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Digital Waltz

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26 Re: Digital Waltz on Mon 29 May - 21:15

Moon frowned, setting down her bottle under the till. Her hand reached for a small knife under the till, but she didn't draw it out yet.
"WE'RE OPEN YOU KNOW!" She shouted loudly. And this would be visible through the glass pane door, though several small notices adorned part of it. Moon had spent years working on building up her small shop, but was content with how it was now. Not a single piece of technology in sight, just the way she liked it.

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27 Re: Digital Waltz on Mon 29 May - 21:20


"So you're saying that the 'mind altering drug', impaired your reasoning abilities?" Noel coldly asked:
"Well that's odd, because that drug was replicated and tested several times to prove the existence of mind control and never once did they participants claimed, or demonstrated any impairment of their mental and reasoning capabilities.

"And, you're saying that the Neurochip, somehow also impaired your reasoning skills? That's even more odd, since Captain Kaylee Brown had one installed and she never reported any impairment in her deductive skills in her testimony, during her trial"

Noel sighed: "Mister Radiance, I grow tired of your attempts to weasel your way out of this.
You are no god. You're absolutely right"

She scowled: "But you are a detective. And as such, there is a professional standard you must upkeep.
A level of proficiency, that is expected of someone in your position.

Now, I'd like to go over the events, from the moment you woke up from your coma, and leading to the moment, where you fell under mind control.

And the court will decide, if, and at exactly what moment, you had enough evidence to suspect Marek, and enough cause to take action.

And trust me, Mister Radiance. Truth will come out. And if indeed, the Slavegear Incident happened, because you were Slacking off at your job, I will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law"

Noel sight became dangerous. Her eyes cold. Merciless. She was watching you like a hawk:

"...lets start from the beginning" She straightened up and began in a quiet voice:

"You woke up at what seemed to be an abandoned, makeshift, hospital room. With no medical staff. No nurses. No doctors. Only a single man, who claimed to be your ally.
You didn't find any of this odd?"


Magnuson apologetically shrugged: "The.. justice system and its procedures are... complicated... for better or worse.
Non the less, its over now" he nodded with a smile:

"I do believe Councilor Mercer arranged a transport for you, to Verria. You are free to leave, whenever you wish, mister Omega. It was a pleasure working with you" Magnuson released a winning smile.


Noel released a fake smile: "Judging by your testimony, I believe it is irrelevant to the case. But please feel free to fill us in later, after we got the major facts out of the way. A 'good deed' doesn't cancel out a 'bad one', mister Tarmikos.

And so far you've confirmed that the number you gave us, is just an estimate. In other words, you negligently experimented with technology that you didn't fully understand. And by doing so, endangered the lives of all those around you"

She frowned at you: "You knew you were a ticking time bomb. You knew you could have exploded at any moment, killing everyone around you.

And what did you do with this knowledge?

Did you try to contact the authorities? To warn them, that a massive disaster can happen at any moment?

Did you try to head to an isolated area, where, if the bomb did in fact explode, it would not take anyone's life, but your own?

Did you try to 'discharge' your radiation built up, as you put it, into the ground or a rock formation, or any other place, that isn't a living person, or a populated location, thus delayed the bombs explosion?"

Noel scowled: "No!
What did you do? You just casually marched into a small batpony village, named Dusan. And took a casual stroll across the streets.
Women, children, the elderly. You saw all of them around you. I know you did! You knowingly and deliberately endangered their lives, by walking around them like nothing is wrong!"

She turned to the jury and judge: "I mean, what the hell is stopping him from performing a few more tests on his body and marching next to the kindergarten, where my children go to?
He did this before! This man clearly does not care, who's lives he endangers, so long as he has his way!"

She turned to Tarmikos and scowled again: "Oh, but, I'm sorry, you did try to delay the bombs explosion. By carelessly firing off radiated beams into the crowds of Union soldiers.

I mean, whats the big deal right? They're only MAYBE going to get a terminal illness down the line. Its better than dying outright if the bomb goes off.
Really they should be grateful! These poor soldiers who you shot full of radiation, should feel privileged, that you saved their lives! By delaying the bombs explosion.

Oh wait, you didn't try to save them did you" Noels voice became quiet and dangerously cold:
"You shot them with radiation, with the intent to kill.

I know this for a fact, because the only way they survived, was because they wore magic repelling armor. They survived your assault, sure enough. But just barely. In critical condition. Just barely hanging to life.

You are a criminal, mister Tarmikos. And I'd like to ask the court to add your latest testimony, to the rapidly growing list of accusations against you" Noel turned away and marched towards her table.

(Moon Dusts)

The door slowly opened and a shy looking, gray colored batpony, slowly walked in.
He released a shy smile and moved his gray hair from his eyes.

It was Johan.

"...Hello.." he awkwardly raised his hand and waved: "...I'm.. sorry. I didn't mean to startle you. I just didn't want to intrude"

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28 Re: Digital Waltz on Mon 29 May - 21:25

"Johan?!" A massive grin appeared on her face and she let go of the knife. "It's an open shop, you're not's so good to see you!" She walked towards him. Moon was wearing an old pair of jeans and a plain shirt, showing a small variety of scars down her arms. "How are you doing?"

