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251B-401-Bodewig - Page 11 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 21:08

twilight is catching her breath, still sick from imbalance. She looks at Cadence, with tears in her eyes from the vomit. She slowly speaks.

"You know the spell... It's the telekinesis spell... Aimed at the spine or neck... To dislocate it..."

She spews up a bit more, before resuming.

"It's difficult with that size... But you have to... Try..."

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252B-401-Bodewig - Page 11 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 21:09


"NO!" V'tara screamed out. Audrey's blood on her chitin, she almost fell to her knees in shock. Almost. Instead, plates shifted as a green burst of energy covered her. "How dare you.. you will feel every bit of her pain, I promise." She said in a low, blood thirsty voice.

Fangs lengthened, claws sharpened, she charged in a gutteral fury, draining it's emotions.

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253B-401-Bodewig - Page 11 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 21:17

(Engine Room)

"Don't struggle Tarmi.." The demon sighed: "I'll make it painless I promise.."

"Hey" Eva numbly called, slowly turning her head to the demon: "..that thing that could kill you... what was it again?"
"...A Changeling?" the demon sighed, rising an eyebrow.
"Yeah... that.." Eva smirked as her eyes suddenly flashed green: "Get Rekt You Son of A Bitch!"
She suddenly grabbed the demons wrist.

The demons eyes turned wide as his body began to shudder and slowly turn into ash. He tried to struggle and break free from Eva's grasp, but she held onto him with a death grip.
Horrible wounds began to open all over Eva's body, as she screamed in rage. The energy visibly flowing out of the demon and into her.

The demons shriek loudly echoed across the room, and he crumbled into a pile of ash.

Eva quietly coughed. For a moment, her body turned into that of a changeling, before she gritted her teeth and returned to her usual self:
"...sorry Tarmi.. I didn't want to worry you-" she broke off into an uncontrolled cough:
"When Toruviel said that, only a Changeling can end these things... when she said she had a turn... anyone... into a - Changeling-" She gritted her teeth, in visible pain. The red stain on her shirt grew larger:
"...I had to do it... I had to become a Changeling.. wouldn't be much of a cop if I couldn't protect you guys-" she tried to smile and red began to pour out of her mouth: "...So I asked Toruviel.. and she made me a changeling..... I'm... sorry I kept it from you"

She looked at Wyvern, Derpy then at Tarmikos.
For the first time since you met her, Eva released a genuine, relaxed smile:

"Its almost over, isn't it? I think we did it" She smiled, as a tear fell from her eye:

"I'm.. really glad I met you.."

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(The Bridge)

The Architects eyes widened as Red Eyes got close. A flash of light, and the sword went through the Architects side. He screamed in pain, violently kicking Red Eyes away with another strike of electricity, and began stumbling backwards.

Red liquid began to pour out of the Architects mouth as she scowled: "Wretches... PATHETIC PEASENTS AND WORMS!!! I WILL DESTROY ALL OF YOU!!!"

He suddenly teleported right next to Kaylee. His hand raised and he lashed out at her with his knife.

A muffled scream echoed across the bridge.
Lisa had jumped in the way, the knife now stuck deep in her body.

"MOOOOOM!!!" Kaylee shrieked in horror, as Lisa involuntarily took a step back and almost fell down.

"Get away from my daughter, you fuck" Lisa hissed at the Architect and violently kicked him into his jaw.

The Architect shrieked flying across the room and crashing into a pack of his demons. He tried to get up again but his numb fingers grasped empty air, helplessly fumbling. The sword wound on his side grew rapidly larger.

The rest of the demons roared and charged at you, all at once. There was too many of them.

Kaylee suddenly looked at the console and shrieked into her radio:


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255B-401-Bodewig - Page 11 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 21:35

Moon, who was still on the bridge, stared at the architect in shock before starting to attempt to fight off the demons. "I'm guessing this is the end of the line." she mumbled as she decapitated a demon. Her fangs became visible and she looked around. She then returned to fighting off several demons at once.

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"...knowing you're with me... gives me strength" Cadence smiled.

As the colossus drew near, her horn began glowing. She concentrated, staring the demon right at its eyes, as it flew rapidly close. She didn't try dodging this time, she simply started at his jaws as he neared.

"...I won't let you.. hurt my family!" Cadence said through gritted teeth. Her horn flashed.

The colossus continued to fly toward you, as if nothing happened. You could see every fang in his mouth, as his jaws opened, ready to swallow you. And at the last second, he grunted and his wings folded down.

The giant monster froze and began to rapidly fall to the ground, right toward a large lake down below.

Cadence released a breath she didn't know she was holding, then looked at Bodewig, making its way to the floating island in the distance.
Then looked at Twilight. A small smile appeared on her face: "...I think.. we did it"


As the demon turned into ash, the room briefly fell into silence.
In this deathly moment, you noticed over a hundred monstrous eyes, staring at you from the darkness.
Demons, too many to count. They slowly stepped out of the darkness, cracking their necks:
"... it may be too late for you, little changeling... this is the end" their fangs grew larger.

(Engine Room)

Kaylee's voice suddenly rang in your radios:

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257B-401-Bodewig - Page 11 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 21:44

Twilight smiles.

