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176B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 12 May - 13:03

(Tarmikos - Aboard the Starship 'Bodewig')

Eva gave a very unsure look to Radiance, when one of the demons jumped into the ship and emitted a deafening shriek.

Eva yelled something and tried to kick the demon off the ramp, but he moved out of the way at the last second and kicked her hard in her back. Eva screamed and almost crashed into the ships wall

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177B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 12 May - 14:07

Fire broadsides the beast with the glave, its weight smashing into the beasts neck with a sickening crack from its spine. Fire growls, it was clear she wasn't AT ALL happy with the situation "this... Is ridiculous!" She growls.

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178B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 12 May - 16:25

Kaylee Brown wrote:(Aboard the Starship 'Bodewig')

As you run through the ships halls, almost everything seems to be covered with ash.
Bodies laid strewn on the floor. Wounded soldiers sat against the walls, emptily staring into space and clutching their burns.
One of them sluggishly looked at you and pointed ahead: "... the captain's... at the bridge.."

As you continue to run, you finally make it to a very large, open room. Massive, wide windows and countless electronic equipment.
Half of the crew were sluggishly trying to work on the machines, ignoring the pain from their wounds, the others were extinguishing fires and tending the wounded.

Kaylee sat on the floor, next to the central control console. Her uniform and hair was singed. Dried blood was visible on half of her torso.

She tried to get up, and crawl back to her seat several times, but each time she slumped back to the floor.

Red rushed to her, inspecting her wounds. Frowning, he wracked his mind for a spell he had forgotten. Several moments passed before he remembered it. After doing so, he did the spell on Kaylee, seeing it's results. It was a simple healing spell. Nothing special, but it should help fix her up.

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179B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 12 May - 18:22

Kaylee Brown wrote:(Twilight)

As you snap the demons neck, it falls to the ground and stops moving. Its eyes wildly dart, scanning the room and furiously glaring.
Several moments pass. He did not regenerate.

One of the other demons noticed that. He came closer and drove a sword, through the fallen demons head.

The next second, the fallen demon began to regenerate. They both stood up, slightly stretching their joints and looked at you. They seem very unhappy.

Cadence involuntarily took a step back: "...I'm.. I'm with you, Twilight.."

"Excellent, because we need to do this quickly, or else they bring eachother back."

As she prepares another attack, the explosion happens, causing her concentration to falter and leaving her looking in shock at the damage.


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180B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 12 May - 19:01

Lord Wyvern wrote:Lord Wyvern cuts his way through the horde of demons with his sword to joins Red Eyes outside the ship.
*to Red Eyes*
"sorry about that, got a bit sidetracked, it happens"
He pulls out his radio.
*to kaylee*
"i'm outside the ship now, you got the bomb secured?"

Toruviel ran outside and pushed Wyvern into the ship:
"Captain - everyone's on board!!" she yelled into her radio.

(Aboard the Starship 'Bodewig')

Kaylee released a nervous sigh as the spell took effect, then looked at Red Eyes:
"..thank you"
She sluggishly looked at the command console and slowly dragged herself back into her chair:
"All hands, prepare for takeoff" she said into the radio. Her hands began dancing over the console.

The ramp outside of the ship, screeched and began to close, just as Wyvern and Toruviel entered.

The demon that Fire stabbed, began staggering backwards and fell out of the closing ramp, loudly crashing outside of the ship.

The entire vessel shook and a distant rumble of engines echoed across the halls. The ship tilted to the right and upward, before the roar of engines increased and the giant vessel lurched forward:

"This is Captain Brown. Bodewig is airborne" Kaylee's voice echoed across the ships speakers.
Her fingers kept dancing across the console, adjusting speed and trajectory.
She looked ghostly pale. Her eyes half open, she looked like she was about to faint at any moment.

Tohka finally managed to drag the bomb to the bridge and fell down next to it, heavily breathing:
"...this has been a shitty day.." she sent a hand through her hair in exhaustion.

"All essential personnel, please report to the bridge for a debrief" Kaylee spoke into the radio again. She's visibly struggling to stay conscious.


