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I felt like writing

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1I felt like writing Empty I felt like writing on Wed 11 Oct - 11:47

Fire sits in complete and total silence, her eyes locked on tge empty wall before her.

"So... The incident?" a voice says to her through a speaker. Fires eyes dont move, "what about it?" she says quitely. The voice responds back, "you know what... We would just like to know where your friends ar-"

"WHY SO YOU CAN TORTURE THEM AND MAKE THEM YOUR FUCKING PUPPETS!" she yanks her arms back the chains holding her there rattle loudly, "I already told you i dont know! You might have brought me back but that doesn't mean im going to FUCKING thank you for it!" she shreeks clutching her fingers tight breathing heavy, her body barely moved as she breathed, "w-what did you did you do to me... I-I-I have no idea what I am..." she calls, "I seen my own body; WHAT AM I!" she screams.

No response

"I dont know where they are ok! All i remember is being blown up! We never discussed what we would do after slavegear." she says tears rolling down her cheeks, "I-I... I have nothing to give to you so just... Kill me again..."

"We cant do that..." the voice responds,

"GODDAMNIT WHY NOT!" she yells

"Put her back..." he says and a door opens two tough looking unicorns come in and begin to move around the table

"NO! NO!" she screams yanking at the chains. All of a sudden with a loud screech she yanks as hard as her arms would let her, snapping the chain like a thread...

I'll skip the gorey part just in case you are squeemish... If you want that included just... Tell me and i'll add it in.

Fire sprints through the halls, her fingers soaked in blood, she soared through the hallways faster then she had ever been able to move before, she had no idea how to get out.

Thats when she saw it. A window..

She crashes through it and opens her wings only to imidietely come crashing to the ground with a loud "THUNK!" she had just fell three storys and haden't felt a thing, "what the hell..." she growls before bolting through allyways, now in the city.

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2I felt like writing Empty Re: I felt like writing on Wed 11 Oct - 20:19

// Well written ^^

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3I felt like writing Empty Re: I felt like writing on Mon 18 Dec - 7:03

As you walk through the open area you see a medium sized bar. It looked horribly run down. As you step closer its lights flick on, "Come one come all!" a run down speaker says, its tinny sounds rattle through your head, "meet Firewing... A sweet little pony with a lust to serve... Step up and get yourself a drink."

Fire stands tall behind her counter, her missing eyes show no life. She twitches a bit. Thin iron spikes are welded onto her shoulders. She creaks as she follows your movements, "how may i help you..." she rattles out her voice.

"Dont worry, she cant cross the baaaaaaaaaaa-" the speaker cuts out with a pop.

Fire seems to shut down her mouth hanging open showing off rusted metal spikes where rubber teeth would go.

With a sudden jolt she tears awake she places two hooves on the counter and it seems to crack beneath her mechanical strength, a quick glance at her hooves one looks to be a solid iron piece, the other is a small drill that whines to life, "I can.... Sssmmmmeeellll your life.... Your warmth intrigues me..."

She leans forward her mechanical eyes locking with yours as she begins lifting herself onto the bar... As you back away she slams down onto the dirt, "I want it.... Give it to me..." she begins moving twards you.
You can see her hind legs clearly, her exoskeleton clearly visible, thick metal bars make up the bone... Clearly welded on with careless intent, her whole body cracks and creaks as she moves towards you, "dont... Make... Me... Chase you..." she growls low and hostile.

Fire growls as she rounds a corner, its pitch black, "I KNOW you are in here... She calls. Her horrid voice rips through the dark room, "Just give yoursssssssself to me!" she swings her drill in a random direction, you cringe as it lands 3 feet from your head, its sound rips through your ears as it whines into the concrete piercing into your brain, making your teeth grind. Its like a dentists drill ripping into your molars.

"You have to come out at some point... I will hunt you... I will take those beautiful eyes..."

The mare has you in her grasp pinned against the wall, her face cracked and beaten from the pipe you used to try to keep her away, her jaw hangs to one side not useable. You can feel the welded spikes on her chest peirce the top layer of skin making you bleed, "I have you... I finally... Finally have you..." she says her voice box shaking and crackling with excitement and age, "those... Beautiful blue eyes... I want them... I NEED them..." you hear the whine of her drill as she rears back

She rears back as it quickly enters your mouth and out the back of your throat, agonizing pain rips through you as it tears out teeth it quickly angles up and the pain stops.

You feel nothing... You can see... You cant hear or feel... Your heart stops beating as you can no longer move... Not yet brain dead you watch unfeeling... No emotion as she fumbles with her hooves... One eye at a time you go blind.

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4I felt like writing Empty Re: I felt like writing on Tue 19 Dec - 18:15

// Spooky Scary Halloween ^^

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