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29 Re: Digital Waltz on Mon 29 May - 21:42

(Moon Dusts)

"I'm... I'm better" Johan released a small smile: "Thank you for asking"

He looked back, through the glass pane door. There was a dark car with tinted windows, standing outside. Johan uneasily nodded his head towards it and released a small laugh:

"Ehehe... my police escort.. making sure I won't cause any trouble.." he looked down. Becoming a bit sad:

"I'm... currently staying at the Adelheid's Mental Care Hospital. Its... its good there. Peaceful. Everyone is very polite" he looked up and smiled:

"I've.. been given a sort of a 'day off'. A chance to wander and experience the outside world again. The doctors say its good for my rehabilitation.

So I... thought I'd take you up on your offer. Canterlot is really nice. I'm glad I got a chance to visit" he released a bright smile.

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30 Re: Digital Waltz on Mon 29 May - 21:56

"I was worried those cars were someone else for a moment." She smiled, chuckling slightly. "I'm really glad you're being looked after well, and that you're doing alright." Though her words reminded her of something, and a flash of fear struck across her eyes.
"It's lovely that you came to visit. Canterlot is a beautiful city. There's a reason I've lived here for so many years."

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31 Re: Digital Waltz on Mon 29 May - 21:58

"I did find if odd, but for the time being I had no reason not to trust this man. With the little amount of information I had, the fact that I need more than a quick glance around the room to get the information needed, and that I have had to interview in medical facilites that had the same level of upkeep and staff numbers, I didn't notice any imitiate reason to be anything but slightly suspicious of what was goin on"

Radiance took a moment to listen to the hearbeats of both Magnuson and Noel to get a read of their emotions.

Omega just growled under his breath before exiting the room and headed to where the arranged transportation was located.

"As you said a right does not correct a wrong of this magnitude. But I still feel it is best for everyone in the room to be given the full context of this. My research was into magic at its core. What made it work, why could only unicorns manifest it into a physical force, why for the most part are mare's the one's to become alicorns.

And on the flip side of that coin I was curious as to what made Dark Magic so volitle, why did have a habbit of courrpting, was this form of magic even natural. And probably the worst question I could have asked, could Dark Magic be harnessed in a safe manner.

The answer to that last question is quite obviously no, as evidence by everything that has just been gone over in this room"

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32 Re: Digital Waltz on Mon 29 May - 22:29


"Thank you, your honor."

She gives a polite bow, and stands up. She waves her hand with a glow of her horn, and a map that looks like a typical hospital room appears in front of her on the ground.

"It's true, in the event we were able to observe his actions objectively, we were maybe able to deduce that Marek was up to something. However, objectivity was difficult to find in this setting. All of us just woke up after coming out of a coma. A coma lasting about a year and a half. It's a fact people have some disorientation after that."

With a swipe of her finger, a simply drawn figure walked into the illusionary room. "While our heads were hazy, a man came in with some clearing of our situation. The man known as Marek, leader of the now disbanded vampire unit." She opened her fingers, giving him a proper display. She then closed them, returning to the original view. "But talking wasn't really an option here, as soon enough, armed forces came in to hunt us down. We had to flee for our lives very shortly, giving us little room to think." In the illusion, several other simple figures came from the beds and ran around the room. "In fact, it was so pressing, we had no time to ask ourselves how our legs we able to carry us despite not using them for over a year. You'd think muscle atrophy had set in. But that's besides the point. What matters is the situation we were in. Eventually, we escaped together, and headed somewhere we hoped we were safe for the time being. We were in a foreign nation, in foreign times. What were our options?"

She swiped her hand, clearing the previous illusion for a new one. One looking more like a control room. "Now, you asked me why I didn't take notice of his behaviour. The truth is, we have taken notice of this. During this brief moment to breathe, Marek asked Kaylee and I to activate the door to Slavegear. Finally having time to catch our thoughts, we asked questions. But Marek had none of it. He triggered the mind control that was presented to you, and you have probably seen the results of that. What can be said though, is that Marek could've activated the mind control as early as the hospital, dragging us there with just force."

She lifts her hand, and the illusion dissipates. "That is my first point. Given the circumstances we were in when we woke, it was almost impossible to properly analyse the situation. And if it was a spur of the moment by him, I would accept the blames of neglectence. However, let's go back further, shall we? To about four months before our awakening, and another argument against the claimst against us."

She made another illusion, of an ambulance driving. "About four months before Slavegear's rampage, while we were still in a coma, we were transferred to different hospitals. But some people had different plans for us." She moved her hands, and several figurines came rushing at the ambulance, attacking it. "Please keep in mind, it's more about the general idea and the final result, not the details. With that said, the ones attacking the ambulance took our comatose bodies and kidnapped them. What happened afterwards isn't publically accessable, so I won't go into detail. But that we were kidnapped is a fact. And it's during that time the chips were implanted. But, why risk with these comatose people? Surely there were other volunteers on short notice. That's quite simple. This was planned out very, VERY carefully. Every step was analyzed, the kidnapping were calculated, backup plans if someone threw a wrench in this machine. Even his words to us, his posture, his tone, how many times has Marek rehearsed that speech?"

She wipes the illusion away again. "I have some questions as well. The first one referring to the start of our conversation. As odd as it sounds, due to using the privileges quite a lot during this month, but it's this: Why was I still holding the rank of Princess?"


