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The Hyuugan Mash - A Nightmare Night Story

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"Well of course... if im going make a weapon thats gonna change warfare it best be patented hah! Its called a wheel lock mechinism. Basically its a steel wheel inside against a flint. You pull the hammer back, it compresses a spring inside. There is a flint on the hammer as well that strikes against that lever." She reaches over and flicks forward the lever that goes over where the hammer would land. "That strikes that and ignites black powder all the way though to the barrel where it fires your round. This is the sidearm varient, like I said. I have the sidearm, the main weapon which im working on a blade to go on the front, and the unicorn varient." She nods, "but this is in fact patantend."

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Sand steps over to the railing and takes a seat. Her legs swinging loosely and her hands placed casually in her lap. It appears that she has perfect balance, sitting on the railing as if it was a chair.

"So what's the difference between the unicorn variant and simply using levitation magic to fire one of the standard ones? Why use one of these new weapons when magic is so powerful? Can I buy one off of you?" There is barely a breath between the questions, Sand seeming to want to get them all out in one sentence

Omega stands and scans the room for any of the crew. His 6'7'' figure allowing him to see over the heads of most. If he see's one of the crew he waves to get their attention, gesturing to Zoy.

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"Well not everyone can use magic, and the unicorn varient is something i want to test to find out if the idea works or not... and no..." she huffs, "no you cant take one with you, you'll have to buy your own at some point if these go into production." She crosses her arms.

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Kaylee Brown wrote:(Council Meeting)

"Of course" Mercer nodded to Rogue: "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to alarm you"

Kaylee gave a thumbs up and shined a blinding smile: "Don't you guys worry, this concert is happening, even if the world falls"
She collected her documents, then looked at you a little more serious:

"The trush is, there's always something happening somewhere. We just don't always hear about it on the news.
But rest assured, there are brave men and women in the police force and the military, standing guard all over the world, to make sure we can live a peaceful life. Trust in them. We'll be okay" she smiled and began getting up.

Mercer looked at Violet with curiosity and nodded:
"We could head to the top deck, at the far end of the ship. It should be safe there"

Harlequin nodded:"Yes, I would like to see it as well"

As Twilight approached, Kaylee emitted a high pitched excited squeel:
"Buuuaaaaah Twilight!!" Kaylee latched on to Twilights arm and doesn't seem to be showing signs of letting go any time soon:
"I missed you" Kaylee said smiling: "How are you? Tell me how you've been"
She started walking after Violet, Mercer and Harlequin, dragging Twilight along:
"Come on, tell me on the way"

Rogue stops and watches the others leave, until he's alone in the room. "If only that were true..." he sighs, before walking briskly after them to catch up.

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Kaylee Brown wrote:(Top Deck)

"That's impressive" Harlequin said, thinking: "I wander how this concept can be further developped"

"Me! Me!" Ash called: "I wonna try!" She clapped her hands twice in excitement.
A moment passed and her expression suddenly turned serious. She looked off into space somewhere and froze up.
Kaylee seems to be acting the same way.

After several moments you noticed they both had an earpiece. They seem to be intently listening to something, until Kaylee sighed:

"Oh god, not again" she started rubbing her eyes in exhaustion: "That girl has no chill"

"Reminds me of someone I know" Ashley mirked.

"What are you saying" Kaylee grimaced at Ash.

"Nothing, she just reminds me of someone" Ashley shrugged, smirking.

Kaylee exhaled and pressed on her earpiece: "You next to an intercom?... okay, send an announcement please" she lowered her hand and waited.

After several moments, you heard Riza's voice over the ships speakers:

"Attention all passengers, if anyone seen a blond haired girl in purple coat, five years of age, named Zoy Belkin, please notify the nearest crewman, her father is looking for her."

"Certainly sounds like she's getting pointers from somewhere" Rogue smirks as he catches up with the group, "Though I wasn't aware there were any guests of that age onboard?"

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(The Bar)

As you scan the area you notice a man wearing Union mechanics fatigues, walk into the bar. He's standing by the door, twisting his head left and right. He seems to be looking for something.

As you wave to him, he immediately zeroes in on you and Zoy, then says something into his walkie-talkie, before appraoching you with a small smile:

"Good evening everyone, thank you for looking out for her"

He smiled to Zoy: "Lets go find your dad"

"Yaaay!" Zoy threw her hands up in excitement: "You coming with, right?" She asked, looking at Firewing and Omega.

The crewman opened the door and stepped into the hall, waving you to follow.

