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51 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Fri 29 Apr - 20:19

"Only one chance"

Twilight takes a deep breath, trying to stand on her own. After that, she steps outside the elevator, taking the lead position.

"Good morning, Logan Krauss." She gives a polite bow. "My apologies for our sudden visit, but I was hoping we were able to discuss the situation between our respective ground, if you don't mind."

She looks into his eyes, her eyes stern and cold.

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52 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Fri 29 Apr - 21:01

Logans piercing blue eyes stare back at you. His expression remains unreadable:
"Yes, miss Sparkle. You've already gone through the trouble of scrambling every law enforcement agent in the Capital and injuring my men. We wouldn't want that to be for nothing.
What do you wish to discuss?"

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53 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Sun 1 May - 15:03

*rests his hand on the hilt of his sword*
"what? just from the capital? i would have thought we'd draw in law enforcement agents from across the globe!"

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54 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 2 May - 8:23

"I want to talk about what the basis was for the union. And more curious, how it could go so global in a short span of time. Going deeper on that, I wish to know what is the basis for your agressive movements on my home."

Her eyes narrow.

"Why you think eradicating my people would grant you any support."

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55 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 2 May - 17:23

"Eradicating your people?" Logan frowned: "I have no intention of eradicating your people. In war, it is very important to underline the difference between a country's Government and its People.

I have no quarrel with the Equestrian people. My quarrel is with the Equestrian government, specifically Princess Celestia, Luna and Cadence.

They started this war when they sent a Shadowbolt unit to attack me, in this very office. Their attack failed and they plunged both of our countries into a needless war, that could have easily been avoided.

Your government leaders started this war, miss Sparkle. They ordered your military to attack...
If I remember correctly, you were forced to sink an Equestrian battleship, because they refused to listen to reason and almost killed you and your friends.

Since then, I have been making every effort to end this war. And we have indeed, ended this war.
Celestia was removed from your government. You took control of your country and you signed a peace treaty with the Union.

And I'd like to keep that peace treaty alive. The Equestrian people have done nothing wrong and I don't want them to suffer any more conflicts."

Logan deeply inhaled, the passion of his words vividly reflected in his eyes:
"You wish to know, why the world was so quickly United? The simple answer is - The Architects. The Uroburos. And every other lunatic that sought to burn down our world.

Our people want peace. They want safety and security, for themselves and their families. They want their children to grow without fear. They want to sleep at night, without thinking, what if the world ends tomorrow?

The Architects almost extinguished all life on the planet, and our people were too divided to effectively combat this threat. Alone, we are weak. But together, we can achieve everything.

That is why the world united so quickly. Because together, we can build safer world for our families.

You wish to know the basis for the Union? The basis is this - the total eradication of all borders, and the Unification of our world.
Equal rights, freedom of speech and freedom of religion for all.

In a world where everyone is united, there will be no more wars, no more discrimination or racism. Who will you fight, if there are no countries? Who will you invade, if there are no borders?"

Logan sighed. His eyes became a little sad:
"Why do wars happen... do you know?

Territories, resources or interests that you are determined to own. Ideology, religion, pride. Wars are fought over these objectives all the time. Meaning that when those objectives are met, the war will end. That, or when the cost of lives, outweighs the gain"

Logan slowly looked at you. A deep sadness began lingering inside of his eyes:
"I want to create a world where our interests are shared. Where borders or territories have no meaning, where all resources are shared.

This is my legacy to the world. My gift for you and your children. A world where your descendants will not know the meaning of war. Where families can live together, in peace."

He looked down: " I.... my family.. was lost to the Architects. My wife and daughter, died... because the world was too divided, to fight the common threat. Perhaps if we united sooner, they would have still be alive.
And through my suffering, I will make sure that what happened to me, will never happen to anyone else"

Logan closed his eyes and turned away. For a split second, you thought you saw his hands slightly shaking. He nervously inhaled and looked at you again:

"...I'm not a petty dictator, that only seeks power. Once the world is united, I will pass a new law, demanding each region to elect a representative and the world will be ruled by a council of people. Because a single man should never have power, to rule the entire world.

