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It Felt Like An Oman...

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1It Felt Like An Oman... Empty It Felt Like An Oman... on Sat 7 Jul - 6:48

Rain takes Harle's hand and gets up slowly she doesn't make eye contact for a few
Moments, "Im trusting that you're right." She says quitely. She finally looks up, staring her in the eyes, her outline visible against the pitch black ocean behind her.

It feels like an omen...

The waves ripple and contort behind her like liquid death, swirling and wavering as if its thickness was that of blood. An ocean of disease and sickness.

An ocean of sin.

There is no moon this night, clouds and snow and even though the flakes fall gracefully each one is ice cold, a moonless cloud covered night.

Fear fills hearts and causes panic and anxiety, shadows creeping along the corner of our vision making us cautious and frightened, unbeknownsed crying can be heard behind the deep and dark sound of bells as a plane passes by, "Things dont have to make sense" i think to myself, "its not poetry" I explain as the shadow behind my phone shivers. In the corner of my eye, its constantly moving and whenever i shine my light around my room it ceaces to exist. It moves closer and closer. I swear I can make out an outline of short hair, a young girls shadow. It has no significance to me so why is it there?

I haven't slept in my room for quite some time

Its very late.

I need to sleep

Will i wake up tomarrow?

Will I sleep forever.

I think I would like that.

Just to never wake up.

Wouldn't that defeat the idea of waking up well rested?

I wonder what its like to be in a 6 month coma.

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