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Digital Waltz - Part 2

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651 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Wed 7 Mar - 11:43

Kaylee Brown wrote:(Cargo Truck)

The robot flew off the truck and violently crashed into a nearby bus stop, completely obliterating it.

The sounds of battle were loudly echoing over the city. From every direction you heard shouting and screeching of steel, as dozens of swords clashed around you in unison.

A pair of batponies suddenly fell onto the roof of the truck, immediately followed by a robot with chainsaws on each hand.

One of the batponies didn't move, his eyes closed, he laid on top of the truck, threatening to fall off at any moment, as the truck wiggled through traffic.

The second batpony was visibly wounded on both of his hands. With a menacing shriek he lifted his swords and lashed out at the robot.
The robot blocked off his attack with a pair of chainsaws and lashed out as well.

Rogue blocks the chainsaws with his forcefield-armoured arms, and then responds with a telekinetically-boosted punch into the robot's chest to push them back.

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652 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Wed 7 Mar - 11:51

The Mage and The Mechanic wrote:(Naomi)
"You want to drive?" Naomi snaps at Rogue as she continues to weave her way through the chaos. Reducing the speed a little bit, but still going quite fast. "We can stop the truck and switch, or you can focus on your job and I can focus on mine"

Frost grimaces closing her eyes to center her self.

"With our luck, it's going to show up at the worst possible time" Radiance gives his shoulder a quick roll to work off the tingling in it.

"I could do both of our jobs if it came down to it" Rogue shouts back down to Naomi "Besides, if the truck crashes, we'll have to walk the rest of the way to the prison, and time's of the essence here."

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653 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Wed 7 Mar - 19:27

"Alright then" Naomi dryly laughs "Don't let that unicorn arrogance toss your ego up anymore." Naomi adjusts the speed again, the truck is still going fast but it is going a more sane speed. "There, I slowed it down for your weak heart. Now stop backseat driving!"

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654 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Wed 7 Mar - 20:51

The Mage and The Mechanic wrote:(Naomi)
"Alright then" Naomi dryly laughs "Don't let that unicorn arrogance toss your ego up anymore." Naomi adjusts the speed again, the truck is still going fast but it is going a more sane speed. "There, I slowed it down for your weak heart. Now stop backseat driving!"

"Oh yes, much better, now it's only the robots trying to kill us" Rogue nods.

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655 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Wed 7 Mar - 22:47

(Cargo Truck)

The last robot was pushed back by Rogue, before Moons lighting strike hit him dead on, making him seize up and crumble sideways, falling off of the speeding truck.

The injured batpony exhaled and lowered the sword.
His unconscious team mate who began slipping off of the roof, was caught by Kaylee, who latched onto him with a death grip.

"Guys, play nice over there" She called over the earpiece:
"We're on the same team, we don't have to be rude.

I feel if we encourage each other, our morale will grow and we'll become more effective"

As the truck continued to move forward, Naomi suddenly noticed a sports car, driving on the opposite lane.
As the trucks head light fell on it, you noticed a robot behind the wheel.


As you quickly examine the road, you only notice two lanes. The sidewalks were small and piled with debris. There's barely any room to maneuver.


"I.. managed to get inside the house and bring us out, just before the bombs hit. We were close to the epicenter, thats why the injuries.." Tomas tried to smile, pointing at his bandaged chest.

He stopped after a while, suppressing a grimace. He was visibly in pain.
"...the Opera Seven have fallen. Emerald has control of the Digital Waltz, and Twilight Sparkle is free and unharmed.
We did win, in a manner of speaking.

As to how we've won.. I guess, if you're stubborn enough and persistent enough, almost anythings possible"

Tomas released another small smile.
He looked like he wanted to say something more, but visibly decided to delay that conversation and changed topics:

"How are you doing Oboro? In general I mean..." Tom looked at you with worry:
"..back at the house.. those memories seemed to have really affected you. Are you okay?"

(Tower Team)

"Its okay" Councilor Mercer said, looking at Mist for a moment: "I've got you" she releasing an encouraging smile.

As time passed, Frosts pain spikes began to subside. The pain was still there, but distand and less notable.

The giant TV screens that hung on the skyscrapers, switched to a different movie, showing two kids, a boy and a girl, dancing around grassy field.
"Mommy mommy, look what we can do!" the girl happily called, dancing around the grass field like crazy.

"Wait up" an older womans voice called and laughed from behind the camera: "Sophie! Stefan! Don't run off too far"

The girl giggled and began spinning in place: "I want to dance mommy! When I grow up, I want to be the best dancer ever!"

