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26 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 10 Apr - 20:27

(ooc: that's okay, just do what you feel comfortable with)
"couldn't we just teleport down to his level?"

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27 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 10 Apr - 20:51

"I doubt they would leave that option open to be so easily explored." She takes one look at the field. "If the elevator is key, then we must secure it. One of us must stay behind to protect it while the others are on their way down. Any volunteers?"

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28 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 10 Apr - 21:56

Cassandra bumped her fists together excitedly:
"Count on me boss, they won't get passed me!"

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29 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 10 Apr - 22:00

p.s. This entire website is just for us, so feel free to post anywhere on the forums here, not just in the roleplay section.
Amazingly, the server providers allowed me to host this website for free, so this entire forum is just for us ^^  )

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30 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 12 Apr - 19:05

(ooc: seriously?)

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31 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 13 Apr - 16:38

(Yup ^^ )

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32 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 13 Apr - 19:57

(ooc: that is very nice of them)

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33 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sat 16 Apr - 13:34

"so cassandra guards the lift then, and what's the plan for the remaining guards?"

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34 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 18 Apr - 16:51

"That's where Cassandra stands guard for while we go down. Ready to go?"

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35 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 19 Apr - 20:08

*to cassandra*
"do you think you can handle them all?"

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36 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 24 Apr - 20:55

"I'll have a few soldiers from Bodewig stay with her" Kaylee said and raised her stun baton:
"Ok, we make a run for the elevator. Once we get close, we're gonna get jumped by security. Don't be afraid to use these" She lifted the baton:
"On your mark"

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37 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 24 Apr - 21:26

"Ready." She holds it close to herself.

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38 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 24 Apr - 21:45

"Go!" Kaylee said and rushed toward the elevator. Lisa, Hope, Penny, Cadence and several dozen soldiers followed.
The moment they got faintly close to the elevator, the Union security crashed into them like a brick wall. Everything turned into a sea of chaos.

Electricity on the stun batons flashed and startled screaming echoed across the corridor. It was almost impossible to tell what was going on as faceless ponies tried to knock each other out, without mercy.
It seems the buildings security kept their swords sheathed and relayed on some type of stun baton as well, though their version looked considerably more developed and threatening.

You briefly heard Penny using her vocal cords and several windows in the corridor shattered. Several security officers fell to the ground unconscious, but over a dozen of them still remained.

Two of them spotted you and rushed you at the same time. One aiming his stun baton at your head, the other, aimed at your feet.

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39 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 24 Apr - 21:58

Twilight gives a sly smile, then uses her telekinesis to swing her baton at the one charging low. After that, she crouches, waiting until it return by virtue of her magic.

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40 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 24 Apr - 22:17

One of the guards emitted a muffled shriek and collapsed to the floor, as the baton set an electric zap over his body.
The second guard almost tripped over him, then quickly regained his footing and jumped into the air, attempting to bring his baton down on you.

In the background you hear another window loudly breaking into a million pieces. Lisa was going berserk on a group of guards, throwing them out of her path like ragdolls, in every direction

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41 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 24 Apr - 23:07

Twilight notices it and tries to block the baton wit hers. Then, she draws in the one from the KO pony to act as a second weapon option.

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42 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 24 Apr - 23:14

Sparks of electricity loudly flew in every direction, as the battons connected, before the guard jumped back and prepared to attack again.

"THE ELEVATOR DOORS ARE OPEN!" You heard Kaylee's scream from across the hall: "EVERYONE - INSIDE NOW!" She shouted, waving everyone inside.
The path to her was still a sea of faceless ponies, and a deafening racket of electric batons.

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43 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 25 Apr - 7:35

"See you later, sir" She uses a short-ranged teleportation spell to get behind him, then dashes to the elevator. On the way, she casts more of those to dodge other incoming attacks. ~Almost there~

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44 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 25 Apr - 10:20

As you near the elevator, you see Kaylee holding the doors open and waving you in. Penny and Hope seem to be already inside with a few soldiers from Bodewig.
"Go! We'll cover you!" Cassandra and Lisa yelled to you over the racket, before they crashed into a group of guards, holding them away from the elevator by brute force alone.

You briefly go deaf, as a police helicopter passed dangerously close to the windows outside and vanished from view again.

From the corner of your eye you notice one of the guards, hurling his baton at you.

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45 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 25 Apr - 17:13

"Oh no! Incoming!" She reaches out with her hoof, trying to grab it. ~Hope I can make it!~

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46 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 26 Apr - 5:33

Just as you catch the baton, it sends a violent electric shock through your body. It doesn't make you loose consciousness, but the shock briefly paralyzes you.
Kaylee noticed that something was wrong, grabbed you and pulled, making you both fall inside the elevator. The doors closed.

Soothing music began to play from the ceiling, as the elevator began to move down. The noise from the battle outside, becoming muffled and more distant by the second.

" alright??" Kaylee asked, trying to help you back up. About six other Bodewig soldiers stand in the elevator. Penny seems to have some sort of bruise on her arm and Hope seems to be inspecting it.
"Come on, were almost-" Kaylee began, just as the elevator doors opened: "-there.."

A majestic corridor opened before you. Red carpets, tall ceiling and expensive, exotic furniture. Every column and wall had a peculiar carving on them. Every small part of the place was filled with a statue or famous painting.
At the end of the hall, was an open doorframe to an office. In sharp contrast to the hall, the office seemed simple and practical. A simple wooden desk stood in the middle, a simple chair.

And a man in military uniform stood alone, in front of it. Greying hair. Rough, piercing eyes. Blue pelt. Half of his uniform was covered in all kinds of medals. His face was covered in scars.

He stood straight, like a soldier stands at attention, his hands collected behind him.

He seems to be patiently waiting for you

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47 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 26 Apr - 17:30

Twilight drops on the floor, feeling quite sore from the shock. "Ungh... I'm fine... I think... I can still cast magic, good..."

When the elevator doors open, she tries to regain her footing, but doesn't seem to stand up well enough.

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48 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 26 Apr - 17:53

"I gotcha" Kaylee came closer and supported you: "Lean on me, we'll do this together" she released an encouraging smile.

"..lets do this" Penny firmly nodded with determination.

The Director continued to silently stand at the far end of the corridor, inside his office. His expression was an unreadable mask, but he was still standing still, patiently waiting.

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49 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 28 Apr - 21:30

*kicks in a roof panel and drops down into the elevator*
"whoo, that was close; i nearly missed the boss battle..."

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50 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 28 Apr - 22:28

"Hopefully we can convince him to step down peacefully" Kaylee said with a grim expression.

"I don't know if he'll simply surrender into our custody.." Penny replied: "He came too far to step down, just because we'll demand it"

"...I'm not looking forward to fighting him.." Kaylee looked away, hiding her expression: "..he saved my life once....... he is an honorable man.."

"He destroyed my life..." Penny quietly muttered.

"...lets just... try to talk him down "Kaylee looked away: "..before something happens that cannot be undone.."

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