"...there they go.." Cadence quietly said, as Bodewig slowly ascended and zoomed across the sky, toward the floating island in the distance.
As soon at it left, every demon in your vicinity, immediately lost interest in you and began tracking the ship with their eyes. Their wings unfolded and they prepared to take flight.

"....Twilight?.." Cadence called, unsure. Then you saw it.

A massive cloud of demons rose from the city and darted toward the ship. Every single demon in Adelheid that could still move, was now speeding towards Bodewig.
Even the demons that were just a few feet away from you, began flying toward the ship.

"...oh my god" Cadence mumbled, slowly turning pale.

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181B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 12 May - 19:34

Lord Wyvern pulls himself up off the floor, grumbling at Toruviel.
"you didn't have to shove, i was getting in"
He pulls out his radio again as he glances at the demons outside the window.
"do we have any ship-board weapons we could use about now? 'cause we have a lot of uninvited party guest arriving right about now"

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182B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 12 May - 19:38

"Dammit... They're controlled... They have a goal... After them!"

Twilight unfurls her wings, taking flight.

"Forget the necks... We need to stop the wings!"

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183B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 12 May - 19:48


"Twilight wait!!" Cadence shouted, zooming after you and trying to block your path:
"We can't follow the ship! The bomb has a 2 kilometer blast radius! If they set it off, you may get caught in the blast!"

As she spoke, the clouds of demons merged together into a single swarm and darted after the ship. At this rate, they will catch up to it within the next minute.


"Yeah.. I'll take care of it.." Kaylee's muffled voice came over the radio: "...may not be enough... Wyvern, Toru. Get to the bridge.. I'll need your help here"

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184B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 12 May - 19:55

"On it" Lord Wyvern nods, before teleporting himself and Toruviel up to the bridge.

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185B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 12 May - 21:04

Twilight frowns. "But we can't let that swarm get closer! We need to make sure they reach the spot!"

She charges up her magic, then swings her head rapidly. With each swing, a sharp energy beam is made. She does grab her head afterwards, not used to the technique.

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186B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 12 May - 21:17

"You're welcome, miss." Red says, before casting it again on her, hoping it would keep her concious. The effort of it made him feel light headed, and he soon fell down onto the ground, unconscious.
If Kaylee were to examine him even briefly, she would see the holes in Red's neck from the Demon bite were still bleeding, and that he had fainted from blood loss.

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187B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 12 May - 21:33

Fire looks outside she "oh lordy... Uh... Ranged ranged ranged..." She says scampering and looking around "COME ON!" she shouts "is there like an AA gun on here somewhere?! If there is lets get to them and shoot these fuckers down!"

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188B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Fri 13 May - 9:44

Tarmikos let out an aggravated sigh then turned and started heading towards the bridge. He shook his head at all of the wounded soldiers around him as he entered the area. The scar over his left eye started to itch again. He raised one of his hands to scratch it sending a slight jolt of pain through his head.

Radiance had already made his way to the bridge. Despite being blind he moved very efficiently. Not once needing to outstretch his hand to find his way. Once he entered the bridge he made his way to where the group had started to gather.

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189B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Fri 13 May - 11:00

(Aboard the starship 'Bodewig')

At the sigh of Red Eyes casting the healing spell and collapsing, Kaylee caught a horrified look:
"Oh my god, what are you doing" she turned and barked across the bridge:

One of the sailors darted towards the first aid kit, hanging on the wall and sprinted to Red Eyes. He began hastily patching up Red's wounds, then pulled out a tiny bottle of aromatic ammonia and placed it next to Red Eye's nose:
"..Come back buddy, come back" the sailor said, bringing the bottle closer. The god awful smell of the medication was enough to wake up the dead.

Kaylee turned back toward the console and pressed the radio button again:
"Weapon control, target enemy bogeys, stern and port side, over!"
"Targets acquired" the radio replied.
"FIRE!" Kaylee barked and a distant staccato of high caliber gun fire, echoed across the ship. Over a dozen turrets opened up on the cloud of demons, chasing the ship.
Now and again, you saw a bright flash of yellow, as the bullets flew in the view of the windows.