Once the world will unite, I will step down, because there will be no more need.. for a Director"

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56 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 2 May - 20:13

"sorry to hear that, but let's not forget how you got unification"

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57 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 2 May - 20:44

"I can see what you mean... I admit, there's a truth in your words. A common enemy would make ponies unite against a greater foe. And peace is something all ponies want..."

She looks at him, a dangerous look in her eyes.
"But, at the same time you used the ways of war to enforce your way of thinking. A hypocrisy that will be forced again the moment questions arise. Because they asked questions, my mentor... My friends... They had to suffer as the targets of your ambition of domination! The very thing you want ponies to be ignorant of, you threw at the mares, stallions, foals and elderly of Equestria! I had to shoot down my own people... Thanks to your manipulations!"

Her eyes widen, showing anger through tears.

"And for what?! A fleeting moment of peace! That's it! And you ask where the enemies come from?! I tell you! They come from inside this Union! Be it by a single great creature as Discord or a group of ponies with an ideal, they'll strike inside this place! You setted the example yourself, by forcing me to basically engage in a civil war! And to prevent those mindsets, you want to turn everypony into the same, grey figure as everypony else! You spit on everyone's cutie mark with your indoctrination!"

She looks at her own, then back again.

"I have one question... You lost your wife and childeren... A pain I cannot understand... But how many ponies are suffering the same losses, even more and worse, thanks to your actions? How many ponies are now mourning, in your quest to 'prevent' the pain of loss?"

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58 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 2 May - 20:46

".... a necessary evil" Logan's expression became grim and he sighed: "... we may not like the truth but if nothing was done, sooner or later, another war would break out.
It can be a day from now, a year or even a decade. But sooner or later, it would happen and innocent people would die... that didn't sit well with me... that didn't sit well with me at all.

I had to create the Union as fast as possible. And to do that, I made a deal with Uroburos and I sacrificed the lives of dozens of innocents, so that billions can live"

He frowned at you: "...let there be no misunderstanding. I am a monster. There is no justifying what I did and there is no redemption. But it had to be done and someone had to do it, for the good of the world.

I turned myself into a monster, so others won't have to. I turned myself into a monster so that billions can live in a better world. A world without Architects or Uroburos or anyone like them"

He looked at Twilight:
"... isn't that something you said once?
'If you want to defeat evil, you have to carry evil as well. If you want to stop guys like these, you've got to sink to the same level as them, even deeper, so that even the roots they took are destroyed. If you don't... All you do is let them play you like a sucker...'

I'm done with that too... Twilight... I was done with it when my family died. And I did, carry evil with me... and I did become a monster" he sighed and slowly looked around his office. The Union banners hanging from the walls, depicting the globe.

"And now.. my vision is almost complete... all I need is for the world to unite"

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59 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Mon 2 May - 21:02

"If the Union destroys itself from within, then so be it.. but I want to give this new world a chance..."
Logan quietly smiled to himself, only the smile came out a little sad:
"...I like to hope that.. it will work, in the end"

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60 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 3 May - 1:10

"It won't"

Twilight looks at him coldly.

"You keep talking about how you want to stop war... But what do you see as 'war' then? The fights that happen from time to time between the fractions? Or do you see the whole process? How many need to be involved for it to be 'war'? Your arrogance and blindness doesn't make you see it, but fighting is a natural habit that is present even amongst the lowest of animals. Even with our more 'advanced minds' we cannot remove it. Fighting will never stop, no matter how much we hope."

She takes a more agressive stance, drawing her baton and making her horn spark.

"We can continue talking like this until the end of time, but I know we won't convince eachother. There's only one thing I can say. As leader of Equestria, I won't stand for what you did. So from all the ponies in my land, and from those that died for your plans of conquering, I say to thee..."

She charges at him.


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61 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 3 May - 1:35

"Stagnant fool.." Logan frowned with disappointment, side stepping at the last moment, seemingly dodging your attack without effort:
" would see the world continue to wallow in its mystery, without even trying to change it?

Well then.. If you won't even try, then step aside and let others do it!!!"

