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226 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 18 May - 20:16


Happy Birthday to Velvet Horse =D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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227 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 18 May - 20:18

//happy birthday!

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228 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 18 May - 20:39

// happy birthday Velvet Horse

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229 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 18 May - 20:44

Lord Wyvern ponders to himself "these things just keep resurrecting themselves... so what if i resurrect them first?!". He calls together all the dark magic he can muster and tries to cast a necromantic spell on all the demons onboard that are just about to resurrect this very moment.

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230 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 18 May - 22:36

(Thanks guys.)

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231 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 18 May - 22:54

(Woot! Happy birthday Twilight!)

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232 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 4:14

//Happy birthday Velvet!

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233 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 11:22


Judging by the Architects expression, he was a stranger to physical pain. Grasping his face with both hands, he glared at you.
Swirls of magic envelopped his body and he teleported, completely fading from sight. As you look around, you can't seem to spot him anywhere.
The colossus behind you emitted a deafening roar and charged at you again.

(The Bridge)

As Derpy made her way toward Toruviel, a demon suddely materialized in her path. In the next second, you recognize him as the demon Derpy killed with her sword:
"....foolish creature" the demon hissed with a smirk: "It makes no difference if every molecule in my body is gone.. the idea that created me still persists, the darkest corners of your own heart, fuel my immortality.
So long as malice exists in this world, we will keep coming back" his laughter loudly echoed across the bridge.

With each passing second, the battle became more intence. The demons who's limb were removed, either continued to march and crawl toward you, or ended their own lives so they could fully ressurect again.

"Just five more minutes!!!" Kaylee shrieked across the bridge: "We need to hold out for only-" she stopped short, her eyes grew wide.

At the center of the bridge, a large swirl of magic appeared. You recognize the pattern, its a teleportation spell. A moment ticked by, and The Last Architect, teleported onto the bridge.

His cheek was swoolen and bleeding. Someone must have recently punched him there, rather heavily.
The Architect stood tall and looked over the bridge:
" is over!.. Your meaningless struggle is at an end. In your last moments, WITNESS THE POWER OF THE ARCHITECTS!!!"

His hands sparked with blinding electricity, he's charging a heavy spell, very quickly.

(The Engine Room)

As the necromancy spell is cast, several ressurecting demons have turned into skeletons. The next second they crumbled and ressurected as demons again:
"Its no use" they slowly smirked: "Stop being stubborn and just die, you're only prolonging the innevitable. Why do you insist on prolonging your suffering?"

Several dozen demons threw themselves at the barrier around the engine core and began chewing on it.

Another moment ticked by, and the demon of Tarmikos dropped down from the ceiling. The creature looked just like Tarmikos, the only thing that gave away its true nature, was the unnaturally long claws:
"Tarmi, it is over" the demon began to approach:
"Listen and listen well, because there isn't much time. This battle has already been decided, before it even began. The Mirror is complete. It is over.
The world is about to enter a new age. The age of immortals. This ship is doomed and so are everyone on it. They will die, as the last hope of the previous world.

If you wish to continue to exist, take my hand, and I will teleport you and Eva, off this flying coffin. Stay here, and you will die in vain.
This is your last chance Tarmikos. If you wish to continue toecist in this world, to research and improve it, you must leave this ship and follow me now"

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234 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 12:50

Tarmikos looked at the demon, his other and shook his head.

"You really are me. Even after I blasted you, you still return. That should have been the final time we spoke. And yet you return trying to save me. But not only me, Eva as well. But that's where I'm torn. You inherently are a demon and should be destroyed. On the other hand you are the only one to speak to any of us."

Tarmikos added more magic to the barrier. The scar under his eye began to glow slightly with a green colour.

"But my answer is still the same, and if my actions didn't tell you last time then read my lips. Go. To. Hell"

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235 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 13:20

(Engine room)

"I understand your choice, but are you going to decide this for Eva as well? You can save her, you know. If you two simply follow me.
I am no more a demon than you are. I am the exact reflection of the darker part of your heart. I am a part, without which a person cannot exist, because there is no light without darkness.
I only do what your own heart desired. Good or bad, it doesnt matter. It still comes from your heart"

The demon blinked and slowly approached:
"You can have a future in this new world.

Tarmikos, if you follow me, I will cure your illness..." the demon looked at the glowing scar under your eye:

"You know I'm telling the truth. I never lied to you before"

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236 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 14:46

Red rushed at the Last Architect, his greatsword creating a trail of light from its tip as it sang its deadly song through the air towards the architect. He lept, and the blade seemed to glow golden as it came down towards the Architect, now howling in anticipation for the blood of another.

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237 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 18:26

"Damn it, where is he?!"

As she looks around, the roar reaches her ears. She holds her ears from the might of the roar, as sne turns to it.

