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Toxitech Labs

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51Toxitech Labs - Page 3 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Sun 18 Mar - 16:20

// Is this still running? And if so, can anyone join, or is it a bit late?

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52Toxitech Labs - Page 3 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Thu 22 Mar - 8:13

(If you want in I always have open slots. Just give me your character and i'll throw you in.)

As you stare ahead you see the employee lounge and a green blinking light above it. It seems to be flashing at a 5 second interval. Claw marks cover the walls of the hallway no blood anywhere. It looks like they lead to the staircase.

No other cameras can be seen.

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53Toxitech Labs - Page 3 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Thu 29 Mar - 10:42

Sev walks up to the entryway to the lounge and peaks inside. Ready to jump back if necessary but if the coast is clear he steps in and starts searching.

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54Toxitech Labs - Page 3 Empty Re: Toxitech Labs on Sun 29 Apr - 15:47

The lounge is empty save for a radio and lockers lining the walls you can hear a voice over the radio, its deep and aged, the stress is clear but he trys to remain calm when speaking "i see you found a weapon Dun... not only that, the changeling survived cryo. How incrdedibly intresting, it is safe in here you may enter." The voice on the radio sounds desperate.

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