He looks shocked, and mutters under his breath. "Princess, what are you doing now? This isn't a smart question!"


"To elaborate on my question, me having the role during our time as wanted criminals is pretty odd. Especially since before that, I have been a vegetable. While I personally have never given up the position at the same time Celestia, Luna and Cadance have done, in what way could I have done that? I was out cold, and would stay that way for a very long time to come. I ask this: Why was this title not revoked for me, and given back when I had proven I was capable of resuming that position of power? Which brings another question, how was it possible that Kaylee and I were still able to open these gates? That actually baffles me, since until we woke up, there was no guarantee we would. So keeping our handprints and retina scans for access to objects like Slavegear is not really that smart. Especially after our bodies went missing, imagine what other items and information could be accessed with our bodies."

She takes her seat again. "Thank you for letting me tell my story."

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33 Re: Digital Waltz on Tue 30 May - 21:01

(Moon Dusts)

Johan nodded: "Its really good to see you again. I started to really miss you guys"

He brightly smiled, and looked around the shop: "So, this is where you work? It looks very cozy" he said, studying the all the different things on sale:

"Could you show me around the shop?" he asked, smiling.


Magnuson's heartbeat was very slow and even. He was calm, seemingly thinking.

Noel on the other hand, was anything but. Her heart was racing like crazy. She was going through a ton more emotions, than she showed on the outside.

"You were in a coma for over a year" Noel continued, her voice seemingly calm on the surface: "Your body must have been significantly weakened. Some of the muscles must have gone through some level of atrophy.
Your blood tests showed that Marek had to inject you with adrenaline, just to get you out of bed.

That leads me to the next question.

When you were attacked by an unknown military force, shortly after awaking, did you not find it odd, that you somehow managed to escape, without taking a single casualty?" Noel quietly asked.

"Both Marek and Captain Brown, described this unknown force as a 'Professional Hit Squad'. People with military grade gear and training. And they were perfectly right. That Hit Squad, was later exposed to be Raiden, the PMC, working for Marek.

They staged a 'Fake' attack, on the hospital, pretending to kill you, so you will be more likely to buy Marek's story. A good plan on his part, but only on the surface.

How could a professional hit squad, completely and miserably fail to kill you and your comrades, when you were just out of a year long coma?

Did you began to suspect that they may have intentionally let you escape?"


Noel sighed and looked down: "Mister Tarmkos, in order to conduct this level of potentially dangerous research, one must aquire two things.
A government permit. And government oversight.

Without those two things, anyone would be allowed to cook up anything in their lab, no matter how unstable or dangerous, and the world would never know there's a risk, until the demons start spilling out of the ground.
Quite literally, sometimes. It is what happened during the events of the 'Cursed Mirror of Toruviel'.

Did you have a government permit, Mr. Tarmikos? Did a government of a specific country, maintained close oversight, over your research into Dark Magic?"


Neol's expression was pretty grave and she took a long moment thinking everything through, before she finally said, in a quiet voice:

"'re right, Miss Sparkle.. the question you raised is very important and raised a number of very heavy concerns"

She scratched her chin, looking at the floor and thinking: " would seem Marek either had a double agent, working in the government. Someone who ensured your Princess status was not revoked.

Or a different, equally terrifying scenario, is that someone in the government was meant to revoke yours and Captain Browns status, but didn't, due to carelessness or negligence. Something that made the Slavegear Incident possible.

I will look into this personally. Thank you for bringing it to my attention" Noel nodded. She slowly walked towards her table and hastily wrote something in her documents.

Magnuson subtly leaned closer to you and quietly whispered: "...Miss Twilight.. I'm about to say something, that may upset you.. but I believe it will win the case for us. Please try to endure it. The courtroom is much like a theater sometimes. The one who is a better actor, wins over the crowd"

Noel looked away from her documents and returned her attention to you and Magnuson:
"Now. Back to our line of questions"

"Mrs. Noel..." Magnuson quietly called. He suddenly seemed very tired. Somewhat sad: "Do we really have to treat this case so harshly? Twilight is not a trained soldier. And she wasn't present in the political field for that long. For gods sake, Alex, she's just a kid. Not much older than your own children" Magnuson quietly said, in a saddened, pleading voice.
You noted how he suddenly started calling everyone by first name.

Alex Noel's hair visibly stood up, at the back of her head, from frustration:
"...if they are so inexperienced, then perhaps children should not be allowed to wield that level of power" Noel crossed her arms: "...perhaps its the right time for Equestria to embrace the international laws, preventing people younger than age 30, from joining the ruling government"

"Alex, she has no official power" Magnuson called in a quiet voice: "Twilight no longer rules over Equestria. Councilor Mercer does. Isn't it time we let this go?.."

Noel heavily sighed and marched back to her desk, taking a seat. She sat there, quietly, for a very long moment, a series of very mixed emotions running over her face. Regret, anger, sadness. Despair.

She finally shook her head, as if realizing she was still in the courtroom, then slowly looked at the jury and quietly said:

"...the prosecution no longer wishes to pursue any charges, against the defendant"

Magnuson just barely smiled.

The judge slowly rose and quietly called over the courtroom: "Before the verdict is read, does Princess Twilight Sparkle wish to add anything to her testimony?"