The video began looping.

Madelyn stared straight ahead, with a pained expression. After a while she called:

"We're almost at the tower. Just a few more minutes.
There's a maintenance cabin at the very top, that's were we need to go" she said.
Her voice was very quiet.

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656 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Thu 8 Mar - 0:45


“We’re in a truck and he’s in a car. It’s probably won’t cause too much damage!” Moon yelled. Though she actually had no clue, she usually travelled by train, but had been looking into learning to drive. “Well, not as badly damaged as his car anyway.”


She looked up at the Councillor. Well, this was a strange situation she had gotten herself into. But, Mist was reluctant to admit that she was terrified of falling to her death. Unable to do anything, she looked around as two tiny stumps on her back shifted, the little remains of her wings. “I hate flying....”

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657 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Thu 8 Mar - 19:37

(Tower Team)

"We're almost at the top of the tower!" Mercer called.

"That maintenance cabin at the top is really small" Madelyn grimaced: "Gonna be a bit cramped in there."

As you briefly look down, you estimate that you're roughly flying at the altitude of about a 150 floored building.
Madelyn became somewhat uncomfortable, as the wind ruffled her hair.
Councilor Mercer seems unaffected.

A giant shadow suddenly passed over you and vanished. You look up but see nothing.

(Cargo Truck)

"If he rams us at this speed.." Kaylee grimaced: "A head on collision will cause grievous injury, to anyone not seatbelted.
Those seatbelted will likely have less injury.. depending if the seatbelt is secured properly...

We cannot collide with him!"

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658 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Thu 8 Mar - 20:50


“What’s a seatbelt?” She frowned, confused. It seemed Moon still hadn’t quite caught up with modern technologies. Which apparently included seatbelts.


“We better be there soon.” Mist looked down and immediately froze, her face pale. She felt sick, seeing the ground so far down. She would definitely die if she fell, which didn’t make this sensation any better.

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659 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Thu 8 Mar - 21:59

Fires wings fold out from her back. The jets kick on and she shoots off away from the truck like a jet she looks for the passenger side of thevehicle and makes a quick turn. Doing the math in her head. Her wings boost her with an audable "POP" As she accelarates and looks to slam the car out of the road.

Rain growls almost losing her footing, "What is going on up there?!!" She crys out, "If you three are up there dying. stop!"

Burners tank goes from a loud buzz to something much quiter as the air is pumped somewhere else, "Oh yeah full tank!" her hydrolics buzz as air is pumped into her arms and leg. picking up her speed and mechanical strength, "lets have some fun!"

Violets eyes slowly open, "a-am i home?.... w-where am I?... I feel... numb..."

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660 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Thu 8 Mar - 22:44


She looks ahead, confused. "They... Pulled it off? The guys... Made mistakes on that front?"
After a few minutes of silence, she sighs. "I'm glad they allowed us in then... If they truely wanted to stop us, they'd killed us already."

She then looks to him. "I... Just gave up. Seeing what we could face, I didn't think... There was a chance. At least, not without some serious neglectence." She holds her head. "And... I suppose, seeing so much horror at once... Triggered what General Dakova and his men had done to me..." Her face grimaces.


Arnold looked at what went overhead. "That didn't seem friendly. Tell you what, why don't you leave us without flight in there, is that fine?"

"Gotcha. Just have to open it." She looks for a safe place to tear it open.

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661 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Fri 9 Mar - 18:48

Naomi grips the wheel hard. The material can be heard cracking. She prepares to swerve out of the way if Fire's attack doesn't work.

(Radiance / Frost)
Opening her eyes Frost glances down and feels her stomach lurch.

"God damn that's high. Don't drop me eh?" She pats Madelyn on the arm with a nervous chuckle.

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662 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Sat 10 Mar - 14:04

Silent Mist/Moon Dusts wrote:(Moon)

“What’s a seatbelt?” She frowned, confused. It seemed Moon still hadn’t quite caught up with modern technologies. Which apparently included seatbelts.

Rogue extends his forcefield armour to cover the front of the van, and envelopes everyone onboard with a flexible yet firm telekinetic restraint, to provide them all with additional protection if a collision occurs.

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663 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Sun 11 Mar - 22:06

(Cargo Truck)

With a deafening bang, the sports car was knocked off the road and flew inches away from the truck, before crashing into the side of the building behind you.

Kaylee loudly exhaled over the earpiece and laid down on the trucks roof again. Her face was pale as a sheet.

The road seemed to have cleared up a bit. You appear to be headed further and further away from the center of combat.
The edges of the city and the grassy country side began to come into view, on the horizon.

