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Toxitech Labs

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1Toxitech Labs Empty Toxitech Labs on Fri 25 Aug - 12:58

(This will be my first time DM-ing I have been roleplaying for quite some time and I really want to practice something new so I thought "Why not I feel like tortureing myself!" so here I am

I am your loveable and favorite Firewing! You all know that. What you might not know is that I write Very short horror storys on the side, I adore grimdark, Kaylee knows this more then anybody.

This is Toxitech my first sort of "Big" Roleplay. I will not be playing any characters apart from the ones you may breifly meet! (Or if i decide to add any) This is a Horror Mystery Survival sort of thing. I'll do my best with my descriptions for you guys i can't garrentee this will be any good but hay might as well give it a shot <3

You can only play One Character (Mostly for my sake xD))

Our characters find themselves in a lab, freezing cold temperatures surround them before whatever they are in opens up and tosses them to the ground, vapor rises around them as liquid nitrogen hits the floor. Our characters find themselves freezing, weaponless, minimally clothed, and a horrible skinny abomination stares at them from across the room

The words "Toxitec" are written on the walls like a company logo.

The horrid being wore a lab coat, its face completely unrecognizable as if it had melted away, on its coat there was a name tag.

Genetic Splicer

It had breasts that hung low and were completely uneven, it walks with a limp as it shambles towards our characters. It groans softly as it approaches, "Help..." it groans in agony "Helllp..." it choaks on its words as it groans.

A nearby tubelike container is shattered on a table to the left wall, glass is scattered around its area, lab coats are hung on a nearby hanger behind the horrible being.
The room is clean apart from the glass.

Computers are emitting as constant beep and a red light blinks on one second intervals on the ceiling in the middle of the room. Endless lines of code scroll up on the computer screens, a fire extinguisher rests a few feet to the right. It hung loosely to its hook waiting to be used, it looked somewhat heavy.

To your very right there is a clean steel chest with a rather ordinary lock on it. In the far left corner of the room there is a counter with many drawers in it probably holding medical equipment, surgical gloves, facemasks, and more.

The thing shambles towards you. Drool and snot poaring from its mouth and nose. As it draws closer you see its nails, sharp and curved, its skin dark and wrinkly, its whole body shutters as it moves, "C-Cryo... Essscape..." it growls, its bare feet moving in unsyncronized beats, "e...liminate..." its breaths.

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2Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Fri 25 Aug - 14:02

And as Moon was thrown from the container and hit the floor. She gasped, stumbling a little as she stood up. 'Where am I? What's happening?' These questions plagued her as she steadied herself. Her purple hair hung messiah over her face, and the very little clothes she wore did nothing to hide the scars that coated her body. She shivered and stared at the 'thing', her look of confusion turning into one of panic. Immediately, she dashed and grabbed the fire extinguisher and swung it at the thing with all her strength.

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3Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Fri 25 Aug - 14:26

As you throw the weight of the extinguisher into the beast it head whips sideways with a boneshattering snap, its skull dents and teeth are knocked loose scattering across the tile floor like Tic-Tacs. Its head turns backwards unnaturaly. It takes two or three steps more before falling to its knees and hitting the ground with a loud thump, crimson quickly pooling from its skull. The bright crimson pooling around it a bright contrast from the dull green, gray, and surgical blue all around you.

After hitting the being the Fire Extinguisher beeps electronically before a low quality speaker instructs you on its proper use, "Please pull pin. Then check pressure gauge. Aim nozzle at base of the fire. Pull the lever."

A shiny brass key clinks to to ground, the blood pooling around the key. It was a small key, It was engraved with numbers "C4" the chest shows "Cryoroom-4" the room is clear of other living beings apart from the other ponies on the floor.

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4Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Fri 25 Aug - 14:40

Moon picked up the key and kept hold of the fire extinguisher. Losing her balance a little, she steadied herself and looked around before she headed to the computers and looked around, trying to find a clue as to why she was there. She certainly didn't remember signing up for this. As she attempted to activate the computer, she looked around once more, nervously.

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5Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Fri 25 Aug - 15:55

A changeling named Mercury slowly rose up from the floor and looked around in fright and confusion.

He jumped on his feat and called: "W-who are you? What's happening?!"

He looked at himself, then went toward the lab coats than hung nearby and put one on. He did his best not to step anywhere near the monster that was laying now on the floor, and tried to avoid stepping on any suspicious puddles.

After looking around so more he went towards the drawers and began looking through them for sharp medical tools and gloves of some sort.