"Omega, what is your occ-..occupation?" Zoy asked, looking wide eyed and smiling.

(Top Deck)

"I'm sorry Twilight-" Ash said with an apologetic smile: "You can't smoke on the ship, its a fire hazard.
Also Kaylee over there is asthmatic, and I don't think she plans leaving your side anytime soon"

Kaylee zoned out for a moment, you get the feeling she's listening to her earpiece again. She finally smiled and looked at you:

"Okay crisis over, Zoy's been found" she looked at Rogue:

"The Nightmare Night festival aboard Hyuuga was originaly organized for the families of the Union security forces and the citizens of Lastochka port town.
A lot of them came with kids"

"You seem to have.. history.. with this Zoy child" Harlequin quietly said: ".. do you know her?"

"Its hard not to know Zoy" Kaylee giggled a bit: "She makes herself known pretty fast.
We've been stationed at this port for about a week now, Zoy infiltrated our ship on day one, via amphibious assault. Was half way to the weapons control center, when Riza picked her up. That's how we met her. That girl has no fear"

Ashley smirked: "No breaks and no self preservation instincts more like"

Harlequin frowned a bit: "Her father doesn't look out for her?"

"He tries his best" Kaylee sighed, releasing a sad smile:
"Its hard being a single dad, balancing work and family. Benny works as an engineer for for the Union navy. They move around a lot, been living in Lastochka for about a month now.
Benny and Zoy are a fun bunch, things usually get lively around them"

Kaylee lifted Violets weapon and looked down the sights:
"...mmm... long range weapon, just my style.. hehe.." she looked at the ocean:
"We don't have a target though huh.."

She thought for a moment, then clicked her earpiece:
"Attention! Captain Brown to Fire Control! Action stations! Load training buoy into torpedo hatch three! Rotate 90 degrees, prepare to fire stern, over!"

A moment passed before someone barked into her earpiece, loud enough for you to hear:

"FIRE" Kaylee barked at the top of her lungs.
Harlequin crouched down in alarm and covered her ears, expecting a deafening blast.

A second ticked by, before you heard a barely audible, unsatisfying and unceremonious pop, like an opened champagne bottle. An orange colored ball shot out of some deck below you and flew a hundred meters into the ocean, landing with a soft splash.

"We use these for fire training" Kaylee said, closing one eye and looking down the sights of her weapon again:
"Our ships artilery was dismantled and taken off, but we still have the buoys"

Kaylee softly exhaled and pulled the trigger.

The shot missed completely, falling a good 5 meters away.

"Wow Kaylee, that was awful" Ash said, smiling.

"Whatever! Its not easy!" Kaylee said, lowering the weapon: "You try!"

"Okay, I won't fail" Ash said, aiming down the sights. Her weapon fired.
The shot landed 15 meters away from the buoy. Ash started laughing: "Oh god this is really hard"

She and Kaylee passed the weapons back to Violet.

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Violet smiles and takes one, "its not hard at all darlings... then again I have had alot of practice." She reloads the pistol first, then the musket, "the long gun is easier then the short gun if you want to try loading it kaylee or mercer... feel free." She adjusts, shouldering the long rifle. She leans forward resting on her elbows on the the railing and taking aim. Her muscles visibly relax and she becomes incredibly still, her breathing seems to have slowed a fair bit. Seconds later she fires at the practice target.

Rain leans over, "hun... do we have any ships like this?"

Fire chuckles and gets up following along, "Such an exiteable child... reminds me of well... me when i was younger." She looks back to her companions.

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"I'm a smith," Omega follows along answering Zoy "Both metal and leather. I make weapons and armor for adventurers like her," He gestures to Fire "Nothing quite beats a handcrafted blade eh Fire?"

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"Its the only way if you ask me." She nods to omega, "I dont think i ever mentioned that my mother was a smith." She smirks, "Ny father was a gardener oddly enough. My sister mostly spent her time our dad, but I learned alot about what I know from my mom, my blade was crafted before i left home." She sighs, thoughts making their way into her mind.

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With a critical eye, Twilight looked over the guns. She seems to be mulling something over. When called on it, she takes the smoke and tosses it out , the small object burning to nothing. ~I'll find another place to smoke then. I'm gonna need them.~

She then focusses on the weapons again. "..... What exactly do you mean with "revolutionizing warfare"? If the Union is correct, their unification will make sure war is a thing of the past. Perhaps it's more the revolution of "armed combat" and I'm reading too deep into this."