"Guess I have to deal with him fi-"

Her eyes widen and she clasps a hoof over her mouth, as the roars of the demon cause a real effect, namely disrupting the balancing organs in the ears, throwing her off....

And while it charges, Twilight throws up, the inside of her stomach falling down to the city below.

With tears in her eyes from the action, and the demon racing at her, she mutters three words...

"Oh, f*** me..."

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238 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 19:18


While Fire distracted the changelings, V'tara got to work, hastily remembering a conversation with Derpy about teleportation. When correctly used, molecules would be stored and transported from one place to another. If anything was to go wrong in that process... she winced. It hadn't been easy convincing Derpy to trust her.

She wound the disk back together, hoping her tampering would produce the desired effect. "FIRE! Get down!"

V'tara threw the disk over the Pegasus and into the swarm of demons as it erupted in a constant, blinding flash of light. Those who weren't simply ripped apart, over and over for eternity would find themselves transported to the charming acid pits of Venusia. "Hopefully that will slow them down... that disk won't last long." She growled, her anger rising again as he bared her claws. Whether or not they survived, she was ready.

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239 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 19:26


Time seemed to slow down as the architect cast his spell. She darted past the resurrected demon, her sword slicing through its guts in a futile attempt to stop it. She dodged through the chaos of battle, finally reaching the bomb.

Derpy looked at the architect, pain in her side. She hadn't dodged every blow, that was for sure. "H-hey, Kaylee? If you can, please. Save yourself. And Architect?" She smiled, slapping a tele-disk onto the bomb casing and holding on for dear life. "Come find me."

A flash of light rang out as Derpy materialised into one of the ships hallways. The bomb beside her. "So much for a plan..." she remarked to no one, counting down the seconds. Four minutes left.

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240 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 20:09

"okay, that didn't work... how about transforming them without death getting involved?!" Lord Wyvern says as he casts a breezy-transformation spell on all the demons chewing the barrier around the engine.

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241 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 20:15


As you look around, you suddenly notice that the entire hallway is filled with demons. There were dozens of them, too many to count.
They all walked in the same direction, and as you materialized in the middle of them, they slowly stopped.
Over a hundred eyes quietly stare at you, until one of them smirked:
"...there was only one fortified position on this ship, and you left it... thank you for bringing the bomb to us.. walking to the bridge was a drag-"

Several dozen of them jump at you, at the same time. You feel the demons teeth biting you, several kicks land into your stomach.

As the blows continue to rain without mercy, you hear Kaylee's distant voice through the radio:
"Derpy!... Derpy the ship is overrun! Only the bridge and the engine room are secured- you have to-" she cut off.


You see something pink crashing into you again, and Cadence pushed you out of the way, just as the colossus flew by again, its massive wings sending you flying in a wild trajectory.
"...Twilight.." Cadence said, holding on to you and shaking in fear: "...I think... I think the Architect teleported to Bodewig.. I think he's going after the bomb"

She shivered in fear and looked at the colossus: "...we need to take down this monster.. before it ends us, and the ship... that spine technique you used earlier... I think we should try it again... I don't know how to do it but... at least we know it will work...

We have to wrap this up fast. I have a feeling that, if Bodewig gets too close to its objective, the colossus will ignore us and go after the ship again... we're the only ones who can save them...
We have to!.."

(The Bridge)

The Architect smirked. His spell discharged into Red Eyes.
A deafening sound of lightning, rocked the bridge, as a large bolt of electricity flew into Red Eyes, violently hurling him across the bridge and smashing him into the wall.
The pain was unbearable. Every part, every fiber of your body screamed in horrible pain.
There was no open wound, the whole body simply hurt beyond words.

The Architect audibly cracked his wrists and began slowly marching toward the ships central control console. Kaylee, who was hiding behind it, slowly rose and readied her sword.
The Architect emitted an amused laugh:

"...pitiful creatures... don't you understand the power gap between you and I?" He slowly looked over the bridge: "I will slowly kill you, one by one, until no one is left-"

"KILL THIS!!!" Tohka shrieked at the top of her lungs and flew right at the Architect, baring her fangs.

A bright flash of light. And Tohka's scream faded.

Time seemed to slow down, as you saw the Architect discharge a blinding ray of light from his fingertips. The ray zigzagged through the air, and pierced Tohka's chest.
Small pieces of dark liquid sprayed on the floor.

Tohka's eyes remained opened wide in shock, as she slowly exhaled. Her eyes closed.

Her lifeless body slowly fell to the ground.

Dead silence remained over the ship for several seconds, until the lazy steps of the Architect began to echo again. He slowly marched towards Kaylee, a wry smile across his face.


"V'TARA LOOK OUT!!!" A mare's voice suddenly rang right next to you. As you turn around, you spot a savage, hulking demon, barreling down on you. His sword raised. He was already too close to dodge.

