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201 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 15 May - 21:44

//I'm back. Sorry I couldnt join earlier

Moon ran towards the front of the ship, gasping. She was still limping but that didnt seem to bother her. She knew the demons were heading to the front of the ship, and she was planning on fighting them off with or without help. It hadnt even occured to her to grab a weapon, she would just be using her magic, and a hell of a lot of luck.

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202 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 16 May - 1:49

Lord Wyvern wrote:"i'll take care of the engine room, the rest of you can do as you see fit" Lord Wyvern states before teleporting over to the engine room.

Tarmikos dissapeared in a flash of light following Lord Wyvern to the engine room. Once inside the engine room he made his way to the engine controls and began to examine them

"I'm not sure how much longer my magic will last. But I figured that I may be able to get the engines to over clock, get this tub moving faster."

Kaylee Brown wrote:(Bodewig - Everyone)

A distant explosion rang somewhere, deep in the ship. The next second the radio exploded with frantic screaming and static:
The radio went silent.

From the windows of the ship, you could see a massive swarm of demons, coming at the ship from the front.

Though unable to see them Radiance could hear the demons clearly. The sound the emanated was nothing less than nightmare inducing. Radiance cracked his nuckles then from the inner pockets of his jacket pulled out what appeared to be two sword hilts. He flicked his wrists and a full blade extended from each.

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203 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 16 May - 13:15

(Derpy - the armory)

"..there's about a hundred ponies on board.." Lisa said, her face slightly pale: "I'm ... I'm staying.... Kaylee has to fly the ship and I.... I can't leave her again.." Lisa wiped off a trace of tears from her eyes: "I don't want her to be alone.... I can't live in this world without her...."
She suppressed a sob then looked at you: "I'm gonna head for the bridge... I have to be with her when....." she shook her head: "....its good to see you again Derpy"
She hugged you for a moment, before turning to walk toward the bridge: "You should go before the bomb explodes, if you'll have the chance.... if you could help me protect Kaylee until then..I'd.... really appreciate it"

(V'tara, Firewing)

As you move throughout the ship, the moaning of the wounded reaches you. Some of the walls were covered in ash. Bodies and dark stains covered the floor.
Here and there, the wounded sat against the wall, shellshocked.
Some blankly stared into space, others sluglishly tried to patch up their friends.

After a while, you begin to hear very unsettling noises from behind the walls and ceiling. Noices of unfathomable creatures, snapping their jaws and crawling inside the hull somewhere, their claws loudly echoing throughout the ship.

(Wyvern, Tarmikos - the engine room)

The engine room was very large and very cramped at the same time. Numerous consoles and heavy machinery severely obstructed the movement.
At the center of it all was a massive reactor, faintly humming and illuminating the room with a dim, blue light.

You spot about five engineers, nervously monitoring the systems. They seem to be completely consumed by their task.

There appears to be two entrances into the room, one of them opened and Eva popped into view: "Sup.." she said on autopilot, looking over the room: "Thought I'd give you a hand.."

A muffled sound suddenly attracts your attention. An eerie noise began to echo from the walls and ceiling. The noise of unfathomable creatures, crawling inside the hull. Their claws sent a muffled staccato across the room.
It sounds like its coming from everywhere.


Your attack hit the creature in its forehead. It emitted a deafening roar, its head jerked to the side.

A blinding ray of red light, discharged from its horn and flew toward the ship, missing it and grazing its hull.
Metal began to bubble and melt away, where the ray has passed, completely charring the side of the ship.

The collosus roared in uncontained rage. Its eyes fixed directly on you.
Its massive wings pushed the air and the collosus moved, flying towards you at a frightening speed.

(Moon Dusts, Red Eyes, Radiance - the bridge)

The bridge was buzzing with activity. Sailors were glued to the monitors and exchanged commands and information
At the back of the bridge stood Tohka and Toruviel. The bomb standing between them.
As Moon neared the bridge, Toruviel nodded to her in relief:
"Hey, good you see you again" she said, then looked across the bridge: "We have to hold this position, until the ship flies close enough to the Mirro-"

She cut herself off, as a massive cloud of demons became visible through the reinforced windows. They flew right at the ship and in the next second, they smashed right into the windows. Several cracks appeared, as the demons continued to wildly smash into the windows, with no regard for personal trauma.

"Will the windows hold?!" Toruviel called in alarm.

".....I dont know.." Kaylee quietly said, her hand slowly reaching for the katana on her hip.

"Wake up mate-" the medic that treated Red Eyes brought the bottle with ammonia next to his nose again: "Time to wake up!..."