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34 Re: Digital Waltz on Tue 30 May - 21:33

Radiance thought for a moment, replaying the scene in his head.

"It does seem like the encounter was staged, but losing someone would not have stopped Marek's current story from having any less impact. It would have driven it home even further. A mission to 'resuce' the world combined with enacting revenge for our fallen comrade."

He refocused fully on Noel, listening again to how her body was internally reacting.

"No" Tarmikos only spoke one word.

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35 Re: Digital Waltz on Tue 30 May - 22:01


Judging by all accounts, Noel was getting more and more pissed by the second. It didn't show in her body language, but there was a subtle hint to it.

"So the encounter did seem staged. And nobody died" she said, crossing her arms:

"Mr. Radiance, looking back at all of the events, leading to you being mind controlled, do you think you could have acted differently? Do you believe you gave it your 100%? Or was there anything that you could have done better?"


"Amazing" Noel quietly said with a grave expression and walked back to her desk.

Magnuson suddenly stood up and called aloud: "The defense would like to call for a brief recess, before the trial continues"

Noel raised an eyebrow, seemingly un-amused, but shrugged: "The prosecution has no objections"

The judge slowly rose up and called aloud: "The courtroom will be dismissed for a brief recess. The trial will resume in 15 minutes from now. The court is adjourned" she smashed her gavel over her desk and people slowly started getting up from their seats.

Magnuson hurriedly rushed you out of the courtroom and practically dragged you along, into one of the more quiet corridors of the floor.
As soon as you were out of the crowds earshot, he began hastily whispering to you:

"Listen. I can make a deal with Noel. It won't be pretty, but I can get you out of the life sentence. Want me to go for it?"

"...a deal" Noel's quiet voice rang from the side and you noticed her leaning on the wall, nearby: "...I always hated that word. 'Deal'"
Her arms were crossed she was frowning:
"Very well, mister Tarmikos. I will offer you a deal. Two Million Credits"

Magnuson released a nervous laugh, despite himself: "That's a bit steep"

"Two million credits" Noel repeated with a dead serious, cold and uncaring expression: "Mister Tarmikos, you will pay 2 million credits to the families of your victims. I don't care how you do it. I don't care if you have to use your Dark Tech company funds.
You will pay them.

Most of them come from poor families, with low socioeconomic status. The soldiers you assaulted, were the largest source of monetary income for their families. And now that these soldiers are unable to work, because of what you did to them, their families are in a critical monetary low.

Not only that, but the medical bills the families have to cover, just to keep their loved ones alive... the medical bills are astronomically high.
Most of these families have run themselves into crippling debt, forced to work on two or three jobs, just to keep their loved ones alive. Some are in danger of losing their homes, because they can no longer afford the bills. Because every free penny, goes toward the medical bills, to keep their loved ones alive"

Noel was drilling you with her cold, piercing eyes. She paused before she went on:

"You will pay them, 2 million credits. That should be enough to cover their medical bills, provide the best medical treatment to your victims and compensate the emotional damage you have caused to their families.

If you agree, I will make sure the court gives you only 30 years in jail, tops.
Decline, and I will push for maximum penalty"

Magnuson grimaced and frowned: "Alex, you won't win a death penalty. Even Marek didn't get that"

"Probably not" Noel shrugged, with an uncaring expression: "But I guarantee I will land you for a life time in jail.
So. What's it gonna be, Mister Tarmikos? Pay two million credits to the families of your victims and spend 30 years in jail.
Or decline and spend the rest of your life there.
My offer expires in-" she looked at her watch: "-Twelve minutes from now, as soon as we enter the courtroom. Take the time to think it through" she said coldly.

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36 Re: Digital Waltz on Tue 30 May - 23:39

"I believe I did I give 100%, but not where it should have been directed. When the mention of the missing Tilerium was brought up that was I decided I should focus my attention on. A robbery of that scale is not something you just put in your back pocket. In fact, even after regaining control of my body that was still a priority for myself.

But even looking back and analyzing that day with a fine tooth comb there is always something that could have done better. There has not been a single case whether it ended well or not in my career that I don't look back and wonder if I could have done something different or better."

Tarmikos cracked a grin, then chuckled softly "There is no discussion, I agree to the terms you've set out. This is the closest thing to an olive branch I'm going to be given and I'd be insane to not take it."

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37 Re: Digital Waltz on Tue 30 May - 23:55

Moon smiled "Of course. My shop actually has no electronics in it. The lamps are gas lamps" she pointed to the tiny lights on the ceilings "The till is vintage and mechanical." She smiled "My back room has an old sofa set and some of my old stock, and where I chill."

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38 Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 31 May - 1:01

Twilight gave a glance to Magnuson.

~I see why you needed to warn me. I won't react. I just hope it's not going to conflict too much.~

She then looks at mrs. Noel. She noticed the defeated look, feeling a hint of pity. She shook her head, both to get that off for a moment, and to answer.

"I have nothing to add to my testimony today, your honor."

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39 Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 31 May - 9:32

Rain smiles and slowly approches Harle, "Hello darling..." she smiles, "I'm pretty sure I am only here for my sisters crimes..." she huffs, "A shame she died in such a way though. She looks down thinking about Fire for the first time really.

