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Digital Waltz

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101Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sat 10 Jun - 15:10


There was a massive TV screen, built into one of the buildings above the square.

The screen that remained dark until now, suddenly brightly lit up and a very loud, catchy music began playing, showing a large logo 'UNN' over the screen.

Seconds later, the TV picture showed brightly smiling woman in formal clothing, standing in front of a  crowd.

"Good morning Union" the woman politely smiled from the giant TV screen. The echo of her voice, amplified by the massive speakers and easily overcoming the noise of the crowd.

"My name is Mira Lerner, and you're watching the Union News Network.
Coming to you, live, from the Council Building in Adelheid.

It has been five months since the Slavegear Incident and the world is still reeling from the attack.

The individual responsible for the attack, only known as Marek, has passed away last night, due to natural causes. Marek was serving time in the maximum security prison in Soren, after he was found guilty of numerous crimes and his terrorist Vampire Unit, disbanded.

But not all believe the horrors of that incident are truly over.

During the past five months, an unknown organization has carried out multiple attacks against the Union forces in the Adelheid region.

Each time, the this unknown element has deployed 'Remote Controlled Drones' or 'Robots', who were disguised to look as normal people, and later used to carry out the attacks.

These robots may appear as normal people, wearing wigs or regular clothing, but the telltale sign of a robot, is a 'Dead Stare' of its eyes.

We remind our viewers that these are remote controlled machines, operated by a person with a remote controlled device, from a safe distance away. If you see any suspicious activity, please report it to the police immediately.

According to the Union Intelligence Division, this unknown terrorist group cannot manufacture these robots themselves and likely acquired them during the 'Massive Technology Theft' that occurred on August 25th, in one of Soren's most advanced research facilities.

Since then, the manufacture of robots, who resemble people in any way, has been strictly banned by the Union.
Anyone still in possession of this technology, is asked to return it to the nearest police headquarters, as soon as possible.

As of this moment, it is still unknown who is responsible for these acts of violence and although an organization calling itself 'The Disciples of Marek' has claimed responsibility for these attack, we have found no substantial evidence linking them to the-"

The TV broadcast feed suddenly and abruptly cut off, replaced with a white screen.

A few seconds later it returned, showing Mira Lerner, still looking at the camera.

Mira looked pissed.

A second later she pleasantly smiled: "We seem to be having some technical difficulties.
As I was saying...

New data provided by the Union Intelligence, suggests that the 'Disciples of Marek', are hiding inside the vast sewer mazes, located under Adelheid.

The Union Council is schedules to convene here today and finally pass a resolution, that will restore peace to our streets.

On top of that, according to our sources, the 'Heroes of Adelheid' are scheduled to arrive here today, and provide valuable advice to the Union Council, in dealing with the 'Disciples of Marek'.

Having faced the Vampire Unit in the past, the opinion of the Heroes of Adelheid is held in high regard by the Union, and hopefully, they can help the Council reach a solution as quickly as possible.

As you can see behind me, hundreds of people have gathered here today, awaiting the arrival of the 'Heroes of Adelheid'.

Some to show their support, others to protest their arrival.

The more vocal elements are referring to the heroes as 'Vampire Sympathizers', accusing them of playing a significant part in the Slavegear incident. However-... hang on...

Please stand by, I'm receiving a report... yes, they are arriving here now-"

The picture on the massive TV screen changed, replacing the news reporter, with a close up of the crowd.

In it, four figures could be seen, at the center of the frame.

Alex Noel turned pale. She slowly lifted her hand and scratched her head.

One of the four people on the TV screen, rose her hand and scratched her head as well.

The words 'LIVE BROADCAST', were showed under the TV screen picture.

"...what the fuck" Noel quietly whispered. She was pale as a sheet.

The crowd around Twilight, Moon, Oboro and Noel began taking notice, looking at the four with growing realization.

Some started to scowl. Some started to scowl very hard.

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102Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sat 10 Jun - 15:17

"Let's get moving......right fucking now." Moon mumbled "Like, lets run, before we get crushed by angry mobs."

