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Slavegear - Part 4

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401 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Mon 15 May - 21:52

The nightmare fuel is strong with this place!

As for the trial. I am open either way at this point. Should Moon wish to stay out I'll join her but if not then throw Tarmikos, and friends, in with the others.

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402 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Mon 15 May - 22:17

Gah that's creepy

I can chuck Moon into the trial, to stay with friends

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403 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Tue 16 May - 0:45

LMAO where is that, is that a new park or something? I love the fact that future kids will be scarred by this.

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404 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Tue 16 May - 9:30

Rofl XD

That's just a minute away from the 'New Kanyon' Mall, in some back alley. In front of the 'Irisim' school. You remember it?
I don't believe the park is new, but the sheep monsters look recently made.

Can you believe they built this in front on an elementary school entrance rofl XD

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405 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Tue 16 May - 9:34

p.s. I'll script a trial scene for the party then ^^
I'll try to make it short, so we can jump into the new story asap

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406 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Tue 16 May - 20:50

You guessed right, ITS ME! I don't know if she knows I'm on this website, but better safe than sorry. There's a girl spreading rumours about me, she even found me on ponysquare. Don't listen to her bullshit. I'm stressed enough as it is with exams.

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407 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Tue 16 May - 21:01

I'm sorry to hear Moon, are you holding up okay?

Please try not to worry, we're here for you if you need any help.

And don't worry about her coming into this website. Only registered users can post here and I monitor all the new created accounts. If someone weird pops in here, I'll just ban them from using the forum.
This sounds like a bad situation. Please try not to worry.

I'm here if you need to talk to someone.

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408 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Tue 16 May - 21:03

Eh, I'm holding up ok. Slightly terrified she's gonna murder me, and just waiting for the next little nugget of gossip she spreads about me. But yeah, I'm fine. She only been managed to get half the school to catch on to a new insult for me last time.
Everythrhing is fine..........

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409 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Tue 16 May - 21:12

Oh god, Moon I'm sorry to hear, it sounds horrible.

Is there any way to get the teachers involved? It sounds extremely harsh what she's doing.

Try to stay strong and know you have friends here, who support you, okay? =)

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410 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Tue 16 May - 21:18

She ain't in the same school as me. She got me in trouble by faking messages from me. I called the police when she sent a death threat and she got off clean. She can bullshit her way out of anything and then bullshit about me. She told me that she talks and laughs about my body with her boyfriend, and claims that I am the root of all evil in the world. Hell, her old Instagram status used to be that I had brainwashed everyone. She managed to bullshit my friends into hating me for several months, and she even convinced my friend to try and kill himself (he didn't succeed, he's fine now). I have exams, I can't deal with her bullshit all over again. I might just quit using the internet or something, or move to Antarctica. I'm kinda scared she's gonna kill me...

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411 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Tue 16 May - 21:42

Christ. Moon, try to hold on, okay?
I can't imagine what it must be like, but try to not let it get to you, try to stay strong, okay?
Focus on your studies, its important, you're right.

You are a good person, no matter what anybody says. And we are here for you.

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412 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Tue 16 May - 21:45

Thanks Kaylee.
It's kinda hard to ignore her, but it's not like I try not to. It's like she wants the world to know.

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413 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Tue 16 May - 21:53

Stay strong Moon. You have people here that support you.

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414 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Tue 16 May - 22:04

You'll be ok moon... I understand stuff like this is hard to ignore but honestly no matter how many rumors she makes up dont react to it... I know that sounds hard but no matter how many lies she makes just... Dont react to them... Basically if they come up to you and mention it just roll your eyes and go through your day... You cant let it get to you dear...

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415 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Tue 16 May - 22:04

We're here for you to let out the frustrations. But how to get to the roots? Hmmm...

You know the person in real life?

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416 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Tue 16 May - 22:05

I know her because she used to date my friend but they broke up and she blames me, saying I brainwashed him.