"Heh... You saving my useless butt... Really sound nostalgic..."

She tries to get up, her flying still wobbly as she holds her head.

"Damn, those roars really did a number on me. Wait..." She takes a look at her hoof, stained a bit with blood.
"Is this mine? Or of that guy?"

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258B-401-Bodewig - Page 11 Empty Re: B-401-Bodewig on Thu 19 May - 21:45

Radiance threw one of his swords at the Architect impaling him through the chest. As the blade struck Radiance threw the second one striking the Architect in the stomach causing him to stagger back.

"He's all yours." he said to Red a smirk on his face

(Engine Room)
Tarmikos breathed a sigh of relief "So am I Eva." he returned the smile though it was mixed with pain from his wounded face. He then began to cast the healing spell sharing the wound between him and Eva.

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Materialised in the engine, Derpy heard the announcement. She looked at the scene of death and love in front of her. "I'm so sorry..." Slumped down by the bomb, she felt for the lever, finding it easily. Blood trickled down her face onto the gleaming metallic casing.

She hesitated for the briefest of moments. She could leave, take the survivors around her far way from this madness. But no. Doing the right thing always ends up being the hardest, she thought.

"Forgive me." Derpy muttered, pressing the lever.

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Fighting off the demons, she knew they were right. No matter what, even her and fire couldn't defeat them all.

Blow after blow took their toll. V'tara fell to her knees, her energy completely drained. She looked the demons in the eyes.

"T-this isn't the real fight." She said, spitting out a fang. "Because any minute now, were going to die, and take you with us..."

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Red smiled as he was blasted back, his body ready this time. The pain only drove him on through the wave of demons as he made his way towards the Architect. He planted his foot onto his back as he readied his sword, his smile widening. "This is for my men, you bitch." The sword came down and went through his chest, impaling the Architect. His smile turned peaceful as the demons swarmed towards him, sitting down beside the Architect.

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A brief flash of light enveloped you whole. And the world faded away.

Somewhere, far from Bodewig, Cadence and Twilight watched, as a wall of blinding light, extended toward them from the starship:
".....we were too close to the ship, in the end.." Cadence quietly said with a smile. A single tear fell from her eye: "...close to our friends-"
The flash of light swallowed both Cadence and Twilight.


As the sun rose again over the city of Adelheid, the ponies gingerly left their homes to see what has become of their city.

The demons were gone, as if they were never there. The only thing remaining were small piles of ash, haphazardly strewn in the streets.
The Architect, the Cult of Uroburos and the Mirror were finally vanquished. And almost nothing of them had remained.

When the ponies of Adehleid finally found the crash site, where the starship Bodewig had finally landed, they were met with grim sight.
The crew of the ship was still there. Frozen or petrified, the citizens couldn't tell. The brave men and women who gave their lives to save this world, were no longer alive.. but they were not dead either.
Stuck somewhere in between both, unable to react or see the beauty of the world, they helped protect.

And in the months to come, the ponies of Adelheid constructed a monument, right where the starship had crashed, depicting the heroism and selfless courage of the men and women, who saved this world from destruction.

Their tale was told, from parent to child, for generations to come.




Darkness and silence. They heavily pressed on you from every direction.
It felt like you were asleep, and yet, you were not.

No dreams came and no nightmares appeared. And time passed.
You're not sure how long. Maybe a day, a month or even a year. You couldn't tell.

After a while, voices began to enter your mind.
Distant sounds of electronic equipment. Strange beeping noises and sounds.

"...are they dead?" a startled voice asked.

"Their bodies show no brain activity. I'm sorry" another one answered.

"...their... just in a coma... right?" a muffled voice asked, tears clear in her voice.

"Its more than a coma... their bodies may be alive, but.. that's all there is.... their dead... their... brain, their .. core... is dead... I'm sorry, there's no point keeping them under life support.
You have to do the right choice, by them as well.

Pull the plug. Let them rest"

"NO!" a voice cried and you recognized it as Fluttershy: "I don't care what you're machines say! I won't give up on them!"

"They're gone, their mind is dead!" The other voice insisted.

You try your hardest to scream, to yell, to move and let them know you're alive, but nothing happens. You continue to helplessly exist in the darkness.

"I'm sorry miss... I'm.. I'm so sorry...." the voice broke: "Please... let us pull the plug...
They're gone... you have to let them go..... let them go....."

Let them go.

The voices faded and darkness took hold again.

How much time passed?
A month? A decade?

Darkness closes in, and your mind finally faded.



You wake up with a violent start. Eyes wide open, you're staring at a dirty ceiling of some backwater building, covered in dust.

Its night. The beeping of electronic equipment is faintly heard in the background.

An oxygen mask over your mouth.

To your surprise, you can move again.
Your body is impossibly weak, mouth dry and eyes blurry, but you can tell this is some sort of a hospital.

A poorly maintained, horribly poor and crumbling hospital.

As you begin to stir and cough in your bed, a figure pops into view.
Large eyes, two front fangs and the wings of a bat.

He's wearing a long trench coat and staring at you. A batpony.
The most vivid feature is a giant green, robotic eye that he seems to have. The batpony leans closer and stares at you with surprise:

"Hello! Can you hear me! Are you, Alive!"


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// The story will resume shortly ^^

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