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Toxitech Labs

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26Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Wed 30 Aug - 9:40

"Hey guys, i found some clothes here" Mercury called, as he removed the lab coat and squeezed into one of the jump suits. The label read 'C' on his back.

After he put on the jumpsuit, he put the lab coat over it as well.

Then he slowly approached the body of the mare, with the mane of fire, and crouched down trying to determine what could have caused her death.

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27Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Wed 30 Aug - 10:34

As you slip into the green jumpsuit it fits snugly on you. It was like a blanket and you felt like you were begining to warm up.

She was dead when before she even fell. Her life support must had failed and left her body frozen. She was dead the second it turned off. Her eyes were pale and she was freezing cold at the touch.

Mercury: after a few moments your shivering stops you still feel fairly cold but you'll probaly warm up in a bit.

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28Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Thu 31 Aug - 7:31

Sev, hearing the appeal of warmer and dry clothing made his way over to where Mercury indicated. He quickly pulled off any remaining clothing he would have on had down to his undergarments and pulled on the 'D' jumpsuit.

"Oi, Moon. Ya' wan' one o' these jump suits luv?" he calls to Moon. Holding up the remaining two, one in each hand

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29Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Thu 31 Aug - 9:23

Sev: you can feel your body begin to warm up, it isn't the most comfortable thing in the world but it was better then just your underwear.

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30Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Thu 31 Aug - 9:40

Mercury moved about the room a bit, waving his hands and trying to warm up.

Then looked up at the ladder and climbed up, examining the corridor above.

He took a moment to listen for signs of anyone living, or anything eerie.
Then, without moving far away from the hatch, he tried to see if there were any labels written in the corridor, above the doors or on the walls, that may indicate directions or the purpose of the doors.

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31Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Thu 31 Aug - 11:30

You see dark green lines on the walls there are spaces between the lines that read your current position in the lab.

Corridor C
Level F

Above you there was a sign blinking red "Cryolab H"

The doors had signs above them

Genetics lab A was the first door to your left

Clone storage was next to it

Chem lab 1, 2, and 3 are next to each other

You are pretty sure you here a pig coming from genetics lab A.

A loud banging can be heard coming from the cloning lab

You see a lab assisstant dead his skull is smashed open and half of his face was torn off. You see claw marks along the walls going around the corner leading away from the body.

He is bright orange and his hair is long and bright yellow

He has a nametag

"Lab asst sunlight."

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32Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Fri 1 Sep - 17:32

Mercury tossed away his own name tag, and pinned a new one to his chest - Lab Assistant Sunlight.

He knelt down next to the body and carefully studied the man's features, before carefully transforming with a small flash of green light.

A second later, Mercury had changed appearance, to match that of the assistant Sunlight. He tried to match the facial features as much as he could, guessing that both halves of the mans face were symmetrical.

He then checked if the man was a unicorn, a pegasi or an earth pony, and began thoroughly going through his pockets. Looking for photographs, wallets, ID cards of any kind, or keys.

Having completed the task, he thoroughly scanned the corridor with his eyes, looking for any kind of surveillance cameras in the vicinity.

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33Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Fri 1 Sep - 20:46

Still on the floor below Sev walked over to the drawers that Mercury had previously searched. He took one of the masks placing it over his face. He pockets a few extras. Next, and very carefully, he picked up one of the needles on the desk. He moves to the laminated map and removes it from its place, using the sharp point of the needle as a makeshift knife if necessary.

Folding the map into a more manageable size he places it into a pocket. Keeping the needle, but now holding it in a reverse grip he climbs the ladder and goes into a crouch to the side and behind Mercury.

"Figu'e those chem lab's migh' 'ave some' useful thin's in em" Sev lowers his voice to keep it from traveling down the corridor.

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34Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Fri 1 Sep - 22:16

Mercury: As you transform into the stallion you seem to grow a horn. As you examin the body there is only a stump where it used to be. You see the horn of the stallion all the way down the hall.

As you catch your appearance reflecting on the incredibly polished white walls you can somewhat see that you are a handsom stallion... All looks and no brain now i might say

A real lady killer

If looks could kill...

The joke is that he looks good and now he is dead.

As you survay the area looking for any cameras you find one all the way down the hall looking left. It seems to be looking at something specific.