The sword flashed through the air.

Time seemed to stop, as you tried to make sense of what happened.
Audrey Swan, had jumped in the way.

As the sword went through her, drops of her blood sprayed on your face. She took the full force of the hit, before it ever got close to you.
The sword was stuck deep in Audrey's stomach. As she slowly turned her pale face and looked at you, a smile appeared on her lips:
"..I can't repair what I've done.. but, I can do this at least-" a bloody cough escaped her lips: "..make this world better, won't you?"

A smile remained on her lips as her eyes closed, the demon pulled the sword out and Audrey fell to the ground.

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242 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 20:29

(Wyvern Lord - Engine Room)

The demons surrounding the barrier suddenly turned into miniature buzzing things.
The other demons that didn't get caught in the spell, watched the scene unfold for several seconds, before they unleashed a fire attack, burning everything surrounding the barrier.

Several moments later, the demons began resurrecting again. Over a dozen of them slowly turned toward you. With a twisted scowl, a dozen of them rush towards you, wildly thrashing about with their claws.

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243 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 20:38

Red screamed in agony as he flew through the air, the sound cutting off as the breath was knocked out of his lungs by the wall he slammed into. He slid down said wall, trying to catch his breath through the horrific pain rippling through his body. "F-fuck..."

After what seems to be a minute, he manages to pick himself up off of the ground, his body still glowing with the Architects energy. He grabbed his sword and started to slowly walk towards the Architect, slowly but steadily. Anyone who dared look into his eyes would see nothing but rage as he advanced on him with a purpose.

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244 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 20:41

(The Bridge)

"TOHKA!!" Toruviel cried in pain.
Tohka didn't move. Her body lied motionless on the ground, as the Architect slowly stepped over her body and continued to walk towards Kaylee.

As Red Eyes began to approach, the Architect turned his head towards him and smirked:
"Shall we try again?" Electricity began dancing over his hands again.

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245 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 20:42

Radiance was still cutting his way through the demons when the scream exploded out. The sound of Tohka's corpse hitting the ground followed by steps that were way too calm. It was only a matter of time before the Architect picked him as a target. He could also hear the sound of angrier foot steps. Steps with purpose and hatred behind them. Radiance fell into step beside Red Eyes, his own weapons ready.

(Engine Room)
Tarmikos' scar began grow sending causing the wound to split creating a network of veiny glowing wounds along the side of his face. It was clearly causing him pain, but keeping the shield up was more important. A drop of blood fell from his nose.

"I don't have to decide for Eva. I know her answer. It has been the same from the start. Die fighting instead of living in regret. Once, I would have gone with you, but now I'm going to stay here and make sure this bomb gets delivered."

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246 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 20:43

Lord Wyvern blasts the approaching demons with a purple beam and freezes them all in black crystal, he then plugs up the hole in the ceiling with the same spell.
"Enough is enough! I have had it with these rubbish demons on this rubbish spaceship!"

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247 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 20:48

Red suddenly lurched forward with a speed that would have suprised the Architect, the Greatsword in position to run him through. "FOR EQUESTRIA!" He shouted at the top of his lungs, the sword inches away from the Architect before he could respond.

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248 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 20:49

(Engine Room)

Tarmikos' demon heavily sighed: " be it... I shall carry your immortal will, once I'm the only one left"

Eva suddenly darted toward him, her knife ready. The demon simply stepped to the side, Eva's motion carrying her past him.
The next second, Eva released a small gasp.

She took a few more steps and tripped, falling onto her knees. A massive red stain began to appear on her shirt, surrounding her stomach.

The demon slowly lifted one of his claws. It was covered in red.

He looked at Wyvern and Tarmikos, before quietly sighing:
"...come on... I'll make it quick" he quietly waved you over.

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249 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 21:00

Tarmikos let out a growl turning the shield into an explosion of energy vaporizing the horde of demons inside of the room.  His face had become raw and was also starting to slowly bleed. It would buy maybe a few minutes but that was all he needed. Tarmikos moved to Eva catching her. He both cradled her and protected her from his other. He didn't say anything but just turned and gave his other a glare though would stop magic dead in its tracks.

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250 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 21:02


As agony wracked her body, one though went through her mind. She screwed up. Blood clouded her vision as she activated another teleport, only just hitting the needed coordinates before her left arm went numb. Derpy was blinded as the flash of light sent her back to the bridge.

The bomb clattered to the ground as she teleported in front of the Architect. "Hey. That was a mistake."

Blood dripped from everywhere. Her left arm hung awkwardly as she swayed from side to side. With another jolt of pain, she held her sword ready.

"But I bought us another minute. And that disk has two charges left... So, if you'll excuse me-"

Both her and the bomb disappeared again, this time teleporting inside the defensive barrier in engine room.

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