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101 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sat 7 May - 17:08

"every mission we do is a suicide mission; it's practically our thing!"

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102 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sat 7 May - 17:52

"I wish I could help... But I can't. I can risk my life, but a suicide mission is not possible. I have to stay out of this one."

She turns and steps towards the door.


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103 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sat 7 May - 18:26

"Come, everyone-" Toruviel waved everyone toward the elevator: "We have to go. There is an airship, docket at the roof of this building. We have to load the bomb in it and move out.
The enemy is deploying ground forces into the city. You can bet they will target this building first.

Those who are going to attack the Mirror, help us load the bomb to the ship.
Those who are staying behind, will cover our departure and protect us from the enemy ground forces as we take off.
Lets go! Lets get this done!"

Velvet_horse wrote:"I wish I could help... But I can't. I can risk my life, but a suicide mission is not possible. I have to stay out of this one."

She turns and steps towards the door.


"Its ok Twilight" Kaylee slowly replied, a sad smile slowly appearing on her face:
"I... wouldn't want you to go either way.." she looked down: "..there's no reason for you to die here... Wyvern and Fire and.. all the other soldiers from Bodewig and the others that may want to join, is enough.."

She looked at the floor, nervously rubbing her fingers and trying to find what to say. After a moment she closed her eyes and nodded. As a smile appeared on her face, a small tear fell down her cheek:

"... I am the only one who can navigate Bodewig, that ship is our only chance of reaching the Mirror" she slowly looked at you, as the tear fell from her face:
"I guess.. this is goodbye" she smiled to Twilight:

"...a life of a soldier is cruel and bloody.. but in that hardship, I was able to meet someone like you.. I just... wanted to let you know that.. umm-" Kaylee quietly sobbed, wiping her tears away:
"That... you are my friend, Twilight.... you helped me pull through the hardest moments of my life and..." she looked at Twilight, a wide, tear filled smile appeared on her face:

"...I'm really glad I met you"

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104 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sat 7 May - 19:51

"could we take the bodewig junior instead of the airship?"

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105 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sat 7 May - 20:04

"Yes, I.. I meant Bodewig. Sorry for the confusion" Kaylee quietly nodded.

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106 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sat 7 May - 20:17

Twilight looks at her for a moment, then turns her back to her.

"Why did you have to say such a thing at a time like this?"

A heavy, wavering sigh leaves her mouth.

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107 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sat 7 May - 20:47

"I'm sorry.." Kaylee covered her face as fresh tears poured down her cheeks:
"Please forget what I said.." she struggled to fight off another sob and tried to smile again:

"Its.. its ok, Twilight... tomorrow, you will wake up. You'll look out the window and.. a new, beautiful day will come-"
She broke off into a quiet sob.

Toruviel was quietly watching in dead silence, before she quietly spoke: "..I hope we'll have enough people for the mission. Because if we fail, there won't be an Equestria to return to. And a new day won't come"

"Stop it Toru.." Kaylee quietly sobbed: "We have enough.. we'll be fine.."

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108 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sat 7 May - 20:53

"Torevile..." She says with a smirk "have I failed you all yet... We have gotten this far... And by my name, even if everyone else falls I won't let this world die... I'm not dying until I know that we succeeded..."

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109 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sat 7 May - 20:58

"I will go with you, Toruviel.  No one else needs to die."  Red said, walking towards the elevator.  Before he arrived there, he turned around and bowed to Twilight one last time.  "Goodbye, my liege.  It was an honor serving you and the princesses."  He then got up and stepped into the elevator, his face as cold as the stone floor.  
His thoughts were conflicted, but he couldn't forgive himself if he just chose the cowardly option.  He didn't want to die here, but by the heavens, it was a better alternative to letting someone else die in his stead!  That wasn't like him.  So while the others chose whether or not to go with them, Red simply waited in the elevator car, his mask hiding the acceptance of his fate from the others.
Well, at least he'd have family to look forward to..

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110 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sat 7 May - 21:33

Tarmikos stepped inside of the elevator standing next to Red. A relaxed yet still determined look on his face.

"Whether we make it out of this or not I'm not living much longer anyways.  The need to charge my magic before use, the limited supply I have, it's all part of a rare form of magical cancer. I'm not going to live much longer than six months and I'm not dying in a bed regretting not doing this."

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111 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 8 May - 0:27

"I can't forget them... That's the problem..."

A few tears drop on the floor in front of her.

"I curse my chained position right now... Sorry... I guess I will help the world recover, placed over the corpses you leave behind..."

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112 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 8 May - 3:26

Fire puts her armor back on and steps into the elevator "no time for rest... We have a job to do..."

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113 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 8 May - 12:28

*steps into the elevator*
"not getting locked out this time"
*to twilight*
"it's a noble cause to be sure, and not one to be ashamed of twilight - oh, and when you do, and if you happen to find yourself in court judging the fate of a bunch of guys calling themselves the p.l.a.s.m.a. foundation, try to go easy on them, they had no idea the noodles would do that..."

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114 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 8 May - 17:39

Several other ponies in Union uniforms stepped through the doors, before the elevator closed and zoomed toward the top of the building.

"Ok" Toruviel nodded: "I will now give the briefing regarding the bomb.

As you know, the demons can only be killed, if a changeling drains their emotion.
The bomb works in a similar way. Everything inside a 2 kilometer radius will be drained.

The demons will turn into ash. And the Mirror will shatter.
Consecutively, every changeling caught in the blast, will become petrified and die..

It is unclear what will happen to ponies who are not changelings. They may be unaffected. They may become petrified. They may become permanently and horribly injured.. Or they may just die.

