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Witchers of Nifelheim

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626Witchers of Nifelheim - Page 26 Empty Re: Witchers of Nifelheim on Wed 10 Oct - 22:12

Rains helmet was on and by the time they started going through the storm she gripped the seat in front of her and closed her eyes bracing for the impact. When she looks up she looks around, she reaches up to her shoulder and turns onthe suits flashlight, pulling her rapier she examins the surrounding blackness.

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627Witchers of Nifelheim - Page 26 Empty Re: Witchers of Nifelheim on Wed 10 Oct - 22:17

Kaylee Brown wrote:Gear packed into the back of the humvee (Summary)
1x inflatable raft
2x oars
lifejackets for everyone

4x First aid kits

Rations for everyone, will last for 1 week
Water for everyone, will last for 1 week

2x More First Aid Kits
5x 250 page empty notebooks with layered pages
5x Braille pens (punctures the first layer of the page to allow writing in Braille)
1x Wetsuit and pair of flippers.
1x Winter clothing for use in -40°C weather
4x sets of extra civilian clothing.

Kaylee's final gear:
1x Environmental Hard Suit
1x Katana
2x Combat knives

1x Flashbang grenade
1x Smokescreen grenad

1x First aid kit

Johan final gear:
1x Environmental Hard Suit
1x Stiletto knife

1x First aid kit



Mercer grimly looked at you, one last time with determination, then nodded:

"God speed" She loudly patted the top of the humvee, signaling you to go.

Kaylee tightly gripped the wheel with both hands and floored the gas pedal. The humvee jerked forward and came into motion, gradually speeding across the rough, barren terrain.

"Oh, vitamins? I'll have one" Johan excitedly called from his seat.

".....I'll be fine" Kaylee quietly said. She was keeping her eyes on the road, her mask obscuring her expression.

Rolling through the barren terrain with no roads, the humvee was jumping up and down the small hills that peppered the area. The massive pillar with its top blown off, was beginning to draw closer and closer.

You could see the lightning strikes of the storm above, violently hammering the scorched terrain around the pillar. The night sky coated the area like a blanket, obscuring your vision. Only the piercing headlights of the humvee and lightning, cut through the night.

It was hard to breath. Even harder to see through the suits visor, as the humvee kept jerking from side to side and the pillar drew closer.

"BRACE FOR IMPACT!!!" Kaylee barked, as the jeep entered the range of the storm. Blinding flashes of light were hammering the scorched terrain, left and right. One smashing close, one afar.
Your heart was pounding so hard, it was echoing in the back of your head. You could hear your own breath, too loud, echoing in the depths of the suits.

"There’s no earthly way of knowing, which direction we are going, there’s no knowing where we’re rowing, or which way the river’s flowing" Rogue mutters to himself as they drive along.

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628Witchers of Nifelheim - Page 26 Empty Re: Witchers of Nifelheim on Wed 10 Oct - 22:19

Kaylee Brown wrote:

A blue flash of light suddenly blinded you. There was no thunder.

Then, the deafening sound of breaking glass, as the reality itself shattered around you and broke apart like a window. Its shards falling down, revealing only an unseeing blackness behind it.

Witchers of Nifelheim - Page 26 Witche11

"Not a speck of light is showing, so the danger must be growing, are the fires of Hell a-glowing, is the grisly reaper mowing" Rogue continues as they transition through, following Rain's lead and turning on his lamp.

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629Witchers of Nifelheim - Page 26 Empty Re: Witchers of Nifelheim on Wed 10 Oct - 22:19

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