A loud "SLAM" is heard behind you and there is a thick layer of glass between you and the Genetics lab. On one side, you. On the other, A horrorfying swine like creaure slashes at the glass with razors for fingertips. It squeels and screaches at you from behind the glass, Blood and drool drip from its mouth as it trys to get to you. It looks cobbled together, body parts welded together with massive amounts of heat. Burn scaring can be seen all over its body. Among those burns are self inflicted scratches and cuts. It screams hungerly at you. Behind it are half eaten bodies of doctors and lab assistants. You see a blowtorch in one of their hands.

Even further back is a medical dufflebag with a load of storage and probably some better equipment.

Sev: the map easily comes off and it fits cosy in one of your jumpsuits pockets, the masks are a bit of a tighter fit in there. You also feel as though your air filteration has raised significantly!

Mercury has become a handsom young unicorn stallion who looks like he is in the prime of his life! Well.. Until you see the body which you are relitively certain he isn't so "prime" anymore.

There is a sudden "BANG" and you see the pig monster the same time murcury does!

Everyone: "This is not a drill... Toxitech labs on lockdown... Biosubjects have escaped... Terminate all test subjects on sight." the voice booms down the hallways through a speaker...

Now not only are monstrositys after you so are the staff

Good luck!

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35Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Mon 4 Sep - 12:43

Mercury reluctantly looked at the pig monster behind the glass, then at the blowtorch behind it:

"...those are some quality weapons in there..." he grimaced: "Wandering if its worth risking a fight with that.. abomination"

He pulled out the scalpel and held it in his hand. Then looked around the glass surface, separating him from the pig monster.

He tried to see how thick the glass was, if it can hold the monster locked up indefinitely.

Then he tried to look for some sort of door, that could be used to enter the genetics lab, with the pig monster inside.

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36Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Wed 13 Sep - 8:30

"No' in ou' curren' sta'e" Sev responds eyeing the creature "If I'm dyin' I'd prefer 'o ge' sho' an' no' to'n apa't"

He pulls out the map and looks at it more closely. Looking to see where the current hallway leads and what types of rooms are around the corner.

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37Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Thu 8 Feb - 8:20

The current hallway leads to a staff lounge, a cafeteria, and beyond that is a tram system. The tram system goes off of the map.

An emergency stairway is close to the tram system and there is also an elevator in the staff lounge. You are currently on B18. The stairway says it leads down to B19 High Security/Generators, and up to B17 Sci/Eng/SHC1

A quick look at the maps index tells you SHC1-10 Are "Subject Holding Cells (danger and hostility level)

On examination of the room which is hard enough as it is as the pig monster seems to follow your movements, you see a vent but that's high enough to a celing. As hard as the beast slams on the glass it begins to crack but never shatters telling you that its high strength and high impact resistant. The door was to the right side of the room. You can see through the glass on that side and past the corner of the hall. though blood splatters across the walls it seems safe.

There is shuffling from behind the first chem lab doors. It is certainly slower and less agitated then the beast. There are no windows to tell you what's in there however.

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38Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Thu 8 Feb - 16:35


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39Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Fri 9 Feb - 9:10

Sev darts forward towards the door, rolls, and comes up to the side it. He places his ear against the door listening for any more details. His arm cocked back ready to strike with the improvised weapon.

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40Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Fri 9 Feb - 16:02

Heavy breathing can be heard from behind the door. The gentle shambles of footsteps. It groans quitely. It sounds like one of those things you woke up to.

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41Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Fri 9 Feb - 17:31

Mercury is looking with worry at the cracking glass and the monster inside, then silently makes a hand signal, indicating that he feels more comfortable with moving along, in the direction of the tram system and the staff lounge.

He keeps a firm grip over the scalpel and throws worried glances at the monster, every few seconds.

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42Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Fri 9 Feb - 23:30

There is a loud beep that overtakes the hall, "I seeeee you~" a womans voice purrs, "your going to have to join the family soon..." The voice whines, "...these aren't monsters... they are our children... They breath and breed in the mines! Go there! There is no need to fight back!" The woman breaks into hystarical laughter. Multiple T.Vs on the wall leading to the staff lounge and tram light up showing a blinking red picture of a map.




A loud buzz emits from the tv's it becomes piercing with how many there are. A robotic emergency broadcast fills the sound waves, "this is a pivate toxitech announcement. A genetic lab has had a breakout. The source of this breakout is now on the lowest floor, they appear to be operating like a hive. Security has the situation under control. Remain above floor B14 and stand clear of any genetic holding cells or labs. Have a fantastic day."