She then narrows her eyebrows, still looking at the weapon. "Unless there's someone out there preparing to go to war."

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"This world is plauged with warfare twilight." She frowns, "as good as the union does to stop it its bound to happen." She rests on her cane once more setting the long gun to the side, " nyx is part of the union now as far as i know anyway. It can be introduced into future skirmishes and missions. Terrorist threats are still a big issue darling twilight and if im wrong about there being a future war then so be it." She smiles at the purple princess, "but im sure you have no doubt that its better to be prepared and be one step ahead from something that wants to kill you then the other way around."

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"The best cure is prevention." She says coldly. "Besides, looking at the last battles, they came from within the Union itself, with tools from the Union. Akin to a rebel group attacking what they percieved as a wrong system of government."

She folds her arms. "Which makes one wonder though... What is this Unification really for?"

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Violet shrugs, "the unification of countrys. The land is still split up into their territorys but we are all unified by peace and prosperity." She looks to kaylee and mercer, "do forgive me darlings but as great as you guys are doing the union has relied on a few heros to solve their problems rather then the unions protectors themselfs. Multiple iconic and heavily polictical figures have gone through multiple life threatening situations and skirmishes."

She looks back to twilight, "has it crossed your mind how your friends lost their lives... how innocent they were and how they shouldn't have even been apart of that in the first place? Fire who died trying to protect you guys... got turned into a machine. Radience almost did too. His friend DID get turned into a machine... so many stories from so many diffrent people its rediculous and instead of the union handling these issues like their supposed to NOTHING happened. Instead of rasing security and refusing bribes and going on high alert..." she looks to kaylee and mercer, "You two almost signed a contract to slaughter countless, nameless, poor and completely innocent and defenseless people!"

Her kind and withheld nature slips away as she looks to the political figures, "This is getting out of hand... I cant just..." she shakes her head and lets out a soft growl her eyes turning to rain, "You shouldn't have even gotten involved... in fact you should had stayed behind and protected your loved ones. Yet you decided to be a hero and risk your life and at the last minutes your entire military AND your girlfriend to save a city."

She starts walking to the door, her cane tapping against the metal floor, "But no it all worked out in the end didn't it. Only a couple hundred pedestrians got botted and the entire. Citys communications got blown to shit by the unions own missiles and even that almost didn't work because some rich assholes got ahold of a scientists cube. How unsecure are your facilitys!" She shakes her head, "whatever... play with the guns... im going to my room..."

Rain stands there stunned her eyes wide and can only watch her leave, "Jesus..." she finally says.

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"The Union hasn't exactly done the best to strike confidence" Sand watches Rain "They're the biggest target around and so everyone blames them for every problem they have. And because everyone is a part of the Union, everyone gets caught in the crossfire.

If world peace was a possibility, it would have been accomplished long ago. We'd be building things to explore the starts, heal sickness. Instead, we've focused our efforts on creating weapons, enacting vengeance, and holding onto an impossible dream."

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(The Bar)

"Mmmm I see, I see" Zoy crosses her arms and smiles, she seems thoughtful:

"Blacksmith and Warrior. One complements the strengths of the other. Two are much stronger together. I see"

She seems to be absorbed in her own thoughts, energetically thinking something over, periodically smilling and nodding to herself.

(Top Deck)

The buoy visibly jumped backwards, as the shot rang. It appears to be a direct hit.

"Nice!" Ash nodded with a smile.

Harlequin leaned closer to Rain: "Nyx isn't connected to any coastlines, so we don't really have a navy.
We do have Nyx citizens serving on foreign warships though"

Mercer deeply sighed:
"..the worlds unification was made for the prosperity of mankind. For everyone.
Regardless of gender, race, religion, beliefs, country or social status, everyone is equal, for all life is precious.

And thus, all should have equal rights and equal opportunities.
The right to recieve healthcare. The right to receive security, the right to live in safety, the right for prosperity, the right to study in the university of your choosing." Mercer quietly said. She seems tired and a little sad:

"..the countries of Lumina and Demeter, have been at war, for the past century. Each one possesses a resorce the other one needs, and it has been a cause for unmeasurable bloodshed.
These countries are at war no longer.

The Union ensures fare trade, and everyone recieves exactly what they need, to prosper.

Nyx has been conquered and enslaved, over and over, for the past six hundred years, because it possesses a rare crystal that everyone wants.

Nyx is now free. The Union builds hospitals on Nyx' soil and establishes Univercities there. Nyx supplies Tilerium, that allows the Union to build new age prosthetics, so veterans like Kaylee can walk, and see.