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103Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sat 10 Jun - 15:25

Twilight looked at the screen, her face in an awkward deadpan.

"... Okay then... You may have the wrong-"

Oboro, however, tried a more direct approach. "FUCK THE HEROES OF ADELHEID!!!"

Twilight pulled her aside, whispering. "Okay, what the hell are you doing?!"
A shrug from the blue bodyguard. "Expressing the general opinion, maybe they'll ignore us."

Twilighht took a moment to to ponder. The title never really sat well with her, seeing as she wasn't exactly planning on joining in on boarding the doomsday portal. And her deepest connection with the title was being responsible for Slavegear. She then let go and screamed herself. "THE HEROES OF ADELHEID ARE TERRORISTS!"

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104Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sat 10 Jun - 15:27

Moon looked at Twilight before shouting "OI TV LADY, YOU GOT THE WRONG PEOPLE!"

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105Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sat 10 Jun - 18:54

Violet sighed the crowds racial slurs and names falling on deaf ears hopefully. She was just here for the agrocultural event and the gray batpony mare was significantly confused on if she was in the right place or not. She sighs and takes a few steps back walking to the guards who let her in, "excuse me sirs?" she taps one of them, "i dont know if im in the right place... Im here for the agrocultral event... But this has nothing to do with farming and i think im in the wrong place."

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106Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sat 10 Jun - 21:39

While the two sides shouted at each other Naomi kept silent. She wasn't really sure whitch side to take as she had strong feelings either way. The Vampire Unit had been part of the reason her father died, but at the same time Naomi found racism vile and disgusting.

Serena had drifted closer to the news team. Leaving Naomi in what looked like a combination of deep thought and confusion. Serena herself however needed to get a little closer to the news team. The device in her hand primed.

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107Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sat 10 Jun - 22:54

(Naomi, Serena)

Mira lowered her microphone, apparently realizing she was no longer on air. Her eyes were glued to the massive TV screen. It was still showing a close up of four random figures, as they made their way through the crowd. The words 'LIVE FEED' were still lit up under the screen.

Mira turned pale. The next second she was already dialing a number over her cellphone:

"Mike?! Mike what hell did you make me read!.. Never mind that! Cut the feed! Cut the damned broadcast!... I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE RATINGS! THEY'RE GONNA GET LYNCHED!.. Mike? Fuck"

She lowered her phone, her eyes still glued to the TV screen.

Mira scowled, rapidly thinking, then quickly scanned the area and zeroed in on the nearest police patrol.

"HEY! SUNSHINE! THE HEROES NEED ESCORT!" Mira barked at the cops, pointing towards the TV screen. The officers looked at her in mild confusion, trying to understand what she meant.

"DON'T LOOK AT ME! GET IN THERE!" Mira pointed toward the massive crowd.

After a brief moment, the officers suddenly realized what was happening. They started giving instructions into their radios and walked into the massive crowd in the square.

Mira remained standing in place, watching the live feed, that showed 4 seemingly random figures, as they tried to make their way to the Council Building.

(Twilight, Moon, Oboro)

The crowd around you lost interest and quickly took you for one of their own. The people around you, quickly stopped looking in your direction and shifted their gaze elsewhere.

"Good thinking!" Noel whispered: "..We're still in disguise. As long as we blend in, the crowd won't notice us"

As you continued your cautious advance toward the Council Building, two very distinct factions began to form in the crowd.

One, cursing the Heroes of Adelheid. The other one, shouting support.

The crowd split, forming a visible border between two massive factions. Each group shrieking at the other.
You noticed several squads of police, rushing into the middle, to try and calm down the tensions.

"Um.. guys.." Noel quietly called. She looked ghostly pale: "...the camera... the camera is following us..."

As the words left her mouth, you noticed that the massive TV screen, continued to broadcast its live feed. On the screen, you could clearly see a huge closeup of you, shot from above, as you made the way through the crowd.
The camera was clearly zeroed in on you and followed your every move.

The words 'The Heroes Arrival', were posted under the live feed.

"...who's filming this?" Noel whispered, becoming tense: "...the crowd doesn't recognize us, then how did the camera man? He clearly saw through our disguise. The camera is following our every step!
How did they even know we would show up? At this exact hour?.."