Kaylee turned away from the console and looked at everyone here, then at the bomb:
"...Ok.. here's the situation. The enemy numbers in thousands and more are coming out of the Mirror each second. Even with the immense firepower of this ship, we won't be able to hold them off.

The enemy has already blown a hole in our hull and they will likely use it to board the ship. Our crew is down from three hundred fifty sailors, to less than a hundred.
The enemy will board us and it will only be a matter of time, until they take full control of the ship. Our job is to stall them, until the ship makes it close enough to the Mirror.

We will fortify the bridge and hold off the enemy here. If they take this position, they will be able to turn the ship around or disable to the bomb. So we're not gonna let them.

Remember, we don't have to kill all of them or even win this battle. We simply need to hold them off, long enough for the ship to get in range of the Mirror.

Once that happens... who ever is still alive, will trigger the bomb....... and mission complete..


The beam comes off inaccurate and only cuts through a dozen demons. Their thrashing bodies began to fall to the ground, as over a hundred of them still chased the ship.
The small canons on Bodewig suddenly turned and opened up on the swarm, hitting a portion of them in flak fire.

It seemed the battle began to turn in Bodewig's favor, until you saw a group of demons that flew up and attached themselves to the ships hull.
There was about 20 of them. They sat attached to the ships hull, out of the range of the canons.

Their horns glowed in unison and a massive pentagram began to appear on the side of the ship.
You can see the demon's mouths moving. It seems like their casting a massive spell, in unison.

"Twilight!" Cadence shouted, trying to be heard over the gunfire: "You have to turn back! Its too dangerous! You may get hit by a stray bullet, please!!! You might die!!!"

As she spoke, you notice the pentagram grow brighter. Whatever spell the demons are casting, its about to discharge in the next seconds.

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190B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Fri 13 May - 20:41

"It's a long shot... But it has to be done!"

She points her horn at one of the casters, shooting a thin bullet of arcane energy.

"Heashot, please"

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191B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Fri 13 May - 21:22

Lord Wyvern raises his hand.
"i think we should also set defences around the engine room too; i agree that they shouldn't get in here, but all they have to do is bring the engines offline, and we plummet like a brick..."

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192B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sat 14 May - 3:35

Fire moves fast sprinting down the hallways searching for the armory... as much as she loved her blades it was clear that the demons were not going to fight fair, so why should she? she bursts through the doors and looks for the heavyist weapons she could find.

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193B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sat 14 May - 3:36

Fire moves fast sprinting down the hallways searching for the armory... as much as she loved her blades it was clear that the demons were not going to fight fair, so why should she? she bursts through the doors and looks for the heavyist weapons she could find.

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194B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sat 14 May - 11:44

Tarmikos nodded in agreement at Lord Wyvern's statement but said nothing. His eyes were occupied with taking in the layout of the bridge.

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195B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sat 14 May - 17:26

(Hi everyone! I used to RP with Jack/Kaylee on the cheezburger site- just gonna jump straight in and hope for the best. ^^)

As Fire burst into the armory, a blinding flash of light rang out as a surge of energy crackled throughout the room. When the light fades, you see two figures standing, quickly gathering themselves.

"I told you it would work Derpy!" Said a pink eyed changeling cheerfully, shifting her exoskeleton back into place. "Teleportation with not a single molecule missing... I don't know what you were worried about!"

"I wasnt worried! Its just that being ripped apart and put back together isn't exactly my idea of fun V'tara," Retorted the wall-eyed mare, dressed in a sleek black militaristic uniform. "Now we just need to figure out when and where we are."

She turns and regards Fire with a fair amount of curiosity. "Hi! I don't think we've met. We're time travellers, and I think you need our help. Mind explaining the current situation?"

