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1 ROLEPLAY RECAP TL;DR on Mon 8 Oct - 10:26

Apon ariving we met a character who was never gonna be a wiznerd and an enchater got super pissed off. Non wiznerd was helpful for a good 5 seconds before the enchantnerds who were using some dumb magic crystal to bring back magic which is in itself dumb, went crazy after the crystal got corrupted and exploaded. Harle showed up and all enchantnerds promptly died because enchanters aren't wizards so they fucking suck. Fast forward ahead after some LA.NOAR shit we find some chick who later turns out to be some kinda monster but nobody knows yet until we finally fight some dirty interuniversal forginer whos trying to kill innocent monster lady who is unknown to be a monster yet. We capture said dirty muderboner dude and he speaks in some dirty murderboner language that we cant understand and tells us that innocent monster lady is something called "glysiclara" or some shit i cant remember. Monster innocent girl betrays us big fuckin suprise.  Fastforward a little bit more and the new country paldania (run by yours truely) sends a ship to blow up a dumb murderboner world pillar along with litterally the rest of the union. Everyone is on board apart from twilight and some loser named charels who is the admiral of equestria who beforehand protrayed an unending patriotism to his country by nearly receading from the union and using equestrias own force to try and kill everything on the beach... equestrias entire fleet got blown up by some dirty murderboner suicide bombers and we were all on a helicopter, went into a coma, met some blue ghost chick, woke up, now were here.

Oh and also everyones going insane, this is all an afterthought after i wrote this but im missing out on some pretty important details.

People are pretty much killing each other because of mental breakdowns which is short for "Everyone is going insane because of some shadow monsters" blue chick told us these monsters are driving people crazy just with their existance to which i dont doubt innocent monster girl is one of them, I wouldn't be suprised. Harle almost died and all our children are gone through an interdimentional lightning bolt after blowing the everliving hell out of the beach pillar. Kaylee and Mercer weren't around. Kaylee wasn't there because she was busy taking care of trying to save the world and basically had the answer in the palm of her hands but she instead tried to save some innocent villagers, to which she didn't even save them either. Should have just stuck with the mission. I mean its not like its your job or anything. Nothing big, just the entire world is resting on your shoulders and you decide to drop it because of some girl you met for just a few hours on a cruise ship. No no i assure you its fine! You just pretty much fucking killed everyone.

Im almost positive the witchers are ok guys and we are just kicking the hive by trying to kill them.

Thats all i got

Majicks is gone, no horn for twilott, shoulda got cybers.

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2 Re: ROLEPLAY RECAP TL;DR on Thu 8 Nov - 17:20

Very succinctly put, when can we expect Part Two?

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3 Re: ROLEPLAY RECAP TL;DR on Sat 15 Dec - 4:12

When theres enough to talk about and shorten.

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