"...I think we're out of danger.. for now" Clopin exhaled, looking around: "Stay on a lookout, just in case"

"We'll soon reach the prison" Kaylee called over the radio:
"It doesn't look like its been hit yet. Look, there it is on the horizon" she pointed at a large gray dot in the distance:

"This is a maximum security prison. The people who serve time there, are either extremely dangerous, or done something very serious:
Audrey Swan, Logan Krauss, Tarmikos, just to name a few.

The prison guards are not expecting us and they don't know about our mission. We'll have to find the prison director and convince him to temporarily release Audrey into our custody, asap.
The more time it takes, the more innocent people fall in danger" she said, squinting at the road ahead.

Several minutes later, you come across a road checkpoint. A guard post is blocking the road with a symbolic gate. A few people in uniform walked into the middle of the road and signaled you to stop.

(Tower Team)

"Don't worry" Madelyn said to Frost: "We'll be fine"

As you fly past another giant ad TV screen, the picture on it changed to giant capital letters, written in dark, over a yellow screen:


"Oh..." Madelyn quietly said: "..damn.." her face slightly went pale.

As you examined the radio tower, you noticed a small platform, next to the maintenance cabin, and a door leading into the cabin.

When you were only a dozen meters away, a giant shadow passed overhead.
Mercer looked up a released a series of swears, in her native language.

With the sound of jet engines and a piercing metalic shriek, a mass of metal had dropped from the sky. It latched onto the top of the radio tower, with a set of colossal razor sharp claws and shrieked at you.

It was a metal griffon, the size of a three floored building.

Its massive steel beak looked like it could tear a tank in half. Four giant paws, with a set of claws the size of a person and two massive steel wings on its back.

It firmly latched onto the top of the tower and stared at you with crazed eyes.
Its beak snapped several times and it shrieked at you.

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664 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Sun 11 Mar - 22:22


"I'm sorry" Tomas quietly said, looking down. After a moment, he continued:

"The truth is, Opera Seven didn't make any mistakes.
Your team was strong. They pulled through. And whatever advantage the Opera Seven had, was impaired by Emerald.
As someone who could hack into most security systems, she was running interference against the Digital Waltz.

Sending them on false trails, feeding them bad information, she kept them away from us as best she could.
They always discovered her bluff and ended up finding us,but that little edge she provided, could have been what allowed us to finish our mission."

Tom sighed: "..she was under a lot of pressure, I guess the stress ultimately took its tall.."

He shook his head in despair and went quiet.

After a few moments, he looked at you again:

" never talked about what happened during the Slavegear event..
Is it okay if I ask you about it? ... what happened to you?"

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665 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Sun 11 Mar - 22:31


As you slowly examine your surroundings, you notice clean white walls and beeping medical equipment.

It takes you several moments to piece together that you're laying in bed, in a large room in some sort of hospital.
Theres two more beds in the room, their occupants appear to be either unconscious or asleep.

The door to your room seems to be slightly ajar.
On the other side you see a group of panicked nurses, talking in nervous voices and rapiddly moving somewhere.

After several minutes you spotted Mira Lerner, the news reporter from earlier.

Mira looked exhausted. She stopped somewhere in the middle of the hall and leaned against the wall, rubbing her face.

After a moment, she looked up and noticed you:

"Violet? Hey, are you awake?" She quietly called, coming a few steps closer and looking inside the room through the half open door.

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666 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Sun 11 Mar - 23:11

Rain feels the slowdown and she steps out of the back of the truck. With a sigh she pulls out her ID and walks up to the guards, "General Runner; im here to see the prison director. Its an emergancy situation. If my presence isn't enough to warrent the meeting we also have Commander Brown." Fire zooms up next to Rain and glares at the guards. She was much taller then her sister. That compared with her armor and her blade she was a very intimadating guard.

Burner peaks out, "ooooo a prison!"

Violet sits up a bit. Moving herself against the beds headboard with a grunt, "Mrs. Mira its good to see you." She smiles and raises her hand up to her, "whats happening... why does it seem to be mass panic?"

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667 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Sun 11 Mar - 23:17


“Tarmikos is here! I’ll have to pop in and say hi! Kinda his fault, you’re not supposed to admit to dangerous science in court, I didn’t.” Moon chuckled, looking out of the window and grinning. “We could always break her out. ‘Maximum security’ usually means they just added a few extra shiny things in.” She pulled a flask out of her coat and took a sip from it. Wherever she was, booze would be with her.