He slowly revealed a frightening metal stick from behind his back. Electrical currents seemed to run through it, much like your baton.

"At least I would have tried and failed - while you sat back and did NOTHING!" He spinned the stick over his head, taking a defensive position:
"I will not accept war as a god damn natural standard!!! I will finish my work!!!
Perhaps when I'm done, you'll understand what I gave you.."

Kaylee was standing off to the side, ghostly pale. She seems frozen, unable to move.

Hope slowly pulled out her baton and stood next to Twilight, backing her up.

Penny was slowly watching the scene unfold. Her expression was unreadable. Her baton remained holstered on her belt. With one hand, she held tight to the pendant over her neck.
Still unarmed, she slowly began to march towards Logan

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62 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 3 May - 8:45

"Yeah, you gave us all a taste of what's war like, thanks for nothing, genius"

She wraps her baton in her telekinetic magic, then tosses it at him.

"I want peace just as bad as you, but I'm not preaching that acts of assault and destruction are all for the greater good! All I hear is some blind, self-serving madman raving on about his grief! Get over it already!"

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63 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 3 May - 10:31

Logan violently knocked the baton out of the air with his stick: "...dont talk to me about grief. You've never had children, how can you possibly understand what it feels like to loose one!"

Hope charged him, taking flight and zigzagging through the air. Logan turned into a blur, the next second Hope was kicked half way across the room.
"... self serving..." Logan scowled: "The only one I serve are the people. I waged this war, to end all wars, forever. I turned myself into a monster, because it was nessesary. Because only when the world is united, can we stop factions like the Architects and Uroburos.
You said it yourself! You must carry evil to defeat evil. Or have you changed your mind!?"

"Everyone, stop.." Kaylee closed her eyes with both hand: "Please stop, I cant take this"

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64 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 3 May - 12:26

"Oh give it a rest!"

Taking mental control of the baton, she tries to strike more times.

"You're wasting your time! If it's not war, it's going to be pneumonia! If it's not that, it's old age! We'll all die eventually, making your 'gift' wasted because there will be those born curious of the wars!"

She takes a deep breath, then screams in his direction.


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65 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 3 May - 14:49

"I know..." Logan quietly said:
"The world is cruel.. but... we can make it a little bit better, if we try"
He silently dodged the attacks for several moments, then suddenly hit your baton with his stick, sending it violently flying across the room.

He readied himself for attack, when Penny suddenly stood between you and him. She was blocking his way, her baton missing. She was unarmed.

Logan looked at her with a heavy sight, as Penny quietly spoke:
"...did you make the world better for me?" She slowly adjusted her scarf, revealing a long and ugly scar across her neck: "Dozens of innocents, tortured and killed. Where is their place, in your perfect world?"

Penny bitterly frowned: ".. You swore to protect the innocent, no matter what. It's what the Union stands for...
You have betrayed the trust your people have placed in you... as a citizen of your country, I ask you to resign"

She continued to stand perfectly still, looking at Logan with pain in her eyes. But after a moment, signs of confusion reflected in her expression.
Logans eyes were glued to Penny's medallion, as she continued to hold it tight with her hand. His expression began to change, anger and determination begun to fade, replaced with shock, confusion and fear.

Logan took a step back. His weapon loudly fell out of his numb hands and clattered across the floor, as he continued to stare at Penny's medallion.
His eyes slowly turned red. It wasn't from anger, it was from a tear:
"....the medallion, over your neck-" he quietly spoke and voice broke. He closed his eyes, sighing a shaking breath, before he looked at Penny again: "...why do you have it?"

" is a family heirloom" Penny quietly said: " mother used to have one, just like it"

Logan continued to quietly look at Penny. After a moment, she quietly gasped.
Logan was crying, tears quietly rolled down his rough face, as he slowly adjusted his uniform, and revealed a medallion, just like Penny's.

Several seconds passed in silence, and Penny quietly spoke:


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66 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 3 May - 19:35

"well... this just got complicated"

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67 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 3 May - 20:06

Hope slowly rose from the ground, looking at Logan and Penny in confusion:
"I.. don't understand... Penny is a world known singer, how did he never recognize her on tv?"

