...Miss Brown... now that we're alone... did you send us the letter?"

Kaylee sighed and looked at her hands: "...No" she said firmly after a moment.

Noel raised an eyebrow: "If you didn't send the letters, then who did?"

"...I don't know" Kaylee quietly said: "...maybe its.. just some kids pulling a prank"

"Some kids pulling a prank!?" Noel leaned over the table, drilling Kaylee with her eyes: "Just a prank!?"

"Look" Kaylee sighed, still looking at her own hands. She seems to be avoiding eye contact: "I'm sorry. I'm sorry you got dragged halfway across the world. I'm sorry that your time was wasted.
All I can do is apologize.
I'll cover the cost of the flights.
As soon as the riot is over, I'll call a cab for you guys. It will take you to the airport. I'll book you a flight back home..."

"Back home?!" Noel scowled in bewilderment: "You want us to go back?!..." she suddenly straightened up and asked: "Why are you stone walling us now? In your letter, you said we should take every precaution, so as not to be discovered. That no one must know we are coming.
But someone did find out. Someone knew we were coming, and they leaked that info to the press, which later started the riot.
Is that why you won't share information now? Because we were discovered?"

Kaylee didn't respond. She only kept studying the palms of her hands.

Noel crossed her arms: "...Miss Brown.. why did Councilor Mercer gave you that look? Was she upset with you for some reason?"

"I made a mistake, okay?" Kaylee said, finally looking at Noel: "I made a mistake... so Councilor Mercer is understandably upset with me. That aside, things here are under control.. or they will be, relatively soon.
The Adelheid police will take care of everything... you should head home... it would be.. safer.. that way... okay?" She slowly looked at everyone in the room:
"I don't want you to be harmed..."

(Violet Night)

"..yeah..." the woman released a small smile: "Oh! Almost forgot!" She extended her hand:

"Mira Lerner, Union News Network! Nice to meet ya!" she released a bright smile:

"What's your name? Do you have a farm in Nyx?"

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139Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 14 Jun - 22:13

There was a quiet anger radiating from Twilight. She didn't raise her tone, but her frustration with the situation was clear. She slowly walked towards Kaylee.

"If you didn't send the letters, then we've been set up by someone. Someone who knew we would come when it was you who asked it. Because you're important to us."

When she was close enough, she grabs Kaylee's collar, her voice rumbling a little more.
"But now we've fallen in this pit together, you wish to just push us out? To keep us away from this, even if it clearly concerns us? What's your goal, Brown? What do you hope to achieve with this lone wolf act? Because as I recall, that didn't work out when others of our group tried that."

She let her go, her eyes narrow and drilling into her.
"Out with it, Kaylee Brown. I won't leave until I got the whole story."

Oboro looked at her furious protectee, but quickly looked around the room, looking for camera's.

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140Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 14 Jun - 22:22

"Kaylee, whoever set this up knew that I head through the market each morning, despite it being out of my way. We are here for a reason, please tell us what's going on." She said quietly, putting a hand on her shoulder.

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141Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Thu 15 Jun - 0:06

Oboro spotted two security camera's, placed in the corners of the room, next to the ceiling.
Its unclear if the cameras are working or not.

Kaylee scowled at Twilight, but said nothing.

After a few seconds, she looked at Moon, her eyes became sad and she quietly said:
"...I can't.. tell you anything... do you understand?.. I can't...
You don't have to worry though. You haven't fallen into any pit. And I haven't fallen into any pit either.
There are some bad people, sitting inside the sewers of Adelheid and the police will deal with them. They don't need our help... that's.. that's all there is to it"

A quiet ringtone echoed across the room and Kaylee turned in her seat: "...excuse me.."

She pulled out a cellphone out of her pocket and answered:

"Hello?... speaking... yes, this is Kaylee Brown..." Her expression was neutral and tired, as she listened to the conversation on the other end.
As moments ticked by however, her eyes slowly grew wide. Her breathing increased and she turned ghostly pale.

A cold sweat began to appear on her forehead. For a moment, Kaylee looked like she was going to go into a panic attack, before she slowly swallowed and quietly said:

"Yes... I understand... I'll make it happen" The call audibly disconnected and Kaylee was left sitting with her phone still next to her ear. Her expression sickly pale.

"...Miss Brown?" Noel called.