The live feed on TV was shot from an upward angle. Noel looked up and twisted her head around, before she whispered:
"There. A security camera on one of the flag poles. Its filming us" she nodded in the camera's direction.

The crowd around you were watching the TV screen too. Some of them began catching on and shifting their gaze towards you.

"To hell with this, I'm calling the cops" Noel said, pulling her cellphone: "We need a police escort, before this gets out of hand!"

As you continued to move through the crowd, some began cheering at your approach. The others started to boo.
Noel lowered her sun cap over her eyes and continued to move.

Dozens of eyes were suddenly watching you. Cheering or mocking. Encouraging or cursing.

Among this sea of eyes, someone stood out. A woman in a simple dress. Watching you with an eerie expression.
Her eyes were uncomfortable to look at. Cold. Empty. Filled with apathy. The woman continued to emptily stare at you, as you walked by.

(Violet Night)

"Uuhh.. ma'am.." one of the police officers nodded, looking at you with concern: "The agricultural event is a few blocks from here.. Its not safe here, you should leave" he tried to shield you from the crowd and waved you away from the public square.

"Head down that road" he pointed ahead: "In about 15 minutes you should-"

The cops radio suddenly went wild and a frantic voice began shouting something from the speaker:

"Heads up! Code Red, Code Red! Detecting a spike in wireless traffic! Get Zerber in here now!"

"Son of a bitch!" The cops next to you suddenly unsheathed a pair of katana's and charged into the massive crowd, quickly fading from view.
Before they disappeared from your sight, you briefly noticed their expressions.

They were pale. Scared to death.

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108Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sat 10 Jun - 23:27

The two mares looked around. There was a feeling they knew the gig was up. Oboro threw her arm over her liege to protect her.
"Don't worry, no harm will come to you."

Twilight took a glance at the camera instead. She then whispered back to her bodyguard.
"Follow my orders. As soon as there's snow on the screen, I want you to grab Alex and fly to the door. I will do the same with Moon. Understood? Whoever's pulling this stunt is the one after Kaylee. They might already have her. So let's get this back on track. I didn't come here to be some zoo animal."

The guard nods, and takes a step distance, waiting for the screen to go white.

The royal continued walking, with a thought.
~One quick telekinetic pull, and it will break. Then it will break.~

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109Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sat 10 Jun - 23:33

Her wings open as she quickly decides against following them, she begins to make her way to thr agricultural event, she flaps her wings as she pulls an apple out of her bag and sinks her fangs into it as she flaps her way down the road, as happy as a bat.

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110Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sat 10 Jun - 23:41



The massive TV screen showed 4 figures slowly make their way through the sea of people.

The crowd around them slowly erupting with applause and shouts in equal measure.

The first few police officers somehow managed to squeeze their way to them and now shielded them from the crowd, helping them move along.

"Princess Sparkle! Miss Moon! Miss Noel! Stay low!" one of the cops shouted, helping you push through the crowd: "We'll get you through this, just stay low and-"

The cop briefly froze.

There was a woman in the crowd, staring at the four Heroes with an empty expression. Her eyes were cold. Dead. There was nothing in them.

"RUMBA!!!" The cop suddenly shrieked.

The next second, the woman rose her hand and a katana blade discharged out of her arm, flying directly towards Twilights head, missing her by a fraction of an inch.

The crowd shrieked in panic, people ran in random directions and everything turned into chaos.

The woman with dead eyes, suddenly rose her arms, blades came out of her skin, and she sprinted towards Twilight and Moon, waving the blades around at a staggering speed, slicing through air with freakish precision.

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111Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 11 Jun - 0:15

When the blade passes her head, Twilight's focus was disrupted. However, she regained herself to try to prevent the sword from hitting other people, so she telekinetically grabbed it, and called it to her hand.

"Oboro! Buy me twenty seconds!"