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204 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 16 May - 13:53


To a changeling, emotions were everything. Joy, love, despair, fear, guilt- every emotion had its own acute taste and feel. Love and pain were the strongest, the two emotions that forced their way into a changelings mind. To V'tara, as she raced down the hallways, the countless waves of fear and pain she felt were enough to drive one insane.

"We shouldn't have left." She muttered, her eyes glowing against the darkness. Her voice sounded hollow, shaking with barely contained fury. "I swear they are going to pay for this..."

She stopped, a lone, wounded demon standing in front. With a snarl, V'tara raised her clawed hands and charged. The demon screamed out in agony as it's emotions were drained with every slash, until it's spent form lay motionless.

"Let's go." She spat, "We haven't got long."

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205 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 16 May - 15:32

Red awoke with a start, shaking his head and looking around, before touching his neck. "Well, this is a relief."

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206 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 16 May - 19:12

As the demon giant charged at her, she swallows in fear.

~Guess I am going to die after all.~

Her gaze sharpens, as she tries to look corageous. It fails. Her legs are shaking, a cold sweat drips down her neck. Her eyes, while sharp, waver from the fright.

Despite the feelings, she gathers herself together, her horn glowing with power as she extends one shaky hoof to it in a taunt.

"I'm going to regret this... But... Come at me bro."

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207 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 16 May - 19:38


Walking with Lisa towards the bridge, Derpy tightens her grip on her sword at the unseeable presence of countless demons. The scraping, knawing sounds echoed all around, Interrupted by the occasional scream.

"A hundred ponies? Even at full power, those disks could only get fifty out at the most..." She stopped, turning to look at Lisa. "I'm... I'm so sorry we left. Time travellers don't always see everything in a liner sense. It's been years since I last saw you..." She said, looking away. "I would give up everything to make things right. Please understand that."

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208 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 16 May - 20:12

"sounds good to me" Lord Wyvern replied to Tarmikos, before turning to address Eva "The more the merrier" he chuckles.

"now, if anypony has any objections to me using illegal dark magic here, please speak up now" he says to everypony present in the engine room.

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209 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 16 May - 20:58


The colossus opened its giant mouth, filled with rows of jagged fangs and prepared to swallow you whole.
Moments before he came close, Cadence slammed into you at full speed, pushing you out of the way, just as the colossus flew by.

"TWILIGHT WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?!" Cadence shrieked in horror, still holding you and flying out of the giants way:
"Are you trying to get yourself killed?!?" she yelled over the raging winds, just as the colossus began making a circle and fly toward you again.
You can see Cadence visibly shaking, as she stares into the demons glowing eyes:

"How are we going to take down that monster?" Cadence quietly mumbled: " you think.... do you think you can get Kaylee on the radio? Coordinate an artillery strike with her, to attack the demons spine, like you did last time?... or something-"

She cut herself off, as the demon began getting close again. Its jaws hungrily snapping.

(Moon Dusts, Red Eyes, Radiance)

The demons outside, continued to violently smash into the windows in a mad attempt to break in.

This continued for several minutes, until someone suddenly knocked on the door to the bridge.
"...the hell?" Kaylee asked, looking at the door, then at you.

(Wyvern, Tarmikos)

"In situations like these, rules go out the window" Eva wearily looked at the ceiling: "Gloves are off, do what you have to-"
Before she could finish the sentence, a loud clatter rang from the ceiling. Several pipes burst and fell to the floor, together with a two meter tall demon.

The creature landed on the floor and shrieked at you. Its horrid voice was deafening. Snapping jaw and glowing eyes hungrily staring at you.


Lisa stopped and placed a hand on Derpy's shoulder:
"Listen to me" she looked Derpy right in the eyes: "In moments like these, the past and future don't matter much. There's no point wandering what could have been.
We have to focus on the present" Her heavy stare became a little sad:

"...we have to finish the mission. Or the world will not have a tomorrow. Help me protect Kaylee.
Help me save my family" she looked at you with a trace of tears in her eyes.

(V'tara, Firewing)

With each wound inflicted on the demon, a small, shallow cut appeared on V'tara. The side effect of draining a demon.

As you continue down the hall, the following picture comes into view:
A long crack in the ships hull. Through it, you could see the sky and the city below.
And next to it, a little over thirty demons stood in a tight group. And each passing second, another one crawled inside the ship through the crack.

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210 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 16 May - 21:36


As it comes closer, she flies with Cadence to the mouth, teleporting to it's back as it's jaws begin to close.