We simply don't know. Nothing like this ever happened before. The effects of the bomb were never tested on ponies, it was deemed immoral.

One thing is for certain, we cannot survive without feeling emotion. If a pony is caught in the blast, there is a significant chance he will die"

Kaylee waited a moment, then quietly asked: "But.. there's a chance, right? There's a chance we'll survive?"
"I don't want to give you false hope Kaylee" Toruviel released a grim sigh: "The one's who are caught in the blast, will probably die"

"Alright" Kaylee looked at the ground. For several moments she stood in silence, as the elevator continued its way to the top, then she slowly reached for her radio:

"Attention all units, this is Captain Kaylee Brown. In the next moments, we will begin the operation that will see the Mirror, the Architects and the Cult of Uroburos, finally taken down.
... I know what you must be feeling right now... I feel it too...
That's why, I want you to know - we are not heading out there to die...
We are heading out there to win.
Thousands of ponies are looking up at the sky, wandering if they will ever see the sunrise again.
They have no one to save them, but us.
We will give them their hope. We will stand between them and the jaws of destruction!!
We, the every day people who rose up and said NO! We won't let this catastrophe come to pass!!!

Our enemies will fail! Because for every force, there's a counter force. For every demon, there's a man to oppose him.

  Kaylee barked, just as the elevator doors opened.

A long corridor came into view. Its glass roof was broken, revealing the darkening sky and a massive starship, hovering just above the building.
Countless ponies in Union uniforms moved in every direction, bringing gear to and from the massive ship above.
Princess Celestia, Luna and Cadence were at the center of this organized chaos.

"We have to board the ship-" Toruviel yelled over the raging wind, gusting through the broken rooftop: "Lets start loading the bomb, before the demons reach this location!"

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115 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 8 May - 18:02

"do we know how long it will take them to get here? i want to roll out the red carpet before they do!"

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116 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 8 May - 18:24

"Two, maybe three minutes" Kaylee said, looking through one of the windows.

Princess Celestia noticed you and quickly approached. She was clad in beautifully decorated, royal heavy armor. A stainless spear on her back:
"I'm coming with you" she said simply.

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117 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 8 May - 18:35

*to kaylee*
"well, they're punctual if anything"
*to celestia*
"are you sure? don't you have a monarch to teach?"

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118 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 8 May - 18:55

Celestia looked down: "..there are many things that I wanted to do. Things that I planned, but.. life beats at its own pace.

I have to see this through. I have to make sure there is a tomorrow for the rest of the world.
We can't afford a chance of this mission failing.

It is my duty, to protect the people of my country and the innocent throughout the world. My choice is clear to me.

Please do not try to talk me out of this"

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119 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 8 May - 19:02

*to celestia*
"okay, just try not to slow us down too much"

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120 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 8 May - 19:41

Twilight is standing solemly in the office. Her face is twisting, as she tries to hold back the tears.

"All I can do here... Is to let others die... Is that really my destiny as princess?"

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121 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 8 May - 19:53


It seemed that most had already left the office. Logan had gone up as well, after a brief conversation with Penny.

Now Penny stood alone, a few feet away from you and emptily stared at the floor.
After a moment, she slowly approached:

" stayed too, huh?" Penny asked with an empty smile: " father forbade me to go..
Said he.. 'Had to atone for his sins'. Then he left, with the others. And I'm just.. supposed to stay here... useless to the very end"

She waited another moment and very slowly, her expression of grief began to change, reflecting fiery defiance inside her eyes.

She suddenly turned to you and firmly placed a hand on your shoulder:
"Twilight, listen to me" she said, looking into your eyes with determination:

"Sometimes, you'll be faced with a dilemma, where there is no right choice. And all options are wrong.
When that time comes - make the choice you'll regret the least"

Penny turned around. She's about to rush to the elevator

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122 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 8 May - 20:27

"... I don't have a choice, Penny."

She gives a heavy sigh.

"It's good you think like this. And you are correct, there's going to be some sort of regret, with your choice should be the one with the least."

She then turns to you, her face as businesslike as she can muster.

"But we have to face the facts, this action is noble for now, but if everyone goes there to get themself killed who's going to rebuild what's lost? And who's going to lead them?"

"That's why I CAN'T go even though I want to help. After this is over, it's not going to magically fix all damage done, that's where we need to come in. We need to build the houses, we need to teach the lessons we learned. We need to makes sure that ponies have a choice for their future and aren't stuck as survivalist living of the wild. And that the ponies can make a new generation to take over the world."

"So, that's why I can't go. That's why Celestia, Luna, Cadence and all other rulers must stay behind and send others to their death. Even if we want to, we have to burden the regret of those that did die on the field."

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123 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 8 May - 20:33


"People aren't helpless" Penny quietly said: "You should have more faith in your followers. Even if the current rules will vanish, someone else will rise to take the torch and move on.
Someone will always rise, because people strive to happiness. People strive to perfection. They study, they learn... they want to live.

Someone will always rise, even if we fade into time. That's why-"

She cut herself off and looked at you: "...wait.. I thought you heard..... Celestia said she's going to participate in the mission, I heard her over the radio.."

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124 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 8 May - 20:40

She stay silent for a moment.

"... WHAT?!"

She runs to the elevator, pressing the button rapidly to make it come down. As it's not comming that second, she goes to the window, breaking it open. Through it, she flies to the ship, anger visible on her face.

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125 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 8 May - 20:44

Celestia was helping the others drag the bomb to the starship, when she saw Twilight approach through a window. She was clad in beautifully decorated, royal heavy armor. A stainless spear on her back

"Twilight?.." she asked, confused by your expression.

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