The country of Tesia is home to the greatest Univercity of magic, this world has ever seen. Tesian borders were closed, for over fifty years.
A young student of magic named Tali, who lives in Equestria, wanted to attend this univercity, but she wasn't allowed.

Tesian borders are now open, and the student exchange program allows young minds to study in any place of knowledge of their choosing"

Mercer paused, looking at Twilight:
"Do you understand what I mean... the Union allows prosperity for all.
But more than that, it allows security.

I am an Equestrian citizen. I was born there, raised there. Served most of my life in Equestrian military.

I love my country and I'd give my life to protect its people.
But that doesn't mean that, if I see a war crime happenig on the other side of the globe, that I won't pick up my sword and rush there, and protect people I don't even know, or give my life to save them.

I will do all these thing and the Union allows me to do it. If I have military resources to help countries like Nyx, then I should help them.
That's what I believe.

The Union of countries is a synergy, that supports and protects each other.

And while we can try to protect each other, we can't change human nature"

Mercer sighed: "Both good and bad people exist in this world.
Which means, there will be conflict.

A terrorist threat, a war, something else, who can tell.

The Union can't be held responsible for human nature, but it can make sure, that whenever a threat does arise,

We will face it together, as one. For we are all human.

Help each other and support each other, that, is the purpose of the Union"

Mercer quietly said and smiled.

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Violets ears perk, her sensitive ears picking up the conversation "If we are all unified, all equal, then why is it you guys always going up against whatever big atrocity is next..." she calls from down the hall, "Im all for fixing the worlds problems, opening borders, freeing contrys and i appreciate you protecting us but why didn't you supply more help for the waltz issue." She glares, "why didn't you up security in the office. Why didn't the whole union go on high alert and ramp up security and countermeasures in aldihide and your familys. Slice communications and start cracking down on where these people were. Guards at the heros of aldihide convention or whatever it was clearly weren't enough! Searches could have been conducted, mesures taken place. As a citizen who was there it was terrorfying and intense. The whole area was uneasy." She glares, "I get it, its hard work, it takes resorces but where are those resorces and mesures at when everyone is in danger. Where is that equality because from what i saw people were underprotected. I saw a huge truck carrying neurochips RIGHT outside a mob bar and there was a massive warehouse undergound filled with mechanical bodies from what i hear. Were the people transporting these things undergoing searches? Were the bosses making sure the correct products were being shipped out? What? Kaylee? Mercer?" She looks to the two expecting an answer.

She shakes her head, "im not trying to blame the union, you guys freed nyx. But with recent happenings there is alot more you can do then just unify and passify nations!"

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Mercer raised her hand in a calming manner:

"Peace, Violet. I understand you lived through a terrifying experience, and you want someone to be held accountable, but please, do not say we did nothing to stop it.

Too many brave men and women of the Union armed forces, lost their lives, or were horribly injured, during the tragic events of these past few years.
The Architect Wars, the Mirror of Toruviel, Slavegear, The Opera Seven. Each time, the Union forces were called upon, and they acted, to the best of their ability.

Men and women, soldiers, police officers, paramedics and firefighters, stood up when it mattered and did what they had to do. They believed in self sacrifice and too many have lost their lives, trying to secure peace with their sacrifice.

Just because we didn't witness them do it, doesn't mean their actions didn't take place.

Somewhere, at this very moment, right now, a crime is taking place, somewhere in the world. And someone, a police office or a soldier, is trying his hardest to stop it.
We can't see him and we don't know what he's doing, but he's there."

Mercer sighed: "...the recent events in Adelheid were tragic, by all account.

The Opera Seven were a collection of criminals, who held allegiance to no one. They saluted no flag.
They utilized a computer network to blackmail the world, turning everyone into puppets, dancing on strings.

Thus, they were the enemy of the world.

By the time I realized what was happening, they had already blackmailed me. I could not counteract their efforts. I couldn't heighten security or order the Neurochip trucks to be stopped.
They threatened to kill my daughter..." Mercer sighed:

"I was turned into a puppet, like everyone else.

I.. did have a plan in mind... stage my own death. Escape their blackmail. Disappear into the shadows. Work in secret to expose them... but... they discovered my intentions... somehow...

Just before the conference meeting ended, back in the Union Building in Adelheid, I got a phone call, informing me that my subordinate, the one who was going to help me stage my death, was murdered, just outside the Council Building.

A moment later, a man had walked into the conference room. I looked at him, and he looked at me, and we both realized he was a Digital Waltz assassin, sent to kill me for my disobedience.