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6Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Fri 25 Aug - 16:10

"My name is Moon Dusts, who the fuck are you and what the fuck is happening?" Moon growled, not even turning around.

"And if you even dare try to kill me I will smash your face into the ceiling." She then added, her left leg twitching and tapping the ground nervously.

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7Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Fri 25 Aug - 16:21

Moon finds files on the ponies on the floor, more noteably, hers.


Subject: Moondusts


Floor: Cryogen-126-B


Subject must remain anonomus under Toxitech code Unit:432: To remain a test subject all personal information must no longer be obtainable to remove personal attatchment to subject.


Subject code: 23346

Notes: To be placed in storage until further notice

Subjects mental state is dwindling within its days of testing, reccomending Mind Wipe and Storage.


It ends there

Mercury: as you slip into the lab coat you find a nametag on it.

Cryogen OP

It was warmer then being in your underwear but not by much

Inside the drawers you find:

a box of rubber gloves, Face masks, a small scalpel, 4 long needled suringes.

To the left of the counter there is a biohazard trash which has many used suringes in it.

Right in front of you there is a laminated map. Apon examination it shows the rest of the lab is above you. You are on the very bottom floor. In the middle of the room on the celing is a sizable metal hatch with a nooselike rope attached to it.

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8Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Fri 25 Aug - 16:35

"WHAT???" Moon shouted, shaking slightly. She didn't know much, and was worried that perhaps her mind had already been wiped. She frantically searched for anything else. What were they testing, what had been done to her, why was she there. These questions plagued her fragile mind. Her arm twitched slightly, her eyes occasionally turning from Blue to red.

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9Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Fri 25 Aug - 21:27

Notes on subject 23346
We found her in a store in canterlot, acting as though she ran some sort of "Legit Buissness" It was clear once we captured her and searched her home that this was not the case. She is to be labeled a criminal and to be subject to testing protocol:5 when she arrives she is to be sent streight to genetics lab C.

Edit: 5 soldiers down, she appears to have incredible strangth and agression under pressure, like some kind of Feral animal. Her eyes change color and she seeme to have anger issues as well. She is currenty screaming how she is going to "Tear us apart" when she gets loose. I doubt that.

We can make her better.

[End Log]


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10Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Fri 25 Aug - 22:02

"I swear I'm gonna TEAR THESE ASSHOLES A NEW ONE" Moon screamed, her eyes turning bright red as she let out a low growl, two fangs poking from her mouth. She was furious, terrified, and desperate. And she frantically searched the computer for more. What was testing protocol 5? What happened in lab C? What had been done to her? And how could she get out? Her whole body twitched, and she struggled to stay vaguely calm.

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11Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Sat 26 Aug - 2:04

You find nothing else, all of the other ponies in the room were assigned to "Genetic Lab:C". Yours seems to be the only one mentioning "protocol:5" no other data is given apart from cryo status which says you are all dead.

There are loud sounds above you, the screeching of metal can be heard and a loud unhuman screech.

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12Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Sat 26 Aug - 2:11

Moon scowled and glared at the ceiling. "Oh, would you just FUCK OFF and give me a break!!" She yelled, gripping the fire extinguisher tightly. She was definitely furious. And then she glared at everything as she looked around for a door, any sort of hatch or door.

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13Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Sat 26 Aug - 2:22

Glaring at the ceiling you find a metal hatch with a nooselike rope attached to it... Judging by the sounds you might want to wait for your changling friend

The chest remains unopened... The lock looks relitively normal. The lock looks like an easy to break one. Unless you have the key.

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14Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Sat 26 Aug - 4:35

Slowly and with a groan, another figure slowly gets up off the floor. Sev, an averagely built stallion, wipes a hand over his face drawing as much of the 'liquid' as he can away from his beard. His eyes still closed he presses his index finger and thumb into the area where the bridge of the nose and eyes connect. He winces at the siren

"Fuckin' 'ell, not excac'y the best hang o'er wake up" his eyes slowly open, then fly open the rest of the way. A look of confusion on his face "Wha'? Wha' the fuck?"

Sev stumbles back losing his balance and landing in the puddle of liquid that had just recently been surrounding him.

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15Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Sat 26 Aug - 14:03

Moon looked at the stallion and glared "Who the hell are you?" She growled before staring at the ceiling "Oh wait, I forgot, I don't care. I'm getting the hell out of here though." She was still pretty bare with the few items of clothing she was wearing, but didn't seem to care.