"The small fry will take a while before they take that thing down, but that creature can vaporize it in an instant! So yes, I'm kind of getting myself killed here, but only so they can focus on their suicide mission!"

She then looks at it.

"I'm not planning to die here though... I'm aiming to end it!!!"

She aims her voice at the thing, shouting in the royal canterlot voice.

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211 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 17 May - 0:13

Fire watches everything... she had been silently following this changeling and found herself unable to speak for the longest time... she finally spoke up, her voice lost and monotone, she seemed... defeated, "were... losing." she says quitely, "we were too late, we were stupid, and we let the mirror be finished..." her eyes go awa from the demons as everything seems to slow down. Her drive was gone, any sort of determination gone, her fire... Extinguished... "were all trapped in a box of death... we'll all be slaughtered." she looks back to the crack, "this is the end..."

hay remember that monster Fire used to be... persay you pissed her off enough you might just bring it back...

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212 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 17 May - 0:21

Moon just stared at the window, ignoring everyone else for the morning. She sighed "How many of us will get out alive?" she asked no one in particular. Her horn started glowing as she prepared a fire spell for when the demons broke in.

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213 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 17 May - 8:59

Radiance lightly flipped the blades in his hands. He appeared to be relaxed, his attention focused on the cracking window in front of him.

"That window's not going to hold for long"

"Fuck!" Tarmikos sprinted for one of the consoles vaulting over at and taking cover. Breaking off the back of of the console Tarmikos began to root through the wires

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214 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 17 May - 15:35


One of the creatures giant wings suddenly jerks to the side, swiping you out of the way. The feeling was akin to being hit by a brick wall.

As you slowly come to from the hit, you notice the demon just hovering directly in front of you.
On his shoulder, a cloaked figure was standing.

You recognize the unique clothes, the mannerism, the face of the stranger, you've seen his face in situation reports before:
The Last Architect, stood on the giants shoulder, quietly smirking at you.

(Wyvern, Tarmikos - engine room)

The demon leaped after you. While in mid air, Eva suddenly crashed into him, sending him flying into the wall.
As both of them fell to the floor and began to get up, two more demons jumped down from the ceiling.


You suddenly hear your radio come to life and Kaylee's voice came through:
"This is Captain Brown, we are about to engage the enemy, across the entire ship. Remember, winning this battle is not our objective. We simply need to hold on, until our ship reaches the Mirror.
Once that happens, who ever is still alive will set off the bomb. And mission complete. Our courage today will ensure a future for our countries and our families.
Everyone, thank you for your service! Good luck!!"
The radio went silent.

(The bridge)

As soon as Kaylee shut off the radio, one of the windows shattered and over a dozen demons flew into the bridge

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215 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 17 May - 16:29

Red quickly sprang into action, despite his injuries, using the Greatsword to lop heads off with expert ease. If one were to look at him, they would see a thin smile stretch across his lips as he went about his business, almost as if he was enjoying it.

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216 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 17 May - 18:10

"Ow... That hurted... Less then expected..."

As she looks up again, noticing the figure, she returns the smirk with a wicked grin more associated with psychotic killers then an Equestrian princess. But the grin was there, all over her face.

Without a taunt this time, she begins her attack, a massive burst of light at both the demon and the architect.

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217 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 17 May - 19:28

"Okay then; for my first trick - a little something i picked up in the Farsight Enclaves!" Lord Wyvern chuckles as his horn is engulfed in a purple haze and his eyes glow green, with purple mist flowing from them. He fires a purple beam at the two new demons and traps them inside black crystal.

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218 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 17 May - 21:51


She paused, looking at Lisa. Then nodded. "I'll try- help you save the universe one last time. I'm here till the end Lisa, better or worse."

A loud commotion echoed ahead as they neared the bridge. Derpy ran ahead, skidding round the corner towards the large door that led to the bridge with sword in hand and wings outstretched.

If any demons were going to attack, they were going to have a rough time. "100 onboard. countless demons, one weapon, one ship, one bomb, one chance to make things right." She smiled, a plan forming in her head. "Bring it."

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219 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 17 May - 22:04


V'tara stopped, ignoring the cuts and shooting pain. Outside the ship, she could sense an overwhelming amount of courage, but the bloodied bodies of changelings strewn about the hallway confirmed her worst fears. "It's just us..." She whispered,  hastily thinking of a plan. "Think, think!"

She paused and drew out a single teleportation disk, having given the rest to Derpy. "That just might work..." V'tara turned and regarded Fire, noticing her defeated look. "Fire! I don't  know you ,but everyone will die if we don't stop up that gap. If you can distract those demons for two minutes..." She opened the back of the disk, a strange humming tool suddenly in her other hand. "We might have a chance of surviving this. So get your ass off the floor and fight!"