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43Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Sun 11 Feb - 7:26

Sev gives Mercury a thumbs up but turns his attention to the map displayed on the screen. He holds up his own map so he can examine both at the same time. Looking to see if it's the same map or a different one.

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44Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Sun 11 Feb - 10:28

The map was completely diffrent, an entirely separate floor. As you look to your current map you can see the cafiteria also has a kitchen in the back. There are bound to be plenty of knives and objects there. In the staff lounge there looks to be a locker room for the scientists and staff on this floor.

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45Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Wed 14 Feb - 14:08

Mercury sighed a bit:

" sense trying to keep our voices down or tip toeing around. With all the deafening emergency broadcasts, our voices and movements will likely be masked and drowned out"

He looked at the lone security camera down the hall: "...its pointed at something to the left. I didn't see any other camera's around.
I don't believe anyone saw us yet on a security camera. The mad lady on the broadcast, was probably addressing someone else"

He looked around, thinking: "...judging by the broadcast, we should stay clear of any Genetic Labs or Chem Labs. And get to level B14 asap"

He looked at Sev and Moon: "Okay, lets get to the kitchen in the cafeteria asap, get some kitchen knifes or whatever.
Then head for the Emergency Stairway and start heading up.

The Elevators and the Tram System will likely be shut down. They usually shut down the elevators during a fire, so its likely a lost cause"

Mercury started heading down the hallway, keeping an eye on the security camera and trying to stay in its blind side.
When he got to the hallways corner, he cautiously peeked behind the corner, towards what the camera was looking at.

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46Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Wed 14 Feb - 19:43

The camera was looking into the cafeteria and as you pass by it, you too find it hard to look away. The room is painted red. Everyone who was working on this floor must have been on break because through the many windows of the cafeteria gore and visera was splattered across almost every inch of the room. Whatever was inside must have left. There were a few husks walking around, their faces drooping and their loud moans can be heard from outside. Just behind the door is a small pistol, a small colt chambered in .22, and right next to it is a scientist his chest split open like a pie. The whole hallway smells of iron.

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47Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Wed 14 Feb - 19:59

While staying in the camera's blind side, Mercury levitated his scalpel, then telekinetically accelerated it, into the camera's lens, hoping to break the camera.

After that he levitated the scalpel back to his palm and examined it, to see if its still relatively sharp and waited for Sev and Moon to come closer.

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48Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Thu 15 Feb - 19:50

"Le's jus' keep i' to a low level eh?" Sev answers "I'd wage' summa th' stuff dow' 'ere 'as some good hearin' "

Sev follows close behind Mercury. Seeing the firearm he bends down and picks it up. Testing it's weight in his hand and giving it a quick look over to see how damaged it might be.

If it appears to be in working order he flips on the safety, removes a few of the masks from his pocket and places the pistol inside.

If it appears to be unuseable he removes the bullets pocketing them then tosses the weapon aside.

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49Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Fri 16 Feb - 11:56

The firearm is in working condition as you pull the slide back there is a small hollow point shell in the chamber, apon checking the magazine you find it's half loaded with 3 rounds in the mag for a total of 4, it has a glowing green iron sight. It's weight feels foreign to you and it's unfamilier to handle.

As you toss down the masks they hit the ground with a gentle paper esqe sound

Slightly ahead and to the right is the staff lounge.

To your very right is the cafeteria, it's windowed walls and white bricks caked in blood that still drips down there are many body's inside laying across tables and slumped against the wall. Mabye you should get some better clothes before you go in, mabye even something more then a medical mask and small pistol. You feel a large presence inside the cafeteria, you can't explain it but you know it's there.

As you slice into the camera it's lense shatters and it's glass falls across the floor. "I know your down there my darling subjects." The female voice comes over the loudspeaker, "HE WOKE YOU UP TO KILL OUR CHILDREN!" She calls in a fit, "he wants them dead... FREE OUR BABIES!" She sobs, "Don't you TRUST THAT MAN!" She shreeks. A loud bang is heard from the intercom before it cuts out.

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50Toxitech Labs - Page 2 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Thu 8 Mar - 20:03

"I don't know about going into the cafeteria..." Mercury quietly whispered to Sev:

"..there's a lot of bodies in there.. for all we know, some of them may not be entirely dead.. if we go in, we become outnumbered and surrounded, fast..

Lets just head for the stairs and onto the floors above"

He said and looked further down the hall, looking for old signs of battle and more security cameras.

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