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16Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Sat 26 Aug - 15:43

"Then ya' know where 'ere is then. An' the name's Sev." Sev stands again, then notices Mercury. He narrows his eyes noticing the lab coat "Wha' bout you? Wha's you' story?"

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17Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Sun 27 Aug - 2:18

"My name is Moon Dusts. I don't want to be here. And I'm leaving." She scowled as she looked at the hatch and the rope and took hold of it, not pulling yet.

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18Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Sun 27 Aug - 11:06

Mercury took out the scalpel and hid it in one of the coats pockets.

Then took out the gloves and put them on his hands. Judging by his expression, he's either not used, or dislikes dirty environments.
His eyes kept scanning the room for signs of strange puddles or seemingly hazardous materials.

After a few moments, he carefully moved toward the shattered tubelike container that laid on the table, to the left wall.
He took maximum care not to step on any glass shards, and tried to see if the broken container had any labels on it, seemingly trying to read them if it had any.

"I'm... uhh... Mercury..." he said, still looking at the container: "I.. uhh... work at the docks.."

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19Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Sun 27 Aug - 11:56

"P-1, C-5, Thymine." are really the only readable glass pieces. The other ones are broken up and very hard to see. As moon grips the only way out, red drips from its edges, whatever was up there... There was a lot of it.

(Rolling an agility check for moon
Goddamn! 20!)

The hatch suddenly rips open. Gore and visera poars into the room like a waterfall. A sea of dark crimson covers the floor like serup.

Moon: your insticts kick in and you jump out of the way completely spotless. Your body begins to shiver as you get colder.

The shreeks of horrorfied lab assisstance and doctors alike fill the gore filled hall above you. A ladder leads to the hell that was waiting.

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20Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Sun 27 Aug - 20:41

Sev places a hand over his mouth and nose in an attempt to keep his stomach from coming up. He barely manages to keep it down, the acidic taste lingering in his throat and on the very back of his tongue.

"Right," he pulls his hand away from his face, wincing at the smell "We shou'd pro'ly stick toge'her, no 'elling wha's causin' those screams"

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21Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Sun 27 Aug - 22:20

"I don't care. I just want answers" Moon mumbled as she growled, staring at the ladder. And without saying a thing, she walked forward and started climbing the ladder, Fire extinguisher in hand.

"If any of you want to follow me, be my guest."

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22Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Mon 28 Aug - 21:56

(This might be a good time to mention... You WILL die if you seperate from the group. You will get a chance to fight but there are so many enemys above you... You will be surrounded... And i will describe your characters death in grusom detail. This is a team based roleplay, you wont make it out alive if you leave and you will be impeading your friends if you do.

So yeah... Dont split up...)

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23Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Tue 29 Aug - 2:47

"No' like up there is be'er, but stayin' down 'ere won' find us any answers" Sev briefly pops both shoulders before starting to climb the ladder behind Moon. He stops part way up, looking back down to see if Mercury is following or not.

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24Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Tue 29 Aug - 20:30

"...Thymine... pony DNA?" Mercury called aloud, as he read the label on the canister:

"What the hell were the splicing in there?.."

He looked around, the smell of gore attracting his attention. He grimaced and looked away from the puddle.

"Hang on. Gonna get this chest open" he called to you, as he tip toed toward the chest and examined the lock.

His horn lit up with a teal glow and a miniature icy gust of wind appeared, in the palm of his hand. He moved his palm closer to the lock and its metal began to be covered with tiny crystals of water.

It seems he's trying to freeze the lock, to make the metal more fragile. After a few seconds of this, the magic glow faded and Mercury took a step back, before smashing his foot into the lock, sideways, to kick it off the chest.

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25Toxitech Labs Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Tue 29 Aug - 23:57

The lock snaps open and the chest is FINALLY open. Inside you find green jumpsuits, they may not be stylish but they certainly will help you not freeze to death. Each of them have a number on their back, "A,B,C,D".

(And since nobody else is joining)

The forth cryopod was open and on the floor was a mare, Mane of Fire and her coat a creamy orange.

She was dead, not a single breath left her.

As you peak your head outside of the room you see a long hallway, just around your hatch was coated in blood. The disembodied head of a scientist stares at you, terror still writtin clearly on his face. The rest of the hall was staril and clean. There are 5 doors down this hallway and at the end is a bend to the right. The hall is lit with bright floresiant lights.

Moon: Your teeth begin to chatter and your breathing becomes abnormal, you cant feel your toes and your hands feel numb.

Sev: you begin to shiver, This place was freezing!.

Murcury: that labcoat isn't doing much for you. You begin shivering.

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