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220 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 17 May - 22:39

Moon leapt up, her magic shooting lightning bolts at the nearest demons. She created a blade with the glass and continued to attack the demons. Her eyes turned bright red, which would look slightly demonic to those who had never seen them like that before. A feral growl escaped her lips.

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221 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 17 May - 23:23

(The Bridge)

The chaos of battle descended over the bridge. It was impossible to hear anything over the sounds of clashing metal, discharging electricity and screams of anger and pain.
The demons fell by the dozens, slowed down for a few precious moments as they slowly regenerated, filling the bridge with an eerie red light.

The distant echo of the ships heavy artillery, occasionally blocked off every other sound, as the high caliber rounds flew through the air, exploding somewhere ahead of the ship and taking out demons by the hundreds.

Even then, it seemed like it made little difference. The demons would always regenerate.
The sailors aboard the ship, would not.
You saw some of them being hurled across the bridge by the demons, only to crash into a wall and never move again.

Kaylee kept her head down, hunched over the ships controls. When a demon would get close, she would briefly lash out with her sword, before concentrating on the console again.

Far off to the side, you notice Tohka and Toruviel fiercely fighting to defend the bomb. Over a dozen demons charged their position. It doesn't look like they'll hold out for long.

(The Engine Room)

The demons fell as blocks of dark crystal, unmoving.
As Eva rose from the floor again, her eyes widened. A swarm of demons poured in from the ceiling. More than you could count.
They descended upon the engine room, attacking everything in sight. Lashing out at the engineers and tearing apart any piece of equipment their clawed paws could reach.

A deafening racket of breaking machinery filled the room.

(V'tara, Firewing)

The dozens of demons that stood by the gap, suddenly noticed you. They slowly turned their heads toward you in unison, a hungry smile appeared on their lips.
As the swarm of monsters charged at you, more and more began to pour in through the crack in the hull.


The Architect simply rose his hand and the burst of light was deflected by a transparent shield, that seemed to materialize out of nowhere.
The Architect smirked, the action did not seem to even fatigue him:

"Its no use.. Twilight Sparkle. You are still but a child. While you were learning how to spell your name, I was being trained how to topple governments.
The gap between our magic ability is too great. I'm afraid you lost this battle, before it even began.."

His smile slowly grew wider: "A new age is coming.. an age of immortals. My thoughts will be granted a physical form and emerge from the Mirror, as an immortal being of limitless power. The weak will perish, and the strong will rule this earth.

Continue to struggle if you wish. Even as we speak, my immortal army is killing your friends.
Stand here and witness, how they slowly die for nothing!"
His loud laugher echoed across the sky, as the Architect flew into the air, and zoomed toward Bodewig.

His colossus remained behind, baring its jagged fangs, the giant charged at you again.

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222 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 18 May - 0:07

As the demons entered Radiance launched himself forward sprinting at the oncoming horde. He threw himself directly into their charge, his blades flashing as he sliced through them. His attacks were all directed at the demon's limbs.

(Engine Room)
Finally finding what he was looking for amongst the wires Tarmikos felt a spark of electricity enter his palm. Concentrating on the current he began to charge up a spell letting the electricity course through him. With the magic now fully charged Tarmikos threw up a defensive barrier around the engine core preventing any of the demons from reaching it. At least for a time.

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223 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 18 May - 0:13

Moon noticed that Kaylee was fiddling with the controls so moved towards her, fighting off the nearby demons. She aimed for their limbs, but often ended up hitting them somewhere else.

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224 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 18 May - 1:01

As the architect flew away, he hears a whisper in his ear, from Twilight.

"Oh really now."

Before he can retaliate, she punches him across the face.

~I can NOT believe THAT worked. I thought he knew better.~

"So, what was lost before it began?"

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225 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 18 May - 10:03


Her eyes widened. "Oh come on..." She muttered, gripping her sword as it started to hum. Running into the chaos, Derpy raised her sword and charged. She sliced upwards into a demons face, ripping through Its jaw.

It stopped, glaring back with a crooked grin. She stepped back, hoping the modifications to her sword would pay off. Then the demons head exploded, spraying gore everywhere. "Complete sustained molecular disintegration from sonic vibrations- or a wound that will never heal. Try getting up from THAT!"  She shouted, wiping away a remnant of the demons brain from her eyes.

With a roar that would make a dragon proud, years of training took over as she sliced through countless demons in a blur of movement, blood erupting everywhere as she made her way to Toruviel.

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