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40 Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 31 May - 14:18


Noel was about to say something with a frown, but Magnuson politely smiled and raised his hand:
"The defense would like to call for a brief recess"

Noel frowned at him, but nodded: "...fine"

The judge slowly rose up and called aloud: "The courtroom will be dismissed for a brief recess. The trial will resume in 15 minutes from now. The court is adjourned" she smashed her gavel over her desk and people slowly started getting up from their seats.

"...please excuse me" Magnuson said to you, getting up: "I will be back shortly. You can stay here or hang out outside if you want" he said and began heading out of the courtroom.
Before he left, he meaningfully locked eyes with Noel. Noel frowned and followed him.

After a few moments, you spotted them standing together in a distant, secluded hallway.

Magnuson was whispering something to Noel. Noel was frowning at him, her arms crossed.


Noel simply nodded and walked away.
Magnuson released a sigh.

A few minutes later, you were back in the courtroom. Noel was sitting at her usual spot and staring ahead into space, wearing a stoic expression. She seems to be satisfied.

The judge called the court into order and rose up, to read from her documents:

"The defendant, Mister Tarmikos, was charged with the following.

Conducting hazardous research, without a government permit or oversight.
Reckless behavior, which endangered the lives of the people around him.
The use of radiation based weapons, in direct violation of the Adelheid Conventions of Warfare.
The attempted murder of two Union soldiers, at the mansion of Sanja.

In light of the evidence presented to this court, Mr. Tarmikos is found guilty.

The sentence is, a fine of two million credits, which is to be payed to the victims of his crimes, and their families.
And imprisonment, of 30 years time.

The case is now closed.

The court is adjourned."

The judge struck her gavel over her table and people began getting up.

Noel remained seated, staring straight ahead with a stoic expression. She seemed to be satisfied.

Magnuson sighed and slightly rubbed his forehead: "...we gave it our best shot. Could have been worse"
He slowly got up and looked over the courtroom. His expression, an emotionless mask:

"...I guess, this is where I take my leave. Goodbye, mister Tarmikos"

He nodded to you, his expression, emotionless.

(Moon Dusts)

"That so cooool" Johan smiled, looking at the vintage till, his eyes lighting up with excitement: "I've never seen anything like this before"
He continued studying the different trinkets and things for sale around the shop for a few moments, before he nodded and looked at you:

"Oh.. Moon, I've been meaning to ask" he said, shyly: "Do you... still happen to have that.. violin, you mentioned earlier... is it okay if I see it?"


"Very well" The judge nodded and rose up:

"In light of the evidence presented to this court, Princess Twilight Sparkle is found innocent and cleared of all charges.
She is to be released from custody in the court of law.

Case closed.
The court is adjourned."

The judge heavily smashed her gavel and people began getting up and dispersing.
The police escort that arrived with you, slowly drifted away.

Noel remained seated at her desk. Her expression was oddly pained. Its unclear what she was thinking about, but she was clearly inside her own world right now. Her thoughts consuming her completely.

Magnuson looked at you and smiled: "That went exceptionally well. You're very charismatic, miss Sparkle, you had the courtroom fully entranced I believe. An important quality for a leader.
I'm looking forward to see what kind of ruler you will become, in a few years time"

He smiled: "...the Equestrian elections for a new Councilor are just two years away. Looking forward to see your next move" he slightly tipped his hat and rose up, starting to leave:

"I'll see you around, miss Sparkle" he said and headed out of the courtroom.

As the crowd began to leave, dragging you along with the flow, you notice another police escort, arrive at the court house building.

There was about 10 of them, heavily armed and armored. Some sort of an elite polite unit. They were escorting a single girl. Handcuffed, her head lowered, she was limping slightly, as she was led through the halls.

She was relatively short, about 164 centimeters in height. Her silver hair seemed familiar.

At some point she looked in your direction and you suddenly realized it was Kaylee.

Her eyes widened and she called out across the hall: "..Twilight?.... TWILIGHT!" she called, her eyes briefly lighting up with hope, before one of the police officers pushed her along:

"Keep moving prisoner" he quietly grunted, roughly leading Kaylee into an adjacent courtroom nearby.

After a moment, you noticed Magnuson and Noel head into that courtroom as well.


"..I'm sorry about what happened to her" Halrequin quietly said, then slightly tip-toed forward and hugged you.

"...forgive me for wearing a mask again.. I'm... still not used to large crowds.." she quietly said, still hugging you: "..Without a mask... everyone can read my expressions so easily... I'm still not comfortable of strangers reading my true feelings, like an open book.

Not a very good trait for a country leader, is it. I'm still pretty bad at masking my expressions. But, I will have to learn how. A leader must show her face to the public, yet keep a neutral expression, so as not to reveal her hand.."

She sighed and stepped back, looking at you: "...I still can't believe I was thrust into this role...
Kristina li-Asteria... the Princess of Nyx..."

She looked at her outfit and dusted it off, from the dust that wasn't there:

"...there's so much work to be done, to restore Nyx. So many decisions, that will effect millions of lives. They weight heavily on my shoulders" she sighed:

"The Union Council asked me again, if I would like Nyx to join the Union. Nyx is currently the only country in the world, that's not part of the Union, after all. I must say, their offer seems to be more and more welcomed..
A nail that stands out, gets hammered down, after all... It may be safer for Nyx, to be just like everyone else, a part of the Union.
That aside, joining the Union will give Nyx a number of benefits that our people so desperately need.