"Understood boss!"
The hobo clothes were pulled off, and tossed at the robot, to throw off it's aim. Under it, she had a white outfit, like a dress with short sleeves. Though, a slit in it gave her movement, and showed she wore pants under them. The material for the top and pants also looked more like sturdy leather then cloth, and some parts were covered by armor. From a sash, she pulled an object of five short stickswith a chain, and with some twists, it was a spear. When she had it, she took a pose, to intercept the bot with her longer reach.

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112Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 11 Jun - 1:12

From where she stood Naomi could see the Rumba and its targets. She took off running to intercept or assist in some sort of way altering her trajectory to be running at the assassin from behind.

Using the hacking device along with DataJack implant in her arm Serena began to search through the traffic of wireless data and radio signals for the source of whoever was controlling the robot. A combination of triangulation and attempting to directly hijack the Rumba. Even if she couldn't shut the machine down, at least having the whereabouts of the controller would be useful.

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Violet flys a bit faster twards the event where she belonged she doesn't look back, "j-just keep going Violet... Y-you'll get to the event and you'll have a g-great time!" she says to herself her grip tightening around the fruit in her palm. In truth she was terrorfied, she had heard about what was going on in the citys and coming to find out it was true she was incredibly nervous.

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114Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 11 Jun - 3:47

Moon shrieked and drew her own sword, raising it as she moved back a little to examine its movements. "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?"

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115Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 11 Jun - 13:56


"ITS A ROBOT! TAKE IT DOWN, NOW!" The cop shrieked, trying to shield Twilight and Moon with his body.

The robots face became completely envelopped in cloth, as Oboro threw her disguise clothing at him. Blinded, the machine emitted an eerie metalic click and suddenly launched itself into a random direction, spinning around itself with dizzying speed and slicing everything in its path with two razor sharp blades.

The crowd shrieked in horror, jerking back and trying to get out of dodge.
One of the blades went through a metal flag pole, cutting through it like tinfoil and sending its top loudly clamering over the pavement.

The cops tried to approach but jerked back, as the robot blindly sliced through the air, turning itself into a flurry of blades.

The katana blade that rested in Twilights hand was surprisingly heavy and dangerously sharp. It had no hilt or guard whatso ever. It seems it wasn't ment to be held by normal hands.

As Naomi drew closer to her target, one of the random people in the crowd suddenly turned in her direction.
You didn't see the blade. You only felt how a small lock of your hair was cut off, as the steel passes an inch away from your face.

The guy in front of Naomi straightened up, in a very stiff, jerky motion. His dead eyes locked in on her and he launched himself forward, a blade extending out of his arm, aimed at her chest.

"ANOTHER RUMBA WENT ACTIVE!" One of the cops shouted over the chaos, trying to push through the crowd and reach the robot:
"FIND THE OPERATOR!" He barked into his radio: "GET ZERBER IN HERE NOW!"

Serena's DataJack picked up a wireless signal almost immediately. Then her data screen flashed bright red.
The wireless signal had an insanely powerful military grade encryption. Hacking into the signal would be completely impossible.

The triangulation worked however. The data display showed that a total of 30 seconds is required, to pinpoint the source of the wireless traffic.

As Violet flew over the streets, a sudden cloud of pegasi appeared right in front of her. They all shouted in horror, flying in random directions and several accidentally bumped into you, forcing you to land.

As you looked around, the streets completely fell into chaos. The car traffic stopped. Hundreds of people were screaming and running blindly in terror.

A couple of batpony cops were standing next to a squad car, shouting orders into the radio.

A second later, you saw someone emerge from the crowd and shriek at the top of his lungs:
"GO BACK TO NYX YOU FILTHY BLOODSUCKERS!" the man screamed, and hurled a molotov cocktail at the squad car.

As it struck the car, errupting in flames, the officers flinched back, sprinting for cover.

Then everything fell into chaos.
A sea of terrified people sprinted away, shrieking in horror. The crowd unintentionally picked up Violet and dragged her along with them in an unknown direction.
There were just too many people here, breaking free from the crowd seemed all but impossible.

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116Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 11 Jun - 14:23

Moon slowly approached the robot, holding her sword up to try and block the blades of the robot. She pressed forward, her legs shaking with each step.