Kaylee didn't answer. She remained sitting in place, her hand still holding the phone next to her ear.

"Miss Brown" Noel called again: "..miss... Kaylee!"

Kaylee jerked, visibly startled, then slowly looked at Noel. Her eyes looked haunted.

Noel became uncomfortable: "...miss Brown, what just happened?"

"...nothing..." Kaylee stiffly replied: "...I have to go. Please excuse me" she began getting up and walking towards the door.

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142Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Thu 15 Jun - 0:15

"Kaylee!" She took ahold of her arm, her grip firm but she was trying to be gentle "Tell me....please.........what's going on?" Moon asked, staring at her.

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143Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Thu 15 Jun - 0:38

Twilight tried to get between her and the door, her gaze angry.
"Don't say things you don't believe in. You're hiding something from us. Are you brainwashed?!"

Oboro spoke up.
"Guys, look up for a moment. Perhaps we aren't as private as we hoped."

Twilight paled a bit, and looked at the ceiling, spotting the camera's.

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144Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Thu 15 Jun - 6:24

Violet takes her hand with somewhat of a shy smile, "Violet Night~ It's very rare I meet someone from a news network." she lets out a quite giggle, "yes yes I do!" she smiles and pulls out a nyx specific fruit (idk what is grown in nyx lol) she looks at it with somewhat sad eyes, "I took a plane all the way here with my freshest fruit." she slowly gives it to her, "looks like im not going to that event... So no use in letting it go to waste."

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145Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Thu 15 Jun - 7:10

Serena turns to where the camera's hang. With the hacking device in hand, she attempts to see if there is any kind of signal and providing there is one she attempts to disrupt it.

The mare's gaze briefly is drawn to the camera's. She lets out a sigh then turns to address Kaylee

"You are just really making me confident in the results of that court case. Good work." Naomi's tone is nothing short of dry sarcasm.

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146Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Thu 15 Jun - 10:15

(Naomi, Serena, Twilight, Moon)

"You know what, I don't need to take this shit from you" Kaylee suddenly snapped at Naomi and Twilight:
"Why don't you hop back on whatever broom you flew in on and PISS OFF!"
She barked, angry tears in her eyes, her hands shaking slightly.

Kaylee took Moons hand and walked towards the door: "..come on Moon" she quietly said and they both left the room. The door closed behind them, once again restoring a deafening silence to the room.

As Serena examined the cameras with her hacking device, it seems they are connected to the Union Council building network, and understandably well protected from cyber attacks.
Hacking into this will take a lot of time and will likely alert the building security staff, sending them into a frenzy.

Without missing a beat, Noel walked towards the cameras and unceremoniously disconnected them from electricity, pulling out several wires in the process.

"..I had a graphologist examine the letter" Noel said, turning toward you: "The writing was a 92% match to Kaylee Browns hand writing.
She did write the letter. And in it, she said she was being watched.

Can I assume this was not normal behavior for her?" Noel grimly gestured toward the door, where Kaylee and Moon vanished:
"Something is clearly wrong. We should consider our next step very carefully".

A small speaker that was built into the ceiling, suddenly went live and a concerned womans voice suddenly echoed over the room:

"Attention! All Security Personnel! This is a building wide alert! Initiate the Crimson Order! Immediately! Out."

The speaker went quiet.
Noel frowned: "Crimson Order... I have a friend who works here. She once told me that, if the Council building ever gets hacked, they have to initiate a 'Crimson Order'.
Its basically a protocol of what you have to do, when the security is breached, the hacker is unknown, and what he did, is unclear.

The Union Council building is one of the most important places in Adelheid. The security here is insane.

If someone managed to breach it...
This hacker is good. I mean he's Really good" Noel said, thinking:
"...I wonder.. is this related to the incident this morning.."

(Moon Dusts)

Kaylee left the room, gently pulling you along.
When you both were outside of the room and the door closed behind you, Kaylee turned around and hugged you.

It looks like she's suppressing tears. Something has shaken her and she seems to be doing her best to keep it together.

"...its.. going to be okay.." she quietly said. Then stepped back and wiped her eyes:

"Moon.. thank you.. for everything... but I just.. I'm not allowed.. to say anything.. I'm sorry.." Kaylee looked away, she seems to be really troubled by something.