First things first though, I'm flying to Nyx today, to personally oversee the training of our first military battalion.
I could use another combat expert, to train new recruits..." she said, shyly.

Then looked away and shook her head:
"That's just an excuse, of course. I just want to be next to you... will you accompany me?.. Rain?" she asked in a gentle voice, looking at you.

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41 Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 31 May - 16:28

When the verdict was given, Twilight let out a large sigh. A heavy load was lifted from her shoulders. Though she would still carry the weight of the murders, there was relief in that she would not see prison bars from the inside.

When Magnuson complimented her, she gave a small smile. "Thank you, it's been a while since I had spoken for such a large crowd. Especially with such a heavy feeling to it. Hmmm, the elections though... I would be a very young candidate, but I could give it a shot."

When she noticed Kaylee, she was surprised, and turned to look at her. She didn't notice she stopped walking.
"Kaylee? Is that you?! Hang on!"
She tried to go against the flow of people, but found it wasn't easy. Especially since the blue mare that disrupted the case at one point hugged her tightly and escorted her out along with that yellow stallion."
"I knew you were innocent, miss! I'm so glad everyone knows it too!"
"Well spoken Lady Twilight! Justice reigned supreme these days!"
Twilight, on the other hand, wasn't as enthusiastic as the two, and tried to get back in.
"Arnold, Oboro, I'm glad you two are happy. But one of the people that was judged with me went in there! I need to see the trial!"

Outside, the two of them let her go. She began dusting herself off a bit, hoping to catch her breath.
Oboro: "Sorry princess, we didn't know. If we did, we would've helped."
Twi: "I understand, I just wanted to get there as fast as possible." She let out another sigh. She then reached into a pocket, pulled out a cigarette, and lit it after it was put in her mouth. With a puff, she calmed down more.
Ar: "Milady, is it smart to go in there? I mean, it must've been stressful for you, and watching a second trial you can't help with?"
Twi: "Maybe it's not smart, but it is my choice. And Kaylee was my closest friend on this journey. Besides, Mr. Magnuson and Mrs. Noel went in there right after my trial. If they can do it, I certainly can handle it. You two don't have to come along, so-"

Both people stopped her. "Not a chance!" They spoke in unison.
Ob: She folded her arms. "You hired us to be bodyguards, remember? So we're protecting you. If that means by either not letting you in there or sitting besides you, we won't leave until you're home."
Ar: "That's right! Abandoning you now would be a slap in the face of honor. Let us join you while you aid your friend!"

Twilight looked at her odd guards, then gave a happy smile. Finishing her cigarette, she took the filter out of her mouth and burned it with magic, a strange habit she found surprisingly relaxing.
"Thanks, both of you. Now, let's go in there."

The trio went inside again, now talking about the proper way to adress eachother.

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42 Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 31 May - 16:45

"Of course" she nodded, smiling. "Wait there a second, I'll go and get it." Moon then dissapeared behind the curtain to the back room for a little while.
She returned with a violin case, which she set on the counter. Moon clicked the case open and smiled. It was made of fine polished wood with beautiful carvings over it, unlike most you would see in the shops.

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43 Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 31 May - 17:58

(Moon Dusts)

"Woow..." Johan quietly mumbled in awe. He seemed completely breathless:

"...may I?" he asked after a moment and gently picked up the violin. His eyes lit up with excitement. He smiled to himself, as if a long forgotten, pleasant memory, has finally resurfaced after long years.

He took a moment to gather his thoughts, then slowly placed the violin on his shoulder and raised the stick.

When he started playing, a quiet, colorful tune filled the shop. It sounded gentle and kind, happy and a little sad. And yet, a faint ray of hope could be heard in the notes.

Johan played with his heart. His eyes closed, he seemed fully entranced by the song. A small, nostalgic smile was over his lips, as the music gently echoed over the shop.


When you entered the courtroom, the trial was already well underway. Noel was harshly questioning Kaylee about something. Kaylee was frowning.

At some point Magnuson loudly stood up and shrieked over the courtroom:
"Your honor I object! She is badgering the witness!" he angrily roared.

"I am doing what is required of me" Noel hissed: "No more. No less. As a Union Officer, Captain Brown has taken an oath to protect those around her. And when she failed to do so, it is my job to establish, whether or not it was due to negligence or human error"

"Captain Brown is a highly decorated officer!" Magnuson quietly roared: "She sacrificed her leg and her eye, in the line of service. If that is not evidence enough of her dedication to duty, then nothing will be!"
Magnuson turned to the judge and called out: "Your honor, I object to this line of questioning! The prosecution is badgering a disabled girl!"

A very loud metalic noise echoed across the courtroom, briefly silencing the rockus. It came from Kaylee's prosthetic.

"...I am not, a disabled girl" she quietly muttered through gritted teeth. Her face became slowly distorted into an ugly scowl. To say she was pissed, was an understatement.

Kaylee slowly turned towards Noel, then violently tore off her eyepatch and threw it on the floor, in front of the prosecutor.
An ugly, horrifying and repulsive scar, became visible in her right eye. Kaylee scowled and quietly muttered:

" look me in the eye if you're gonna talk to me like that" Kaylee hissed, she was heavily breathing:
"...was I negligent in my duties? Should I have noticed Marek's ruse, before he took control of my mind? Should I have stopped him, before he ever had a chance to muttered the code phrase?