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117Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 11 Jun - 14:29

Twilight looked at the weapon in her hands. She was processing what was going on over here.
"It's just a blade? What is the meaning of this?"

Oboro took a different approach. With her spear, she came closer, ready to trip the machine.
"Boss! When it falls, destroy it!"

The royal only gave a nod, and brandished the blade with telekinesis, removing the need to hold it.

At that time, the bodyguard had already come closer, wings tucked in. She took a low stance, and swung the spear at the legs of the machine.

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118Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 11 Jun - 16:08

She moves with the wave, she jogged carefully. She was starting to get sick of this racisim and decided she wasn't coming back to the city... Ever...

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119Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 11 Jun - 16:29

As the triangulation calculated Serena keyed into the police radio signal.

"I'm not Zerber, but I'll have the signal location of whoever is controlling it in thirty seconds."

As the man charged forward Namoi dodged the attack. Her entire body twisting to the side and the movement being transitioned into a counter attack. Naomi threw a heavy punch into the neck of the robot.

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120Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 11 Jun - 18:06


Your cybernetic arms emitted a series of metalic noises, amplifying the force of your punch.

When the punch connected, the robots neck exploded in a rain of metal shards and circuitry. Its head loudly bounced off the pavement and rolled to the side.
The robots body tripped and crashed into the ground, littering the place with small pieces of hardware.


"Just hurry, ja? If we don't end this soon, it will turn into a bloodbath" someone responded over the police frequency.

The triangulation progress bar, moved painfully slow.

You noticed another person with jerky motions, wandering somewhere across the square.

The police chatter in the radio became more and more frantic. The crowd in the square began to thin, then, the triangulation finally finished.

The robot operator was only 30 meters away, hiding in the panicked crowd.

As you looked in the direction indicated by the DataJack, you noticed a pegasus, glued to his touchscreen phone and pressing something on it with concentration.

(Twilight, Moon)

The robot emitted a sharp metalic cry and crashed into the pavement.
The next second, it discharged another katana blade, that flew over Moon's shoulder and embedded itself into the wall of the nearest building, with a deafening impact.
The wall cracked. The blade pierced it clean, embedding almost half of itself inside the wall.

At that moment, you noticed them.
Three people in tactical uniform. Dark vests. Knee and elbow protective pads. The words 'POLICE' in capital letters on their chest and backs.

Their gear looked vastly different from the other cops you've seen so far. And these three held themselves deadly calm and collected. No fear, no hesitation.

As another robot suddenly resurfaced from the crowd and hurled itself toward the three, one of the men sharply turned, grabbing the robot by its neck, completely stopping it movement, then heavily brought the machine down, head first, into pavement.

A deafening impact echoed across the square, as the ground cracked and a small crater appeared, littered with the remains of the robot.

The three officers continued their advance, scanning the area with a sharp scowl.

The words: "ZERBER - ADELHEID P.D." were stitched into a unit insignia on their shoulders.

(Violet Night)

When the mad rush finally stopped, you found yourself in the middle of a large square, in front of the Union Council Building.

The crowd had almost thinned out completely and the place was starting to become deserted, fast.

You noticed several groups of police officers and civilians, huddled together in small groups.

For some reason, the ground was littered with computer circuits and metal parts.

All of a sudden, a woman ran right into you and almost tripped, catching her balance at the last moment.

"Oh my god, I'm sorry!" she exhaled, looking at you in apology, then quickly scanning the area again, clearly afraid of something.

This woman seemed familiar to you for some reason. A formal suit, some sort of identification tag, dangling over her neck. A wireless microphone.

The woman was clearly afraid, subconsciously clinging to you and afraid to let go:

"..we... we can't stay here..." she mumbled: "We have to get out of the streets!.." she quickly looked around, before her sight fell on the Council Building and the police perimeter around it:

"There! We'll seek shelter there. It looks like the safest place around. Come on, come on!" She began quickly drifting toward the building, pulling you along.

All around you, you could hear the early sounds of a rising riot. This district was slowly falling into anarchy.