It would have ended right there. Until Clopin came.

Clopin raised his hand and blew the assassins brains out, all over the conference room, then 'Took Us Hostage'. Thus ensuring the Opera Seven could no longer control me.
From there, you know what happened.

I had no option, but to wait for Clopin, Tomas and Emerald to play out their hand, hoping their plan would succeed.

Once the Digital Waltz fell, I sent a call to all Union forces in the area, to converge on Adelheid immediately.
They fought bravely, and they did their best, even if we didn't see all of them, they were there.

I'm sorry for the tragic events that happened, and the horror you had to experience.

But please, trust me when I say, tens of thousands of soldiers, police officers, paramedics and firefighters took part in Adelheids final battle, and they all put their lives on the line, to safeguard everyone as best as they could" Mercer quietly said with a nod

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Violets golden eyes burned into Mercer, such a peaceful mare upset by past happenings set high tention in the air. With a deep breath and a sigh, she sets both hands on her cane and closes her eyes, "you four may experiment with the weapons... practice reloading them, hone your aim." She looks back up, "I will be up in my room, when you are finished be sure to return to me with a report on your thoughts or opinions on them. If you see them fit i would like a small team to hone and perfect their design back at my home. For now just... try them out and get back to me when you see fit." She turns around and sees herself the rest of the way out, "If im not in my room, im with the physical therapist!" She starts her way down the stairs to the medical wing.

Fire looks over, "it is a decent match up isn't it... hay buddo you think you could get my hands on a two handed hammer... i sure could use one for some of the desert ceatures that like to lurk around."

Rain looks to violet as she leaves, "Such an innocent girl..." she sighs and approaches the weapons, picking the sidearm up she weighs it in her palm before handling it like violet had and takes aim. She does her best to steady herself before fireing. She pulls the trigger, releasing her shot.

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"If you've got the cash I'll make whatever you want" Omega nods "Might take a bit, my forge is in Verria. It's worth the wait though, nothing quite compares to wolf-made steel."

"I can't blame her" Sand seems to have pulled a sketchbook from nowhere and is now drawing the group. "It's hard to see the good when you're neck deep in the bad. There are days when I feel better sprinting through a collapsing ruin than I do walking downtown in Adelheid. But I'm also not having a good time unless my adrenaline is spiking, so maybe I'm just weird like that"

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The princess of causing controversy let some information sink in.

"If it was prosperity for all, why wasn't it possible to make business deals over that, with underlying codes that transgressions would lead to significant repurcussions? I just don't see the point of making all actual governments fall under one banner. Of course, the distribution of information and resources is somethingI'm all for, but it's also spread to those who wish to cause chaos and pain, as seen with some of the recent battles. Is that an oversight, or a necessary drawback?"

She then goes back to her usual thinking position. "I know that the chance for Equestria to actually leave the Union are nihil, but I was wondering if it's possible if the agreements were more about trading and business rather then being part of the government."

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Dunemere wrote:
"I can't blame her" Sand seems to have pulled a sketchbook from nowhere and is now drawing the group. "It's hard to see the good when you're neck deep in the bad. There are days when I feel better sprinting through a collapsing ruin than I do walking downtown in Adelheid. But I'm also not having a good time unless my adrenaline is spiking, so maybe I'm just weird like that"

"Admittedly much of downtown Adelheid is a collapsing ruin at this point" Rogue shrugs "But I get where you're coming from, though in my opinion it's keeping your eye on the good that allows you to soldier through the bad. I guess that's why the Heroes of Adelheid came together in the first place... Too often the official channels of dealing with things, the police, the army, etc, are constrained by red tape and law, and can't react quickly enough to developing threats on the ground. But a small ragtag gang of misfits thrown together by chance or design, can adapt quickly and target specific objectives, sort of like special forces but with less budget."

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While Rouge speaks a falcon flies over to the railing Sand is sitting on perches beside her. Sand glances at the bird and starts petting it with the backs of her front three fingers for a moment then goes back to her drawing. The bird doesn't seem bothered by the group or the noise of the weapons being fired.

"They should be getting paid. They've saved the lives of billions three times in the past few years. Stopped a demon army, prevented global genocide, and collapsed a decades-old shadow regime. Maybe people like Violet wouldn't be focusing on the negatives if the Heroes carried the flag of the Union officially at their back"

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Dunemere wrote:While Rouge speaks a falcon flies over to the railing Sand is sitting on perches beside her. Sand glances at the bird and starts petting it with the backs of her front three fingers for a moment then goes back to her drawing. The bird doesn't seem bothered by the group or the noise of the weapons being fired.