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417 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Tue 16 May - 22:23


I dunno how much it can help, but try to get hard evidence for these actions. All these posts, threats and actions still lead to this kid. If you can show that, you have a solid case for this. I know doing that is gonna be very tough, but it's the only way.

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418 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Wed 17 May - 19:21

Moon, try talking with the school councilor, the school director and your parents. They're all there to help you, they may be able to take steps to prevent this from happening.
You shouldn't have to deal with this alone, and we're here for you also.

And if you see anything else mean posted online, take a screen shot and save it on your computer. Twilight's right, it can be used as evidence and given to the police later.

Try talking with the school councilor and the director, its their job to help in situations like this.

Stay strong, we're with you =)

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419 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Mon 22 May - 14:23

Hello everyone,
Due to another wave of pressure from college, I'll have to unfortunately delay the rp start for a bit longer >.<
Both the script and the wallpaper are close to being complete, I'm just trying to find the time to finish them asap. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to work on them, because of multiple projects that the college asked to do recently.

I'm hoping the rp will be ready for launch this Sunday, roughly a week from now.

Again, sorry for the delay. College has really kept me busy lately.

Hope everyone is doing alright. I wish you guys all the best. Have a good week and I'll keep you updated.

Have a good week everyone =)

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420 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Mon 22 May - 19:41

Oh right, almost forgot,

Before the rp begins, please write a short paragraph about what your characters would likely be doing in their every day life, after the events of the Slavegear rp.
What would their daily routine look like.

Its rly rly important for the next rp >.> It will be a part of the story progression.

It doesn't have to be very long, just something in general. For example:

"Eva is now living in her rental apartment in Adelheid and training in the police academy to heighten her skills as a police officer"

Something like that. Feel free to add as much detail as you'd want. I'll try to use all of it, when the rp starts.

Have a good week everyone =)

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421 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Mon 22 May - 23:40

Moon would probably be working in her shop in Canterlot by day, stacking books and drinking beer behind the till. After closing time, she often sneaks around, occasionally stealing something valuable to sell on the black market. No one else knows it is her yet. At night, she returns to the Everfree Forest, and to her tiny cottage which she built herself, in a bid to slowly become more isolated.

She is vaguely aware of someone watching and following her, but is unsure what to do about it.

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422 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Tue 23 May - 1:04

During the month of the last assault and the trial, Twilight has tried to get back into the world, catching up on events of the past 2 years. Be it just news, developments, political changes, she tried to get it. She's trying to find a political argument to leave the Union, but so far has been unsuccesful in finding substantial benefits and a mayority of supporters that are intelligent enough.

What she has done succesfully, is that she hired two people as her personal bodyguards. A man that proved his worth after defending her, losing a fair bit of his skin in the process. Arthur, usually jolly and helpful. The other one she chose due to her seeing her own seething hatred back in her, with an idea to help both her and the pony. Oboro, though usually friendly, has a deep-seated eminimity for the abusers of the Slavegears, turning from gentle to ferocious if she senses something like that.

The trio travelled between Ponyville, Cantorlot and the Crystal Empire, following Twilight as she met friends and former royals, and gathered information on the trial and their position. The pretorian guard she hired helped with gathering information and keeping the more vocal protesters at bay. Staying more in public did have that effect on the enviroment.

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423 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Wed 24 May - 6:14

Cheers guys
Moon, will you be using Moon Dusts character during the rp as well, or only during the trials?

Twilight, can your write down what city and country your characters are currently living in?

Thanx guys, stay safe.

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424 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Wed 24 May - 16:32

I'm not actually sure yet, but I'll probably use her for the whole RP.

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425 Re: Slavegear - Part 4 on Wed 24 May - 19:34

Rain lives with Harle in Nyx. She spends her days quite happy with the batpony. She had taken up gardening and some of the houses around her and Harle's home in Nyx are lined with beautiful flowers that grow in the area.

She still protects Nyx from abusers.

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