Yes. I should have" Kaylee said quietly and looked down: "...its my fault. Slavegear was my fault. All of it. I should have realized what Marek was doing, but I didn't" her voice started to shake:

"I was too stupid. Too scared. Too out of breath. I took an oath and crossed it. I betrayed the trust the people have placed in me..-"

She closed her eyes shut, her shoulders shaking: "...the people who believed in me, died.. by my hand.. I watched, as I drove a sword through the men that believed in me, until their last breath. I watched the shock in their faces, as light left their eyes... and they never tried to hurt me... even after I started slaughtering them... one.. by one... with my own hands-"

Kaylee sobbed, slowly looking at the palms of her hands. A streak of tears began to appeared and fell down her cheeks:
"I watched their blood spill over the floor. I watched them call out my name, as they died, hoping against odds that I'd come to my senses.."

Her entire body began to shake, as she broke into a long sob, her words becoming hard to interpret:

"I watched myself climb inside the robot, I watched as my hands pressed onto the controls and in a heart beat, a city was turned into a blinding red mushroom of dust and fire and glass.
I murdered those people! I MURDERED THEM!


Kaylee looked down, her eyes red with tears, her body shaking:

"...I can still see their blood on my hands... I can still hear their screaming!! They still call out my name, in my dreams-" Kaylee broke into a horrible, uncontrollable sob, doubling over and hiding her head in her arms.

The people watching the trial began shouting and getting up from their seats. Some were angrily screaming at Noel. Others were screaming at Kaylee.

The racket quickly went out of control and the judge started barking, hammering the gavel over the desk, over and over.

A few moments later, a recess was called, and the police entered the courtroom, settling the chaos and bringing people outside.

Kaylee was still crying at the witness stand.

Noel was helplessly standing next to her. A pained expression of shame was reflecting over the prosecutors face.

Magnuson was quietly watching the scene unfold from his chair. His expression unreadable.

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44 Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 31 May - 18:16

Moon sat down on her seat. Her expression seemed relaxed, something unusual for her. It took her back somewhere as she quietly and politely listened. A few old wind chimes rang outside the shop in the breeze.

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45 Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 31 May - 19:19

Twilight started fuming. She heavily breathed through her nostrils, like a bull seeing red. She couldn't believe what she was hearing at the time, and before she realized what she was doing, she was pushing herself into the room as much as she could.


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46 Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 31 May - 19:24

Within what he was currently allowed, Radiance made his way outside of the room. Once he spotted Magnuson and Noel he focused in on what they were saying.

Tarmikos nodded to Magnuson his own expression turn just as emotionless.

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47 Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 31 May - 19:26

She smiles at Harle, "of course I'll join you and... Harle dear..." she places her hand on her shoulder, "im going to be with you every step of the way..." she leans forward and kisses the nose of her mask, "its fine if you wear your mask dear... I understand~" she nods giving her a comforting grin.

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48 Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 31 May - 20:34

(Moon Dusts)

After a few minutes, the song came to an end and Johan slowly lowered the violin and looked at it, his eyes shining:

"...I really missed this feeling... it is a beautiful instrument."

He looked at you, seeming extremely shy: "...Moon.. this violin was beautifully crafted... you said I could, but is it really okay for me to have this? This violin seems unique.."


The sudden screaming scared her and Kaylee curled up even more, sobbing into her palms.

Noel was awkwardly standing next to her, unsure what to say.

A yellow colored mare, in her mid-fifties suddenly stood up from the front rows and marched towards Kaylee. The yellow mare was a good 183 cm tall, dark hair, a hulking mass of muscle.
You haven't seen her for a long while and it took several moments, before you recognized her.

Lisa Brown, Kaylee's mother.

Lisa approached the witness stand and tightly hugged Kaylee, shielding her from the masses around her:
"That's quite enough" Lisa coldly and firmly called over the room, then shot a glare at Noel: "I believe a recess has been called. If everyone could leave my daughter alone for 5 minutes, that would be great"

Kaylee continued to quietly sob into her hands: "...its my fault.." she quietly mumbled: "I should be in jail... Its what I want.. its fitting... I deserve it"

"Shhhh" Lisa quietly called, her ferocious expression fading almost immediately, as she looked at her daughter.
Slowly, Lisa raised her hand and began gently stroking Kaylee's head. After another moment, Lisa began humming a quiet, peaceful tune.
Kaylee leaned against her, her sobs becoming more quiet.

Magnuson sighed and slowly drifted out of the courtroom.

Noel turned away and stiffly walked back to her desk. She poured herself a glass of water and hastily emptied it. You noticed that her hands were shaking.


"-..Noel... I'm sorry" Magnuson quietly whispered. His voice sounded pained: "I'm sorry about your husband... what happened to him... was a tragedy.."

Noel scowled. Her voice came out strained, pissed off and quiet: " husband.. has nothing to do with this trial!..." she hissed under her breath.

"'re right" Magnuson replied. His voice came out sad: "that's.. why.... you shouldn't bring him into this" he cautiously said.

"I'm not!" Noel hissed, her voice started to shake: "I'm doing my job!"