"...listen.. I.. have to go for a little bit. There's a small Council meeting starting in a few minutes and they asked me to attend.
I'll be back in about an hour or so. I'll see you guys then. Maybe.. we could talk some more, after I'm back.. okay?" Kaylee smiled to you. Her eyes are still red from suppresing the tears.

(Violet Night)

"Thank you!" Mira took the fruit, her eyes glowed slightly:
"Oh my god, its one of those sweet tomatos! They're native to Nyx, its next to impossible to find any on import at our market!"

As Mira continued to look over the fruit, someone turned on a wide TV screen, that hung from one of the walls in the lobby.
A middle aged man in a suit, smiled from the screen and started to speak in a calming voice:
"Welcome back to UNN. This morning, another attack was carried out by the Disciples of Marek, this time targeting the innocent folk, in front of the Union Council Building in Adelheid.
In responce, Councilor Mercer has vowed to bring a swift end to these criminals and a massive police raid is scheduled to take place, later today-"

Mira's expression darkened as she watched the news broadcast. After a moment, she shook her head in disapproval:
"...Disciples of Marek... that's the best Lie they could come up with? What a bunch nonsense.."

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147Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Thu 15 Jun - 11:07

Twilight closes her eyes, now cold and distant.
"You're right, this isn't normal behaviour for her. In a normal situation, she would try to keep the peace, or at least explain it. However, if she really wants us to leave her alone, then let's respect that wish, forever."

When the alarm rings, she looks up at the speaker.
"Hmmm... It's one hassle after another here, isn't it?"

Her bodyguard spoke up.
"Maybe it's smart to leave. She clearly doesn't want us around, and it's not like we can help significantly with the hacking."

Twilight turns to her.
"Perhaps. But let's keep our eyes open for anyone who might be a spy. After all, if Brown's behaviour was this suspicious, she could be an imposter as well."

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148Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Thu 15 Jun - 11:28

Moon hugged Kaylee tightly "It's alright. If you want to talk, I'm always here. I'll always be here, don't worry." She whispered to her, smiling slightly."I'll wait for you."

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149Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Thu 15 Jun - 17:45

(Moon Dusts)

"Thank you" Kaylee brightly smiled to you, wiping her eyes, before waving and heading off into a different corridor.

After a few moments, the door next to you opened and Noel popped into view:
"...Miss Moon.. I..need your advice.. could you come inside the room again please?" She quietly asked.

(Twilight, Serena, Naomi)

"Lets not jump to conclusions" Noel said, thinking:
"We need to analyze the evidence and form a deduction.

Kaylee clearly doesn't respond well to aggressive preasure and turns aggressive in response. If we want to coax information out of her, we need to change our approach.

I should have remembered this after our trial.." Noel briefly turned grim: "I accidentally set her off back then.
Perhaps she stone walled us now, because I was too aggressive in my questioning again..."

She looked at Twilight: "You don't seem to trust Kaylee, but she still wrote you that letter. I'm not sure I can fully construct her psychological profile yet.
I need your opinion.
We need Moons opinion as well. Please wait a moment."

Noel went toward the door, then returned with Moon again.

(Moon, Twilight, Serena, Naomi)

"I wanted to hear your opinion" Noel said, looking over the room.

"You spent a lot of time with Kaylee. Both during the Slavegear Incident and during the voyage of the battleship B-401-Bodewig.
You know her better than anyone else here.

I need your opinion, as objective as possible.

Kaylee clearly expresses her feeling very vividly, but people don't always let their personal feeling affect their duty, especially when their job relates to national security. Some form a divide.
Approach the job professionally, do what needs to be done, never comprising the safety of innocents. Then, when they're off the clock, allow themselves to express their real feelings.

Then, there are those who become so consumed by their personal feelings, they become driven by them, to the point where they compromise the safet of others, just to satisfy their own ego or feelings.

So, I need to ask you. What kind of person is Kaylee?

Is Kaylee Brown known for letting her emotions compromise national security?
Or does she have a firm divide between personal feelings and duty.

Only you can answer this question and it will be a stepping stone in this investigation.

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150Digital Waltz - Page 6 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Thu 15 Jun - 18:27

"Kaylee does what is needed to be done. She can plan, she can keep calm enough." Moon said "Though please, I don't like being interrogated." She looked at Noel, with the expression of distrust.

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