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121Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 11 Jun - 20:20

"Target located...," Serena spoke into the radio again. She gave a description of the pegasus from where she stood and his location. Then started slowly moving towards him herself. One eye on the pegasus and the other on the crowd keeping an eye on the rumbas.

Making sure the robot was actually down, Naomi drove her boot into the chest of the fallen machine. The steel toes of the boots adding weight to the curb stomp. Naomi looked around the environment, both to see where everyone fighting back was and to search for any nearby Rumba's she herself could take out.

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122Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 11 Jun - 20:29

Oboro turned to Twilight.

Twilight didn't hesitate. She quickly used her magic to drive the blade she picked up into the robot, with a discharge of force to destroy it.

"Everyone to the main building! Hurry!"

The princess grabbed Noel by the hand s she tried to run there as fast as possible. Her blue guard followed suit.

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123Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 11 Jun - 21:46


There was a blue colored pegasus, standing at the edge of the square. His eyes were glued to his touchscreen phone, fingers dancing across its surface.
A fast approaching noise caught his attention, and the pegasus looked up from his phone. His eyes slightly widened.

"POLICE! DROP IT!" a hulking cop shrieked and slammed into the pegasus at full speed, pinning him to the ground and falling on top of him.
The pegasus had the wind knocked out of him and was weakly flailing on the pavement, as another cop jumped down next to him and picked up his cellphone.

"Son of a bitch, where did he get so many?" the cop said, looking at the phone, then pressed a few buttons on it and a long series of metalic shrieks, echoed across the square.

The remaining robots seized up, their bodies contorted, and they fell to the ground in a heap.

"All units. All units, the operator is down" you heard an echo from one of the police radios: "Zerber is on scene. The command is transferred to them, over"

The square in front of the Council Building, was mostly deserted now.

The ground littered with junk, wet papers and pieces of robots.

The few people that remained, huddled together in small groups, sticking as close to the police as physically possible.

Three men in special tactical gear approached the police and called them over. They spoke loudly and their conversation reached you:

"Sergeant, we have another problem" one of the men in tactical gear called: "There's reports of new riots in this district. This location is no longer safe.
I want you to establish a firm perimeter around the Council Building and get all the civilians inside. Keep them safe, until this thing blows over"

"But sir-" the cop uncomfortably shifted in place: "-access to the Council Building is restricted. We can't let unauthorized personnel-"

"That was an order Sergeant" the man in tactical gear scowled.

"Sir!" the cop hastily saluted him and turned around to scan the general area:

The police force quickly regrouped and shooed everyone in the vicinity, toward the Council Building.

You were hastily escorted by nervous police officers, through the massive glass entrance and led into the main lobby of the building.

The place was very spacious, but with over 50 people clustered together, it felt a little crowded.

Before you were allowed inside however, the building security made everyone go through some sort of cybernetics detector, that identified anyone with cybernetic upgrades and verified the users permit to carrying them.

After the security check, you were led inside the buildings main lobby and left to your own devices.

The police ran back outside and started working on a perimeter around the building.
Somewhere, very far away, you could hear distant echoes of a riot.
Shouting. Breaking glass. The sounds of fire. The wind carried those noises and their muffled echo slightly reached your hearing.

The lobby was a bit crowded, full of scared people, huddled together and shaking.

The local buildings staff began making rounds, distributing coffee and blankets. The building security stuck to the windows and watched the outside.

A few moments pass in relative quiet, before you spot a short looking pegasus mare, running from one group of people to another, looking for someone.

Her hair was silver. Completely purple pelt. A navy officer's uniform.

The mare nervously zigzagged between the groups. After a moment, she turned in your direction and you recognized her.

It was Kaylee.

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124Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 11 Jun - 21:50

"KAYLEE!" Moon shouted and ran towards her to pull her into a hug. She had slipped her sword back into her coat.

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125Digital Waltz - Page 5 Empty Re: Digital Waltz on Sun 11 Jun - 21:54

"Oh my god Moon" Kaylee tightly hugged you, releasing a sigh of relief:

"Are you alright?" she asked, quickly looking at you, in search of any signs of wounds:

"That was crazy, I can't believe this is happening.." she said, her expression pale and very worried.

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