"...twenty years ago, there was an accident" Penny quietly spoke: "I.. thought that... my parents have died... someone found me and brought me to a hospital. I was only four back then. They said I went through several plastic surgeries, to hide the scars from the accident...
I always thought my parents were dead...." she looked at Logan: "...all this time?.."

" wasn't an accident" Logan quietly said: ".. it was an attack by the Architects.."

Kaylee's expression slowly turned into a scowl, as she began to approach Logan:
" sacrificed your own daughter.............. to build your perfect new world, you unknowingly destroyed your own daughter's life..."
Kaylee muttered as bitter tears streamed down her face: "... you monster"

Logan didn't answer, he just kept quietly staring at Penny. Fresh tears quietly fell down his rough face

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68 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Tue 3 May - 20:36

"this just got very complicated"

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69 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 4 May - 8:08

Twilight looks confused at the twist in mood in the hall. She then swallows once, then stood up again.

"I know you two have a lot to say to eachother, but let's continue this elsewhere. We don't know how long everypony can hold out, correct?"

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70 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 4 May - 10:43

"No more of this mess" Kaylee said with determination: "Penny"

Penny nodded and looked at her father: "....I... I want you to step down"
"Ok.. ok Penny" Logan nodded, slowly drying his face with his hand.

"Director!" Kaylee called: "Tell your men to stand down, they're still fighting up there!"
"Of course.." he quickly nodded and placed a hand to the small radio piece on his ear: "All units stand down, all units stand down. Cease all hostile action, the unidentified aircraft over Adelheid is to be considered friendly. Call off the city's law enforcement"

Kaylee reached for her radio as well: "All units stand down... mission complete..."

As Hope slowly rose from the floor and began straightening her uniform, Logan and Penny still stood quietly in front of each other.
Both awkwardly stood in silence until Penny quietly asked:
Logan shook his head: " sorry..... the attack.. twenty yeard ago.....I, kept her medallion.." Logan gingerly touched the small heirloom over his neck.
".. I see..." Penny looked down.

"Is it finally over?" Hope quietly asked, as she slowly approached you: "...what do you think will happen to them now?"

Kaylee released a long, exhausted sigh and rubbed her eyes and forehead. Then she slightly jerked, as someone called her on her private radio:
"Yes Bodewig.. what is it?" She quietly asked. After a moment she frowned: "..what situation?.... what?? Missing!? How can she be missing!! She's a fourteen year old girl for gods sake, she couldnt have left the ship on her own!.... I dont care if she can control the Mirrors, you find her, now!
God damn it" Kaylee cursed

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71 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 4 May - 19:37

"I see... Now, the fight is over for now... We can finally..."

The words of Kaylee sink in, realizing peace has yet to be found.


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72 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 4 May - 19:46

"Toruviel's gone missing" Kaylee sighed, putting down the radio: "They can't find her anywhere on the ship"

"Well.. I mean..." Hope slowly began: "She's supposed to be like.. two thousand forty years old, or something.. right? She's a responsible adult, I'm sure she's fine.."

"Right, except.." Kaylee sighed, shaking her head: "Toruviel spent the better part of those two thousand years in stasis. Which means she's both mentally and anatomically a fourteen year old girl. One of the soldiers saw her step through a mirror and vanish with no explanation.
What the hell is she thinking?"

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73 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 4 May - 20:23

"probably something along the lines of 'i really should get out of here' "

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74 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 4 May - 20:30

"..why now... why didn't she tell anyone where she was going" Kaylee nervously bit the nail on her thumb: "... damn it"

"I'm sure its... going to be fine" Hope slowly replied: " least, the war is finally over. I can't believe this nightmare has ended.." she looked off to the side at Penny and Logan.

Penny had slowly approached and pressed her forehead into Logan's chest. Logan was hugging her.
They were both silently crying.

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75 Re: B-401-Bodewig on Wed 4 May - 20:43

"Yes, this nightmare has..." She sighs for piece of her mind. Then freaks out a bit.

"But another act popped up immediately again?!"

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