“HOLY FUCKING CRAPFIRE ON A SHITHEAP WHAT THE BLITHERING FUCK IS THAT?!!!” Mist screamed, her legs kicking out. Yep, this was her worst nightmare, a giant robot incredibly high up in the air and she couldn’t fly off.

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668 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Mon 12 Mar - 6:19

Frost doesn't say anything about the large sign message or make any indication she even saw it. Her attention drawn to the large griffon

Frost takes in a deep breath and shouts at the top of her lungs



"Guessing we're fucking stay in the truck protocol. Might as well add to the orgy and get arrested with the team."

Naomi sighs then steps out of the truck. Pulling her dog takes from under her shirt so that they are visible, straightens her jacket, and shifting to a more soldier-like stride. A subconscious part of her taking over her physical actions.

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669 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Mon 12 Mar - 19:56


Twilight, along with the two stallions she was holding, just looked at it with wide eyes. After five seconds, they spoke in unison.

"Oh, fuck."

Arnold snapped out of it and began barking orders.
"Frost! Blast that door open and get in! Then throw us inside there, princess. I need you to distract this, even if I-"

Twilight cuts him off. "Understood. Just get to work asap."


She looks down, sadness hanging over her. "It's heavy..." She lets out a sigh. "My family was on a trip around several countries, a long vacation. I wasn't there, I was trying to get into college, for a study I don't even care anymore for." She lets out a sigh. "I gave them a call, to see if they were safe during that time. They were, but not for long..." She swallows a lump in her throat. "At the same time the "heroes of Adeheid" were in the Sprawl, my family was there too... I saw it... I saw those fuckers fight the Artemissans... And their clash got them killed..."

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670 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Tue 13 Mar - 1:28

"Right! Hang on a second!" Frost takes a deep breath and brings her hands close together. A ball of magical energy swirls and morphs into shape. With a slight wince at the pain the spell is probably going to cause she launches the orb at the door.

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671 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Tue 13 Mar - 10:52

Silent Mist/Moon Dusts wrote:(Moon)

“Tarmikos is here! I’ll have to pop in and say hi! Kinda his fault, you’re not supposed to admit to dangerous science in court, I didn’t.” Moon chuckled, looking out of the window and grinning. “We could always break her out. ‘Maximum security’ usually means they just added a few extra shiny things in.” She pulled a flask out of her coat and took a sip from it. Wherever she was, booze would be with her.

"If they're in there, it's usually for a good reason" Rogue says to Moon, dispelling his forcefield armour and sitting down on the roof of the driver's cabin "He was the guy that turned himself into a living nuke, right?"

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672 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Tue 13 Mar - 12:15

“Yeah. Kinda stupid for him to admit to illegal experiments. I mean, I do it all the time, I just don’t tell anyone.” Moon frowned “Also, I really don’t think it was his intention to turn himself into a bomb. Kinda counterproductive if you ask me.” She looked over at Rogue, smiling.

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673 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Tue 13 Mar - 23:54

(Cargo Truck)

Kaylee looked down and sighed: "...people who are serving time in this prison, mostly have one thing in common, they endangered innocent lives.. and that's.. not okay"

She made sure the two batpony paratroopers, who ended up on the truck, were being taken care of by Clopin and their wounds being patched up, before she jumped off the roof and walked closer to everyone at the checkpoint.

One of the guards stretched out his hand and inspected Rains ID. The others were methodically scanning the crowd with their eyes. Their sight eventually fell on Firewing. Her height and visible cybernetics were making them uncomfortable.

" usually need a permit to enter the prison" one of the guards said, looking at everyone. His eyes subconsciously shifted to the pillars of smoke, rising from the city in the distance.

He chewed on his lip for a moment, then gave Rain her ID back:

"..alright, go on through. We'll phone in ahead, the director be expecting you when you arrive" he stepped aside and waved his partners to open the gate.

Kaylee flew up onto the roof again and sat down, crossing her legs. Anxiety and restlessness were beginning to show in her body language.

The drive to the prison took another 3 minutes. The closer you came, the more the scope of its security came into view.
It looked like a fortress. Two rows of massive, 10 meters tall walls. A giant reinforced structure in the middle. Barbed wire, security cameras, motion sensors, watch towers. Regular patrols around the perimeter, both on foot and on vehicles.

It looked like a fortified castle, more than anything else.

As you drove to the front gate, its massive metal door slowly opened, revealing a large courtyard inside.

Two dozen armed guards were waiting there, standing in two perfect rows.

A man in military fatigues and a sun cap was standing in front of them, arms crossed and glaring in your direction.