"They should be getting paid. They've saved the lives of billions three times in the past few years. Stopped a demon army, prevented global genocide, and collapsed a decades-old shadow regime. Maybe people like Violet wouldn't be focusing on the negatives if the Heroes carried the flag of the Union officially at their back"

"Legitimacy's a double-edged sword" Rogue shakes his head "On the one hand, you're right, you'd get a paycheck and the backing of the law, but on the other, you'd've to dance to their tune, have less choice of where and how you operate, and might even get roped in as political pawns. Remember that the Heroes of Adelheid also caused some atrocities against their will, such as when they were mind-controlled to use Slavegear, and through inaction, such as when Emerald took over the Opera House right in front of us."

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The buoy jumped slightly, the shot grazed its side.

Mercer nodded with a small sigh: "The Union isn't perfect and not without drawbacks, but perfection is something that's impossible to achieve.
Its something that we must strive towards, and by doing so, create the best possible solution for all.

By getting rid of the borders and uniting the world under one flag, we encourage and promote open travel. Artists, historians and scientists bring with them a part of their culture, promoting understanding of the different customs in the world.
With understanding, comes friendship and comradery among the people of the world.

Most Union warships are comprised of sailors from half a dozen countries around the world, working together towards the same goal, safeguarding the people, everywhere.

All of these things create very strong bonds between nations, something that's not easily broken.

Isolation and separation at this point, would only bring strife.

We are all human, are we not. Its only fitting we would all stand together"

Mercer sighed: "It saddens me to hear that you feel unsafe, walking through the streets of the Unions capital city. And we will work hard, to change that perception.
Making our people feel safe, is something we strive towards.

The Union military will be your shield, always and as it should be, I promise" Mercer bowed her head slightly.

Kaylee looked at the orange colored horizon, as the sun slowly set in the ocean:

" will be dark soon.. and you're probably tried from the journey to Lastochka.. perhaps we should continue this another time" she looked at the weapons case next to her.

"I'll be in my quarters Kaylee" Mercer nodded slightly, then looked at you: "It was a pleasure meeting all of you"

Kaylee began slowly packing the weapons case, with Harlequins help. Then Harlequin lifted it onto her shoulder and everyone began slowly making their way towards the depths of the ship.

"Quite the day huh?" Kaylee weakly called, looking at you. She seems tired and worn out, as she walked through the halls of the ship.
After a few moments, her eyes lit up slightly:

"...hey, I know what we can do to finish this day. I can reconfigure the projector in the conference room, there's a really fun movie I have on DVD, we can watch it there. I'll drag in a large sofa from the bar, should be enough room for everyone"

Kaylee beamed her blinding smile.

Just around the corner, you notice Omega, Eva and Firewing pop into view, with a small child sitting on Fire's shoulders.

"Zoy!" Kaylee laughed a bit, smiling.

"Captain Kaylee!" Zoy called in a tiny voice, jumped off of Firewing's shoulders, ran up and hugged Kaylee.

"You're off making trouble?" Kaylee asked, hugging her back.

"I always make trouble" Zoy giggled a bit, then took a step back, and Kaylee called: "Atten-tion!"

Zoy straightened up and gave a formal salute. Kaylee saluted her back with a smile.

"Captain! I scouted the entire harbor before we departed, and found absolutely no suspicious figures sir!" Zoy called in a tiny voice, still saluting.

"Atta girl" Kaylee ruffled her hair, then pulled something out of her pocket and handed it to Zoy. It was a real navy patch, something the sailors wore on their shoulders. The patch showed a blue ship with the writing sewed into it:

Union Destroyer
B-031 Hyuuga

"Wow! For me??" Zoy called excitedly holding the patch.

"You're my number one scout" Kaylee said, smiling: "Now you're officially part of the crew"

"I'll do my best Captain!!" Zoy called, grinning ear to ear.
She held the patch close to her heart then looked at everyone present:

"HI! I'm Zoy! What's your name!"

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"Are we talking 5-star blockbuster or B-movie with bad completely terrible acting?" Omega ponders right before the two groups intersect.

Sand gives the girl a wide smile "Hey! I'm Alessandra, but call me Sand. The full name is a mouthful. And this guy here" she gestures to the falcon now perched on her shoulder "this is Ornstein"

Orstein ruffles his feathers slightly adjusting his footing.

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