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196B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 15 May - 3:28

Not now!" She barks, "Just trust me when I say grab everything you can carry or were all going to die!" she says quickly moving through the room stuffing her saddle bag with small arms like pistols or small smg's she was carring a large LMG on her back, "Good god Fire..." She sighs and slides the huge firearm into her left saddlebag, "Before you ask, infinity bag..." she says grabbing larger weapons and putting them in her lesft bag "I Got it when visiting canterlot"

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197B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 15 May - 14:40

(Bodewigs bridge)

"You're right" Kaylee nodded to Wyvern and Tarmikos: "Ok, we'll split up our forces" she said, looking concerned: "Please head to the location that you wish to protect but take care to distribute our forces evenly. If one of the two locations will be understaffed, the enemy will exploit it"

As you look around the bridge, you notice that it is quite spacious. Almost 15 meters in width and 10 in length. A series of consoles and computer terminals filled the length of the walls. A set of very wide, reinforced windows at the front, showed a grim picture of a darkening, purple sky and a masdive floating island, in the distance.
There was about 15 sailors here. Standard issue blades were secured on their backs. They sat behind the consoled and nervously monitored the ships systems.
It was clear they weren't front line troops, they were system engineers and navigators. The dread of the approaching battle reflected in their pale faces and shaking hands.

All and all, you spot many placed that could be used for cover. Most of these placed were behind vital looking system consoles.

(Bodewig armory)

A mare with dark hair and yellow pelt ran in and motioned everyone to follow: "We need to split up between defending the bridge and the engine room. Head to where you prefer the most..." she noticed Derpy and V'tara and smiled:

"Hey.. you guys... thank you for coming" you recognize her immediately. Its Lisa. Kaylee's mother.
" may not want to stay here though... I'm afraid were on a one way trip.." Lisa's eyes became sad.

"The last Architect managed to restore the Mirror of Toruviel. With each passing second, dozens of immortal demons pour into this world. Theres thousands of them already. The only thing that can kill them are changelings and we dont have enough.
I'm afraid.. were on a one way trip to fly toward the Mirror, right into the swarm of the demons, and set off a bomb, that will wipe out the demons, the Architect, the cult of Uroburos and the Mirror, all in one swoop... there's no escape plan. We have to stay with the bomb to make sure it explodes.."


The shot hits one of the demons, destroying his head.
The pantagram faultered and a massive explosion rocked the side of the ship.
The demons evaporated. You could tell that their spell missed its mark, since the explosion happened too far from the ship, but a small crack still appeared in its hull.
Dozens of demons began to fly toward it and crawl into the hull.

Your attention is suddenly drawn upward. As you look up at the sky, a freakishly large silhouette appeared in the sky above you.The next second it came into view -
A collosus. A flying demon the size of a two floored building.

It began to descend upon the unsuspecting Bodewig from above. Its horn began to light up with blood colored magic.

(Bodewig - Everyone)

A distant explosion rang somewhere, deep in the ship. The next second the radio exploded with frantic screaming and static:
The radio went silent.

From the windows of the ship, you could see a massive swarm of demons, coming at the ship from the front.

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198B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 15 May - 15:44

"i'll take care of the engine room, the rest of you can do as you see fit" Lord Wyvern states before teleporting over to the engine room.

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199B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 15 May - 16:11

Twilight looks at the flying behemoth, a bit agape. She then turn serious again.

~Damnit... It looks like I'm the only one...~

She charges the same shot as before, this time aiming it at the head of the giant. ~It might not pierce it, but I hope it will distract it~ The shot is fired.

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200B-401-Bodewig - Page 8 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 15 May - 21:09

V'tara steadied herself as the explosion rocked the ship. "Hey Lisa! We have a plan-" She closed her eyes for a moment, searching for fellow changelings throughout the ship. Through the collective hive mind she committed the layout of the ship to memory. "If we survive this at all that is. Demons are entering the ship, third deck down. Changeling forces are meeting them head on..."

She paled slightly, seeing the bloodshed through another changelings eyes. "We've got to help. Fire, right?" V'tara said, regarding the pegasus. "We need to fix that hole. Follow me!" She set off toward the breach, hoping that Fire would follow.

As V'tara ran off, Derpy looked at the familiar form of Lisa before throwing caution to the wind and hugging her tightly. "Despite the circumstances, It's good to see you Lisa." She said with a smile, letting go and reaching into her pocket, revealing 5 small disks. "We might have a way to get some people off this ship before it blows. Speaking of which... how many people are onboard?"

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