He stood perfectly still, alongside his men and waited for the truck to stop and everyone to climb out, before he began to talk. His booming, raspy voice, reminded you of a bark:

"...why is the General of Nyx, together with her entourage, visiting my prison, while Adelheid burns?
Shouldn't you be out there? In the city?" accusation and judgement were ringing clear in his voice:
"Your visit was not scheduled. Why are you here?"

(Tower Team)

The door was loudly blown off its hinges, as the orb smashed into it.
A brief sting of pain washed over Frost, but it was bearable.

Without wasting a moment, Madelyn quickly accelerated and dropped off Frost at the door, immediately accelerating away from the tower and flying next to the griffons face, swinging her axe through the air and trying to get its attention.

Councilor Mercer frowned a bit, then flew towards the roof of a nearby skyscraper and sat Mist down:

"...lets draw it towards this roof. It will give us solid ground to make a stand and draw it away from the tower.."

"...uhh.. guys..." Madelyn called in fear: "Its not working!!!"

The TV ad board turned off and went fully dark.

The griffon ignored both Maddie and Twilight. Its crazed eyes were fixated on Frost, and as she landed inside the maintenance cabin, the griffon shrieked and began climbing towards it.

Raising its razor sharp paw, it violently smashed the wall of the cabin, leaving a very deep dent and almost knocking the whole structure off of the tower.
Inside, Frost was briefly sent flying against the cabins wall.


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674 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Tue 13 Mar - 23:54


Mira smiled in relief: "Its good to see you too Violet" she reached out and shook your hand.

Then looked around and sat on a nearby chair, next to the bed.
Her expression became a bit saddened, grim. It took her several moments before she started to speak, it seems she was trying to choose her words carefully:

"...the worst kind of opponents.. are the ones created by us.. as a society, I mean...

Long ago, they were people, regular people, just like you and me. They had normal lives, normal jobs. And one day, something so horrible happened to them, that it changed them, forever.
Even if they could go back to their old life, they may not have wanted to"

She sighed deeply:

"...there was once a young dancer named Sophie Guther. A happy girl who projected light, were ever she went... and one day, she was kidnapped. Her consciousness ripped out of her body and shoved inside a machine.

Her biological body, thrown into a dirty alley. To the world, she was dead.

In reality, she was chained by a Neurochip and left to suffer, deep in the darkness, underground.
Mind controlled to do someones dirty work.

Surveillance. Blackmail. Sabotage. Assassination. She was mind controlled to do all those things. For 44 long years... and she wasn't the only one"

Mira looked at you with a grim expression: "I want to tell her story, to the world.

Hers, Madelyns, everyone who was imprisoned in the Labyrinth. I want the world to know, what they went through...
Moments like this... its why I became a reporter... people must know the truth... its.. important.."

Her expression was grim, tormented. She wrapped herself in her arms and looked towards the window:

"...Our allies destroyed the Opera Seven... but.. for Emerald, it wasn't enough.

She's in a dark place now... lashing out... against the world, against her captors, against people in general.

And I keep thinking that... could it have been avoided?... so many things, could've been avoided...
If people were just... kinder.. to each other.. more attentive..

We all live in this world together.. shouldn't we find a way to, get along.." she quietly said, more to herself. Her sight becoming distant, as she stared into space.

After a moment, she shook her head and smiled to you:

"I'm sorry, I rambled a little bit... how are you feeling? I heard the doctors say you could be on your way home, first thing tomorrow morning"

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675 Re: Digital Waltz - Part 2 on Wed 14 Mar - 0:02


Tomas looked down, his expression a mix of torment and sadness:

"...I'm so sorry, Oboro.." he quietly said: "..if my father hadn't-..." he shook his head in hopelessness.

"..I was studying too, before the event.. right here in Adelheid.. electronics and technology, can you believe it?" he looked up, giving you a weak smile. His expression became sad quickly and he looked down again:

"...I... know that feeling... sometimes, something happens and.. you feel you can't go back to your old life anymore.. even if you could"

He sighed. For a long moment, the room was filled with silence. Only the distant beeping of medical equipment and hushed voices of nurses outside, were the only sounds in the room.

After a while, Tom looked at you again:

"...I.. don't know what I'm going to do.. after... all this. Probably gonna get arrested. Shoved in a tiny cell somewhere" he looked away with a smile. The thought didn't seem to bother him:

"But.. if I could... I guess I.. would still try to find some way... some way to help people... something only I can do. Some way to make up for my fathers sins.."

He sent a hand through his face, wiping his eyes. Then looked at you with a small smile:

"..what about you? What will you do, after this?"

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