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The Hyuugan Mash - A Nightmare Night Story

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Sand lets out a quick pair of short whistles. "I'm sending Ornstein to scout ahead and search for anything living." She walks off the boat and onto the dock "If he calls out then he's found life, sentient that is. No warning of monsters or housecats"

She pulls out her sketchbook and begins to draw the scene in front of her.

Omega jogs over to the van and gets in "And we're sure that no one added anything to the pizza last night?"

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Kaylee Brown wrote:"Right" Harlequin nodded to Rogue: "Lets split into two teams for now. Team one will check the docks. Team two will head further downtown. Radio checks every 10 minutes"

"I'm heading downtown" Kaylee called, running ahead. Her expression seems twisted with anxiety and concern.

"Kaylee down rush on your own! We don't know what we're dealing with!" Harlequin called after her: "Damn it. Alright, lets begin" she waved to everyone.

A dozen crew members flew down from the ship and began tying it to the dock. A few moments later, one of them lowered the crossing bridge from the ship, allowing passengers to come to land on foot.

Ash and Johan ran after Kaylee.
Eva and Takeshi stayed at the docks.

As you scan the docks, you don't see anything too out of the ordinary. The heat sensors didn't detect any life signs in the vicinity. The only heat signatures were that of the forklifts and other machines. It seems they were in use until recently.

You note several forklifts loaded with containers, left standing right in the middle of the docks. Some trucks at the parking lot were halfway through being unloaded, their engines still running.

As you go through the docks administration building, you notice offices with open doors, the lights in them still on, with papers scattered over the desk. Meals were left half eat in the cafeteria. Some of the pots still boiling and overflowing in the kitchen.

" signs of battle. No blood. No bodies" Harlequin said, walking through the administration building: "Its like everyone just got up and left, in the middle of work"

"Kaylee! Stop rushing dang it!" Ashley called, out of breath, as she sprinted after Kaylee, who already made it past the building and stood outside.

The cars on the roads were standing still, some have collided but there were no bodies. No signs of blood. Only broken glass scattered over the road.
It was quiet here. The street lights illuminated deserted roads.

Kaylee scanned the area and ran towards the nearest van. Jumping behind the wheel, she put on a seat belt and called to you:
"Get in"

She looked further into the city: "..... I need to see it.
I need to see how far this goes..."

Rogue takes off, levitating himself up above the streets as Kaylee drives along them, searching for any signs of life with his face heat sensor force field.

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Kaylee didn't answer. As soon as everyone was aboard, she floored the gas pedal and the van made a sharp U turn, before heading down the main road. Veering between abandoned cars, the was van jerking left and right, steadily increasing speed.

"Kaylee slow down!" Ashley called. Kaylee didn't seem to notice.
Her grip on the wheel tightened so hard, her knuckles turned white.

Everywhere you passed, there was nothing. Empty cars, empty windows, empty restaurants with plates still on the table.
There wasn't a single soul in sight. Not even birds or small critters. There was no one.

Kaylee gritted her teeth, flooring the gas pedal even harder, as she ran the van further and further, towards the center of the city. Beads of sweat began to appear on her forehead. Her expression turned pained, more anxious and scared with every second.

"Kaylee!" Ashley barked, then stopped herself from yelling further and slowly stretched out her hand. Ash gently placed her palm, over Kaylee's hand and softly stroke it.

"...calm down... please... Kaylee.. calm down, okay?... I'm here..." Ash softly whispered.

Kaylee had a trace of tears in her eyes, as she slowed down the van, then finally stopped it entirely.

Sitting in silence for several moments, she turned off the engine and slowly got out of the car.

You were surrounded by skyscrapers, that towered into the sky. All of them quiet.

Kaylee exhaled and reached a satellite radio, that was strapped to her belt. With a shaking hand, she dialed a number on it and listened:

"....this is Captain Brown, agent number B31#56, calling Soren Naval Command.
I'm declaring a state of emergency in the city of Ragnveig, Obsidian Cliffs. Mayday. Mayday. Does anyone copy? Over"

The radio remained silent.
One second ticked by. Then another, and another.

Kaylee gritted her teeth, the grip on the radio becoming stronger:

"This is Captain Brown calling Soren Naval Command. I'm declaring a state of emergency! Does anyone copy!
IS ANYONE THERE!!! SOMEBODY FUCKING ANSWER ME!!!" she shrieked into the radio.

Another second ticked by.
There was silence over the airwaves.

Then a sudden burst of static, and a woman's voice came through the other end:

"Soren Naval Command copies all. Your agent number has been verified Captain Brown.
Be advised, the city of Ragnveig has gone silent, 24 minutes ago.

Obsidian Navy and Air Forces have been scrambled, with the earliest choppers reaching the city within the next two hours.

You are the first agents on ground. What is the status of Ragnveig? What do you see? Over

"...the city of Ragnveig housed over a million people" Kaylee quietly replied:

".......they're gone.

Everyone in the city is gone"


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// Hello everyone ^^

The next rp will launch shortly:

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