"There was a police officer on the scene, when it happened" Magnuson quietly said: "If he only did his job right.. if he wasn't negligent, if he wasn't so casual about his assignment.. then... maybe.. you're husband wouldn't have died... Noel, I'm sorry... I'm so sorry for you loss"

"Why the hell do you have to bring it up! I'm over it!" Noel hissed in a shaking voice. It sounded like she was fighting back tears:
"I have two kids to take care of, and balance my job to keep us afloat. I don't have time to mourn!"

"Alex" Magnuson called, quietly but firmly: " can't rewrite that wrong... prosecuting these kids for negligence.. you're projecting your husbands case, onto this one. The circumstances were different... you feverishly went after every case of negligence in the city, convicting more people in a week, than you did in a month... Alex... I'm sorry... it won't bring your husband back..
You can't rewrite that wrong...
That police officer was already convicted for negligence... convicting others, guilty of the same crime... won't bring your husband back.."

"I don't want!-.. to see others suffer.. like I did!" Noel angrily whispered. She was silently crying: "They shouldn't have to! These civil servants!.. They chose this job... therefore... they have to do it, as is expected of them!... I want them to know, they are not above reproach! Negligence must be punished!.. And every case I convict, will be an example, of what happens to those who don't take their job seriously."

"Its.. admirable.. Alex.." Magnuson quietly said: "..but this isn't one of those times.. the circumstances are different.. you're projecting your husbands case, onto this one.."

Alex Noel didn't respond. You only heard her quiet, suppressed sobbing.

Magnuson waited a moment, then said: "...its time to head back. I'll see you back in the courtroom... I trust you, Alex. The decision you'll make, will be the right one"
He said and heading out.

Noel remained standing in place, suppressing her tears and wiping her face.

(Rain Runner)

Harlequin nodded. You get a sense that she's blushing.

"...I'll be.. removing the mask, once we're back in Nyx. I want you to see the real me.." she quietly said and nodded.

The flight back to Nyx was relatively short. The plane landed in Drahoslav airport only 3 hours after takeoff.
The near permanent night still hovered over Nyx and its capital city was lit up with bright orange colors.

A military armored car waited for you at the airport. As you and Harlequin boarded the vehicle, you noted the Union design. It must have been recently purchased from the country of Soren, from what you could tell.

Nyx lacked any kind of military power of its own, and every military asset and vehicle was currently being purchased from foreign nations, not manufactured on Nyx's soil.

As the armored car began to drive out of the airport, you note the six military cargo planes, standing on an adjacent runway. They had Union markings on them. An endless sea of soldiers were unloading cargo from them.

"..the Tilerium deposits became our advantage for once.." Harlequin said, as the car drove you both into the city: "..we sell it to the Union, in exchange for military assets. Weapons, tactical gear, tanks, armored transports, planes, you name it. We don't have the resources or knowledge to manufacture any of them yet, so we have to rely on others.
Things will change though. One day, Nyx will be able a self sustaining country" she said, falling deep into though.

After another hour of driving, the car finally stopped on the outskirts of Drahoslav.

There was a massive patch of empty land there, fenced off from the outside. Countless tents stood inside. You noticed trenches, climbing walls and a long obstacle course.
A dark purple flag, was hanging from a pole, above the area.

"...our first official training site" Harlequin said, removing her mask. Her expression was determined, driven:

"This is where it begins. This is where our military will be born. Our first battalion, will be trained here.
'To defend Nyx, and to protect the defenseless, everywhere, no matter which country they come from'. That will be our military's motto"

She looked at the countless batponies, working around the camp: "...all of them volunteers.. a lot more showed up than I imagined... I'll need help, wiping these guys into shape... you up for it?"

She looked at you and smiled.

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49 Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 31 May - 20:40

Radiance turned and headed back inside with the rest of the crowd. He took his spot and waited for the trial to begin again.

He made no mention or sign that he had heard the conversation between Magnuson and Noel.

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50 Re: Digital Waltz on Wed 31 May - 20:54


Magnuson took a seat next to you. You couldn't see him, but you couldn't shake the feeling that he was subtly smiling.

After another few minutes, Noel walked into the courtroom. Her movement was stiff but firm.

The judge called the court back to order and took her seat: "...please continue, Mrs. Noel"

Noel said nothing, for a painfully long moment, before she coughed and quietly said:

"...the prosecution no longer wishes to press charges"

"..Mrs. Noel?" the judge asked in confusion.

Magnuson was sitting just next to you. And you could hear him just barely, as he whispered:
"I win"

"...After reviewing the evidence once more, the prosecution no longer wishes to press charges" Noel stiffly repeated.

".....very well, Mrs. Noel.." The judge sighed and slowly rose up: "In light of the evidence presented to this court, Mr. Radiance is found innocent and cleared of all charges.
He is to be released from custody in the court of law.

This case is now closed.

The court is adjourned."

The judge heavily smashed her gavel and people began getting up and dispersing.
The police escort that arrived with you, slowly drifted away.

Magnuson slightly stretched and got up from his seat:

"It was a pleasure working with you, Mr. Radiance" he said, nodding to you with a serious expression:
"...I guess this concludes our business. I'll see you around" he slightly tipped his hat to you and walked off.

Noel slowly got up from her desk and left the courtroom, through a different door.

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